Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Review {3/27}


FINALLY MRI day.  Work was work.  I got to redo all the work I did a few weeks ago because my techs seem to "lose" my templates for every document they create.  Cool, bro.  #Ihateeveryone  I left the office at 2:15 to head to the radiologist office and drop $1k for pictures that make my ass look about the same size as the actual land mass of Russia.  Still cool nonetheless.

When I checked in, I was given an iPad to enter my info.  So 2017!  I loved it!  At the end of the paperwork, there was a survey asking how the process was and I said that I loved the embracing of technology and used no less than 3 thumbs up emojis to express my delight.  #2017life

My MRI was with contrast, so I got shot up with Lidocaine and contrast dye and when I had the audacity to groan/express discomfort, the anesthesiologist said, "You don't have kids do you?"  Me: "Uh no, should I have?"  Him: "Oh I can just tell who has had children before since they don't even feel anything when I do this to them."  Uhhh, cool story bro, STFU.  More was made clear why he was the way he was after he explained that he was in the navy.  He really seemed to love it and he was a doc in the navy.  I had to ask what his job was because he expected me to assume.  I just can't with some people.  He was one of those people.  I work hard NOT to make assumptions about people, but I feel like my assumption about the fact that this guy was a dick wasn't incorrect.

The process took over an hour and I was pretty sure my waist was going to be set on FIRE before the last image was done.  I think I was asleep until the tech said, "This is the last image."  At which point, I couldn't go back to sleep because I was sure I was going to spontaneously combust (side note: why in the fuck was "combust" flagged as a misspelled word?  Get it together, Technology).  I headed home and met with Roux and his mom for a walk with Meri and Phil.

When Teh German got home, we opted for pizza for dinner.  Teh German suggested Mellow Mushroom but I reminded him of the Groupon I bought for Community Pizza House, so we headed there for dinner.  In true fatty-mode, I even ordered an apple something dessert.  It wasn't as good as I had anticipated, but it wasn't bad.  They didn't have a solid chocolate option on the menu.  We didn't have to smuggle any glasses out this time, so we left with a clear conscious.

On the way home, Teh German suggested having a fire and I seconded the idea.  When we got home, we dealt with the beasts and Teh German got the fire started.  We sat around the fire perusing through social media and showing each other cute pictures of dogs/internet things and chatting when we felt like it. 

Eventually, it was bedtime.


Teh German went into work on Saturday morning.  This would have been uneventful except that as Teh German went to kiss me before he left, he scared the life out of me because I had in earplugs and I didn't hear him and when I opened my eyes he was RIGHT FUCKING THERE and could have been a serial killer.  My gasp scared Phil who then could no longer hold his pee and he peed in the floor of our bedroom.  Grand.

So instead of sleeping in, I got up and cleaned the carpet in the bedroom where Phil had just peed and cleaned the carpet in the loft where Phil had peed Friday night while we were outside, because he didn't feel like peeing while he was outside with us while we were at the fire... I'm really over this pee thing, but I'm also concerned about the pee thing and the balance is difficult to maintain because I know that something is wrong with him that is causing this but AWLEKGJLVJERLGJEROGFJADOI;VMEROIGJEROIFJAEGJOIRJAEOIJ stop pissing in my fucking house! Siiiiigh.

When the carpets were cleaned, I laid on top of the covers on the bed debating if I should be motivated and go on a run or just try to go back to sleep.  I made it through my FB feed and just gave up and got back under the covers and snuggled with Meri until I woke back up.  Finally, I did decide to get my run on.  My goal was to go to the roundabout which is a little over 5 miles there and back from House.

After I got home, I stretched and had my left over ribs for lunch because I make solid life choices.  By the time Teh German got home from work, I had just laid down in bed to relax/nap/read after my shower.  Teh German insisted he wasn't tired, but after getting through all his social media he didn't seem to have any problems sleeping.

A phone call woke me up and I wasn't able to go back to sleep, so I checked my FB and then tried to snuggle Teh German awake.  He wasn't really for that.  Eventually he roused and we ended up having a difficult heart to heart and then I had to get ready for Teh SC Teacher's bachelorette party.  Teh German had offered to be my DD, so he dropped me off downtown and picked me up.

We started at Thai Basil downtown for dinner.  This was the place I had originally planned to have my birthday celebration, but they were closed for 2 weeks for renovations.  So I finally got my coconut chicken soup.  It was everything I wanted it to be.. until the next day when I thought it was going to kill me.

After dinner we headed to the Cocktail Club to wait for downtown to liven up some.  After a round, we left and headed to Republic where the music was too loud and there were too many people.  We ended up losing the Bride for a bit and after finding her we left.  We stopped at Marion Square for a photo and to attack the bride with silly string.  After picking the silly string off everyone, we headed to Trio, our my last stop of the night. 

I have a really hard time with being bumped into by strangers and when it comes to be rammed into by strangers, it's very hard for me to not react.  At one point, I had to put myself in a corner where no one could touch me so I could take a moment.  Teh German Girl tried to dance with me to cheer me up, but I had to ask her to stop and I felt horrible about it.  I think several things were going on.  1. The discussion with Teh German before I left put me in a mood that was difficult to overcome in such a short period of time.  2. I had been hesitant about even going in the first place because I was pretty sure I'd feel out of place since I'm not close with the bride and I didn't know many of the other people going.  2a. This fear was founded when half of the group were teachers and they were discussing things that the rest of us had no idea about it.  3. I was getting sick.  4. It was loud and I was overstimulated and with clogged ears, everything was just too much.

I texted with Teh German and asked him to come pick me up.  The SC Teacher was incoherent, my presence there wasn't going to make or break anyone's night.  Teh German picked me up by 1220 and we were in the bed by 01. 


My sleeps were complete shit because of whatever is going on with this sickness.  Or maybe it's allergies?  Who knows, it's miserable.  I woke up at 0530 and since I needed to pee, I went ahead and released the beasts and fed them breakfast so they wouldn't harass us in a few hours.  When I got back to bed, I fell back asleep, but it wasn't very restful. 

Around 11, we finally got up.  Originally, I had planned for us to ride to brunch, but there was no way I was riding anywhere feeling like I did.  I ended up warming up leftover pizza for breakfast.  This combined with the soup from the night prior was like a hydrogen bomb to my gut.  It was a good time.

My German Handy Man.  /swoon

We watched an episode of Modern Family and then Teh German put the Blue Collar Comedy Tour on.  We made it through the individual stand-ups, but we had to turn it off before the group portion so we could get ready for a cookout for the birthday of one of the "motorcycle gang."

We arrived an hour after the party "started" which I could tell was bothering Teh German.  Except that when we got there, we hadn't missed anything so he finally settled down.  We played some corn hole and I actually got one in the hole (much to my surprise).  Everyone was snacking on chips and buffalo chicken dip, but I was starving since I couldn't eat the dip (too spicy, of course) and kept advocating for someone to start the grill.  I hate being the person that insists on being fed, but holy balls I was starving.  Lesson: anytime we have food plans with the motorcycle gang, I should eat a snack...

After hot dogs, we played Cards Against Humanity (I lost, although I'm certain I should have won the round with "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open it up and here's the _______" with "Alter boys".  I'm so misunderstood).  Eventually hamburgers were cooked.  CAH fell to the wayside after hambugers and we cleared the table for cake.  The guys played Jenga and now the score is 1-1 after Teh German's birthday party and this party.  The competition is real. 

We finally made it home around 9:30 and it was all I could do to fix dog food, throw something in the crockpot for lunch today, and heave myself up the stairs. I remembered as I was brushing my teeth that we had Afrin in the cabinet and I decided to give that little magical bottle a spin.  #worthit  We crashed in bed shortly after 10 and the alarm went off way too early, as it tends to do every morning.


The German commented that the weekend felt like it lasted a really long time and I remarked, "Never long enough."  He agreed.  I was able to sleep better Sunday night than Saturday night, but I'm still feeling like a bag of garbage.  In addition to my face feeling like I was hit by a Mac truck, my hip isn't bringing me much joy today and I'm just feeling out of whack in general.  I haven't opened up my checking account to review the balances, but I'm sure that will bring me a ton of joy.

I did get an email Friday about all my transcripts except for my high school transcript (which seems redundant to me) being received by The Citadel, so hopefully I'll hear something back from them soon since it's been a freakin' month now.

My follow up appointment with the Ortho is on Friday.  After Teh PT Husband looking at the MRI images, he isn't sure what is going on either.  Part of me wonders if running on my Gimp (but not broken) Toe is what caused this.  Would anyone be surprised?  Nahhh.

In other news this week: Teh Running Bestie will be arriving.  The Bridge Run is on Saturday and we'll actually get a medal for it this year!  We don't really have any big plans other than the run and eating noms and doing some wedding planning things.

Teh German and I never really had a conclusion on our my chat on Saturday evening, so I predict that will eventually get a conclusion this week.  We'll see.

 Meri is on the lookout for whatever comes. ;)

Happy The-Pollen-Is-Attacking-Me-This-Doesn't-Happen-When-It's-Cold Time, Gentle Readers!


  1. I'm glad you had a designated driver willing to come scoop you out. I hate being out & about when I'm just not feeling it at all.
    I hope you get past all your sickiness (not a word, I know) feelings.

  2. I felt the same way about this past weekend. Like it was really long but still not long enough. I love Cards Against Humanity but I haven't played in such a long time. Yay for transcripts finally arriving & Teh Running Bestie arriving this week.

  3. ew, that anesthesiologist was a dick for sure.
    omg i would be furious about the scaring me/dog peeing but holy shit i laughed so hard.
    sorry about your difficult heart to heart :( hope it is sorted soon.
    i hate going to places or parties where i feel like i am not necessary. just reading about that night had me wanting to go home for you. i left my own birthday celebration (that wasn't even really for me, but not the point) because of feeling that way. thank goodness for people coming to pick you up when you want, right?


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