Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Confessions {2/8}

-Automatic response email from Senator Lindsay Graham ( in response to my email with this gem at the bottom: "Please do not respond to this email, the mailbox is unattended." Sooo many things have been made clear to me.

-With some coordination, we won more free tickets to the wedding show next weekend which means we all are getting in for freeizzle.  #powerofmany

-I've been active on the GEGR FB page, sharing photos and being better about social media.  I'm interested to see if it makes a difference.  If nothing else, at least there's more cute dogs on my news feed.  #socialmediaguru

-After speaking with my boss and the HR director for Company, they told me it would be no issue if I went back to school as a full-time student as long as my 40 hours at Company was a priority.  They were especially pleased after I informed them that I wanted a computer engineering/science degree AND that I was going to use my GI Bill, so Company wouldn't even have to pay for it, just work with my schedule. 

-Because I'm lazy and because I want the full benefits from the GI Bill, I plan to actually go to class (I need to physically attend one class per semester on campus to receive 100% of my BAH).  I may still take online courses depending on what is offered.  What this really means is that I'm limited in my choices to school in Charleston.  I'm most interested in Charleston Southern University (because it's super close to the house), then the Citadel as a day veteran student (so not a cadet which means no uniform for me, kthxbye), and my last choice would be College of Charleston (because it is downtown and ain't nobody got time for dat).  I'm comparing CSU and the Citadel currently for who has the better degree for me. 

-Teh German is pretty excited about all of this.  Not just because of the supplemental income for us but also because I've been talking about going back to school for a long time.  The biggest thing for me is realizing that 1- I should/could have been a better student at NCSU, but I didn't know how, 2- I didn't even know about more technical degrees that I could have gotten because STEM wasn't a thing back in my day (you're welcome), 3- No one ever told me that the benefit of not having to take math classes for my major wasn't necessarily a benefit over having another major.

-The library sent me the ominous "your book is about to expire" notice, so I've been trying to read Throne of Glass like a dervish.  I have 40% left.

-As always, I still hate that Kindle doesn't give a page count, but a percentage.  It fucks me up regularly, especially if there is supplemental crap at the end like chapters from follow on books or pages worth of author notes/acknowledgements to people who IDGAF about.  #ereaderproblems

-I'm excited about wedding dress shopping because I just want to get it done.  Huge to do tasks that loom over my head stress me out.  If I don't find a dress, I'm going to be pissed.  That said, how cool would it be to have a dress with pockets?  Teh WJL asked me what I could possibly need to put in my pockets on my wedding and my answer was immediate, "Lint balls and chapstick."  #howwasthatevenaquestion

-I'm planning on everyone going to a hockey game after dress shopping.  I just hope we win.  #LetsGoRays

-I gained 3 lbs from birthday weekend eating.  Or I'm also bloated from girl time crap.  Who knows.  Either way, I'm sore from self-punishment at the gym on Monday.  #worthit

-I have no idea what to do with the box of origami birds I made from my 2016 page a day calendar. 

-I had another blog post go live on Broke Ass Brides yesterday.  I'm already over it.  Additionally, for both posts I've put a little blurb about me at the bottom (which I've seen other Real Brides have) and it keeps getting deleted and it really pisses me off that I'm not really getting any attribution for my posts.  I've tried to edit my profile to have my info and it keeps getting wiped clean.  One of the most infuriating things I've discovered is that they frequently share/link to ancient posts (one of the links in my post is from 2011 (which I did not link to)).  While they are still completely relevant posts (wedding don't really change), they are old and it just looks bad IMO.  In addition, these ancient posts are also shared on social media and I just can't understand why.  #why

-I'm proud of my book progress for Erin's Challenge.

-I listen to certain music on Spotify just to alter my Discover Weekly playlist.  This is because recently my Discover Weekly has been all slow, whiny songs and I'm over it.  Let's get back into that alt rock genre, plskthx.

-Things I don't understand: Why Bagheera's 500 mile appointment cost $200.  #nomegusta

-Roomy the Roomba and I are besties, or whatever relationship I can have with a robot that does housework for me.  #ILoveVacuumMarksOnCarpet

-I think the hot flashes from the IUD have passed. #praiseAllah #knockonwood


  1. "Lint balls and chapstick." - YASSSS QUEEN

  2. Pockets in dresses should be used more often.
    Going back to school is something I intended to do for about a decade of my life, then I was over it. I say "go for it!" before you get over it, because I sometimes wish I'd done it when I wanted to.

  3. Heck yes to scoring more free tickets!!

    When are pockets on a dress not convenient? I could always find something to put in them!

    That's so exciting that you're going back to school & that your company is being so cool about it.


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