Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Confessions {1/6}

-I can tell who has me hidden/doesn't see my posts on FB when they share the same video that I've shared a week later.  Too bad you don't see my awesome posts.  Then you'd have seen that video a week ago.  #Imawesome #Theirloss

-I failed at ordering the dog's food before we ran out, so I had to go by PetSmart and pick up a new bag of food.  This was beneficial for them because there were holiday toys on sale.  I picked up a new squeaky/crunchy toy and it is a Hannukah toy since it's blue with the Star of David on it.  I've been referring to it as "the Jew ball."  #Imahorribleperson

-When we went to the outlets on Friday, I stopped by to pick up a coupon book.  When the lady asked for my address, she said she grew up in my neighborhood and her sister lived down the street from me.  Then we had a conversation about the "hoodlums" that play in the street.  It brought me all the joy that someone else understands my pain about these children.  #miserylovescompany

-I enjoyed watching Teh German play with Coworker's Son after the hockey game on Sunday.  He said that he also liked the way I dealt with Son.  I didn't realize he hadn't really seen me interact with small children.  I think it may have eased some of his concern about my eventual parenting skills.  #dealingwithbabiesissexy

-I was more surprised than anyone else that I didn't get incensed when I dropped my $6 container of ketchup sodden tater tots all over myself and the floor at the hockey game.  #Imayhaverageproblems #jk #imneverangry

-It took me several days to do my 2015 review.  It was extremely difficult to power through the first 6 months of the year.  It was interesting to see what I said and didn't say on Teh Blog regarding issues with Mr. Scrooge.. and then it was all wiped away when Teh German entered into the picture. #worthit

-It's currently 49°F in my house and I'm really freakin' cold and Yurtle is at a doctor appointment, so it's not like I can go sit in her and get warm.  I have no idea why the heat isn't working and I have no idea when I'm going to be able to pick up Yurtle and I don't have work to distract me and I'm extremely grouchy about all of it... as tends to happen when I'm not in my Megan optimal state (warm, fed, enough sleep, no headache, etc).

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  1. God the cold weather is nottttttttttttt working for me! Especially when I have to walk my dog in the morning at 6 am. I totally need to improve how I interact with children, especially under the age of 10. It's bad. #onlychildproblems

  2. Bahahaha the Jew Ball. I'd probably call it that too. I bought all our pet Christmas goodies at Petsmart too. Although no Jew toys, dangit! How are you standing your house that cold? Can't you call someone to fix it? I can't do cold period. I'd be in the hot shower or something.

  3. Hahaha, regarding your first point - on my blog's FB page I can see when people 'unlike' or hide me, and it really pisses me off. WHY? I don't post a lot, and you're rude. YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON GOOD STUFF, YA JERKS. Also, I hate the cold. HATE IT.

  4. I would be dying! 49 degrees?! Eff that noise!

  5. That first gif is wonderful and made my day. In all fairness about fb, I don't know who the fb fairies are that decide what posts I see and what I don't, but there are times that I just don't see they aren't shown to me. For instance, Neil will say "did you see (such and such) that I shared?" and unless I actually go to his page, I don't see it. Screw the fb minions.

  6. Man, our house got to like 53 or 57 the other day and hubby flipped! I hope your house gets built quickly (but sturdily) so you can get out of there.

  7. Is your landlord not fixing your heat? Because heat and a/c issues must be taken care of quickly according to the law!!!

    Jew ball-LOLOLOLOLOL


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