Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Review {2/27}


Friday started off extra-ordinarily shittily (yes, I made those words up).  I had decided to ride Bagheera into work since it was spring and as I was closing the garage door, I heard the thunk that no bike owner wants to hear.  Bagheera had fallen over.  Not only did I have to hoist this bike up by myself, then I had to see if anything had happened.

Of course something happened.  Because I'm unlucky.  It's a piece that Teh German said he should be able to replace, but it meant no riding, which was a huge disappointment.  It also meant going back inside to shower since I had gotten super sweaty from the adrenaline rush and weight lifting.  Le siiiiigh.  This also meant getting into work later than I had anticipated, which means long working hours on half-day Friday.  I know, I have the absolute worst life.  (I can hear you rolling your eyes.)

So I finally get to work and work was fine.  I was out of the office by 1:30.  I met Roux's Humom at the gym and I was home by 3:30.  I was running on empty, so I showered and took a nap.  It was as I laid down to take my nap I remembered that I had steaks on the schedule for dinner and I hadn't went by the butcher.  I had a debate about what I needed more: a nap so I could endure whatever Teh German's suit appointment held or a trip to the butcher to keep Teh German's expectations met (rather than change things, which often results in brain wrinkles for Teh German).  I needed a nap.  There were other dinner options (frozen pizza, leftovers, sandwiches) and my sleepy irritation would do no one any good later.

Teh German was kind enough to call me on his way home from Crossfit, which woke me from my barely napped state.  Of course, I was unable to fall back asleep in the 20 minutes it took him to get home.  This did nothing to help me feel better about not just having powered through and going to the butcher since I was still tired.

Meri is always down for a nap

When Teh German got home, I suggested we go out for dinner to Wild Wing Cafe since it was right across from the mall where Men's Warehouse was.  He agreed.  We made it to dinner without much issue.  As seems to be the new, unfortunate, norm, after dinner is when shit went down hill. 

There is this one intersection near the mall where we were going.  To get to the mall from across the street you are at an intersection.  Both lanes are turning lanes (one right, one left) and both lanes are straight lanes.  So essentially, you might get a green arrow for your direction, but if you are going straight, you are blocking traffic.

Well, Teh German was insistent on not blocking traffic to get where he was going.  THEN he proceeded to get pissed off at me for telling him to just wait out the red light, since it was about to change.  Queue shitty driving. 

I have this thing about extra aggressive driving (like tires squalling and cutting people off, etc) where I do not like it.  I'm sure if you're reading this and you've ever ridden in a vehicle I'm driving, you're laughing your ass off.  Please note I said extra aggressive.  I consider myself an aggressive driver.  I live in Charleston. I believe this is necessary.  Maybe my yelling is a bit much, but only on accident do I squall my tires and it's very rare I will slam on the gas with others in the vehicle.  Essentially, I drive differently by myself that I do with others in the car.  I don't think Teh German follows this philosophy. 

Because he was pissed off (at himself, but taking it out on me), he cut off oncoming traffic to cross 3 lanes to REenter the shopping center we'd just came from (instead of just staying on the main road and going into the mall's back entrance, which we took the LAST time we were at this intersection and he started yelling at me because I told him to stop for the green arrow since we wanted to go straight (ok yeah, did I mention this isn't the first time this has happened?)).  Then instead of going to main intersection like a normal person, he yanked to the right to turn into a parking lot, only to have to circle through the parking lot.  He did at least turn left at the intersection, but by this time, I'm freaked out and screaming at him that I will drive from now on if he's going to drive like this and I will call an Uber to get home. 

We somehow make it across the street.  My horror turned into tears.  I told Teh German that we needed to go into the JCPenny entrance.  He pulls into the Dillard's parking lot and I'm like, "What are you doing?  I told you we need to go to Penny's."  Him, "I don't know where Penny's is!"  Ya'll.. this is the same man who when I tell him where things are that he knows about, he gets annoyed at me.  I know he knew where Penny's was because we've been there several times.  Of course, he gets amnesia when I don't want to speak to him.  I direct him around and stop speaking to him entirely.  I even get out of the truck and walk alone, complete with arms crossed in front of me, into the mall. 

Then, Men's Warehouse isn't where Google showed it to be.  So we walk to Dillard's (haha funny), and I stop at a directory and Men's Warehouse isn't even listed.  F.M.L.  So I just call the store and ask where they are.  Close.  I was a 10 second walk away.  It would have been closer to park at Dillard's.  Teh German was somewhere behind me, I had seen him walk up and away and then didn't know where he was. I went into the store and asked if a guy with a Stingrays hat had walked in and they said no.  I went back out to sit in the middle area at a stage that was set up and started angry texting.

I texted Teh German to tell him where the store was and got no response.  Well, fuck you too.  After I had calmed my tits a little, I walked back into the store to see him standing at the desk.  It was 7:30.  His appointment was at 7.  I'm sure that it was my fault that we were late.  I walk in the store and take a seat.  The clerk gives Teh German a few options and tells him there isn't anything in the store he can try on.  Teh German is not pleased.  I think he was expecting an experience like me trying on dresses.  He wanted to see how he looked in different suit colors and have someone help him.  Yeah, not what happened.  They also only had 2 different suits for rent, white and black, neither of which I liked because the lapel.

Disappointed, we headed home after the clerk explained that prom season was coming so we might be better off not coming back in until the end of May if we came back.  So that was helpful.  Since we had to walk through Penny's, I suggested we look at the suits.  We were still not speaking to each other, except out of necessity.  We were both too pissed off to even really look or like anything at Penny's, but Teh German does know he has options.  Essentially, his suit dilemma just became my problem.  So much for not worrying about it.

Pissed off, we both headed home.  Teh German seemed to take some care not to drive like an asshole and I just waited to get home because he wasn't making my rage dissipate by acting like nothing had happened.

When we got home, I took care of dog prep and headed upstairs to lay in the bed and listen to Outlander and do puzzles until it was time to sleep.  When Teh German came to bed, I told him that he was mean and he should say he was sorry and he did, but it was out of obligation so I was still disgruntled.

We have this scene in our house!
This is the view from Schloss Neuschwanstein (Disney castle).


We got a slow start on Saturday morning since we didn't have anywhere to be.  I asked Teh German what he wanted to accomplish since we were having his birthday cookout that evening and he said yard work.  I had scheduled an acupuncture appointment for us at noon and we needed to leave by 11:30, so I wanted to accomplish stuff before the appointment.  We got up and had a "German" breakfast of bread, meat, and cheese, it was messy, Teh German was continually disgruntled.  He didn't like that I kept asking him what was wrong when he insisted that nothing was wrong. 

Meri had 1/3 of the bed, Teh German had 1/2 of the bed and I was sandwiched in the remainder.

I hate this thing that I do when I FEEL something wrong.  I know that something is wrong, but I can't figure out what it is.  This is what happened most of the weekend.

Finally, we got outside.  I listened to Outlander and scooped poop while Teh German pulled weeds.  After I was done scooping, I helped with the weeds.  I also picked up the pine needles the concrete guys had left in a pile and the dead grass that never took when they relocated it to lay the patio slab. 

With the yard chores completed, we headed inside to shower and get ready.  We made it to our acupuncture appointment right on time.  It was an interesting experience.  The place we went to is a community nap/acupuncture place.  They only do your face/ears/hands/arms/lower legs/feet.  It is encouraged that you nap and when you're done they remove the needles and you can relax for as long as you'd like.  Cool concept.  We were there for 2 hours total.  This included filling out the paperwork and being told what was going to happen and waiting on 2 "more comfortable" chairs to vacate.  I had some issues with one of the needles in my arm and it continued for the whole time, which was unfortunate.  I was also cold, so I had to have the lady cover me with blankets, since I couldn't get up and do it myself since I was a porcupine.

Teh German and I agreed that it was weird but cool.  He was surprised that we were there for so long.  I hadn't slept well when I did nap (the needle in my arm/I'm a sensitive sleeper/was cold), so that.  After the needles were removed, we headed to Publix to stock up for the party.

Our first stop was Ye Old Fashioned.  Teh German wanted to split a sandwich and fries so we wouldn't be hangry by dinner time.  I resisted on the ice cream and it was difficult, but I managed.  After dropping $199 at Publix ($50 of that on beer alone), we headed to the butcher for hamburger meat and steaks (finally).  Once we got home, I turned on Roomy to "tidy up" and put away the groceries and started portioning out hamburger patties while talking to Teh Dad.  I'm not really sure what Teh German was doing.

Around 6, guests started showing up.  I put a sticky note on the front door to come in and not let the dogs out so no one would have to keep answering the door.  I also put sticky notes on the garbage cabinets so people wouldn't have to ask where they were.  Call me resourceful.

Teh German cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  We had a nice group of people that gathered for Teh German, which was awesome.  We pulled out the Jenga and ladder golf and the Jenga game was very intense.  I manned the fire and smores.  Our last guests left around 12:15 and after we cleaned up (mostly because it was windy outside and I didn't want to hear the Jenja blocks potentially fall over at 0300) we were in bed by 1.


We woke up on Sunday morning around 8 and once Teh German opened his eye, I sang happy birthday to him in German.  I almost started in English, but then corrected myself.  He said he was feeling hung over and I asked him if he would take the things that I brought him and he said yes without a battle, which was a change.  I brought him 2 advil, water, a nut ball, and some leftover meatballs, knowing he needed something in his stomach.  While I was gathering the stuffs, I fed the dogs.  After I ministered to Teh German, I headed downstairs for puzzles and Outlander.  While I had told Teh German I'd wake him up at 10:30 since we had a Skype date with Aunt P at 11, I failed because I had 20 minutes left of my book and wanted to finish.  I ended up going upstairs at 11 to wake him, book complete.

Aunt P chatted with us for a bit.  We hadn't talked to her since she was in Charleston, so it was nice to catch up.  We snacked on what we had in the fridge while we chatted.  We had planned to eat lunch at a neighbor's house since they had food they needed to get rid of from a party they had.  When I got the text that lunch was at 2:30, we both decided to have a hot dog to hold us over until time for food.  To pass the time, I decided to finally shave Meri.

I had told Teh German that we were headed over early so the dogs could play so we were about to start getting ready when Mama G said she was home and could Skype early.  So we didn't have to leave our lunch date early, we went ahead and chatted with her, then we got ready and headed a few doors down.

We played some yard games for a bit, then we all decided we were hungry and moved the party inside.  We left the dogs outside to keep running.  We ate and had cake and eventually headed back outside for more games.  I learned that I'm no good at Washers, which is essentially like horseshoes.  Once the sun started to go below the trees, I got chilly and it was time for doggy dinner, so we headed home.

Marci loves chasing Meri around.
Not pictured: Sven, Rumble, Phil, and Max

Once home, I decided it was time to give Phil and Meri their yearly (if not less frequent) bath.  Phil was a hot mess and knew before he'd even looked at it, he decided that the shower floor was made of lava.  Despite the rugs I had put along the floor for him, I still had difficulty getting him into the shower, which made it an even more traumatic experience.  He shook the whole time so I just tried to get everything done as quickly as possible.  After Phil, it was Meri's turn.  She was also a mess, but she weighs 50 less pounds, so I could handle her way better. 

Notice how Phil refused to look at me?

With the dogs bathed, I put on my pjs and headed downstairs with a book.  I made it to page 45 before I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore.  I fell asleep on the couch at 7.  At 8 I woke up with a crick in my neck that was super uncomfortable.  Teh German agreed that it could be bedtime and we headed upstairs.

After teeth and face were cleaned, I headed to bed to wait on Teh German and did my German lesson.  When Teh German came to bed he found his birthday card from me (which I explained is because the mail delivery person must run late to our bedroom), he asked me what time it was and I told him 8:30.  He seemed wary we were in bed so early.  Of course, it took me at least 30 minutes to get to sleep while Teh German had fallen asleep within 2 minutes of lights out.  Seriously, does he not have thoughts? 


Despite still feeling like something is off (it's me), it was a good birthday weekend for Teh German.  He got to enjoy friends coming over to celebrate him and he received a LOT of beer.  It was a very laid back weekend, which was kinda perfect.  Nonetheless, this weekend drained me.  I woke up this morning at 06 and still didn't feel rested.  I would have stayed in bed if it wasn't for adulting and responsibility and guilt that Teh German would be jealous of my "teleworking" life.

Mr. Chicken Wang.


  1. I'm sorry you had such a draining weekend. I'm the same way. When I FEEL like something is off I just can't shake it/let it go. I'm glad his bday was a success though!

  2. Love reading your weekend recaps.

    Fkk, the way you describe yourself sounds so much like how I am. I'm the exact same way with Jeff and I always tell I've known him for nearly 15 years, I KNOW when something's off or it feels off. And then I keep at it, and at it and the whole weekend will get ruined. I have temper tantrums, I blame it on being a spoiled only child....

    Poor Phil... :( it's always such a sad sight when they're shaking like a leaf looking worse for wear. Love Meri's new 'do. :)


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