Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Confessions {2/15}

-Last week was such a shit show and I'm blaming the full moon/eclipse/comet.  Every day was like a Monday.  I was so, so, so over it.

-Forgetting to put on deodorant is the worst.  How fortunate I work within walking distance of a Rite-Aid.  How unfortunate that I almost decided to just save $7 ($3 more than I usually pay) and just embrace the stank. 

-When the concrete contractor called me last week to tell me they had just discovered the check I had the bank print them for the driveway/patio extensions uncashed, I wanted to be like, "Sorry, your loss."  Bank checks are only good for 90 days.  It was day 90.  Glad I keep a large enough balance for that hot mess.

-Signing up for a paypal account for my 3 different banks that I use was genius.  It makes moving money between accounts super easy.  Money for the house account!  Money for the saving account!  Less money in the checking account that gets the lowest return interest rate!

-Using a 20 year old gift certificate for $1 to McDonald's was one of the proudest "90s" moments of my adult life.  The cashier told me that she was probably younger than the gift certificate (she was born in 1996).

-Phil's head tilt when he realized that he was going to get an ENTIRE cheeseburger made me swoon.

-Not finding cancer in Phil's xrays was a huge relief.  I'm still a little worried since sometimes cancer doesn't appear where the symptoms are, but I'm just trying not to think of all that.

-Being told what we have to do in regards to invitations/save the dates from someone who isn't contributing to the wedding fund (at this time) makes me irrationally angry.  I'm sure it will be fine, but holy crap, so much rage.

-Said "have to do" task (save the date cards) is almost complete, but you better bet it's going to be on my time.  #stubbornAF #metyourmatch 

-I completely forgot yesterday was Show Us Your Books day.  Even though the schedule was posted, I forgot to link up until almost lunch time and I was #38.  While that's great for the linkup, I totally pride myself on being one of the first to link up.  Next time, I'll just talk to Erin about adding my link too. ;)

-Teh German surprised me by making valentine's day reservations for dinner.  He's really stepping up his game.  I could tell he was a little disappointed I didn't do anything for him when we got home.  He realized that he was wrong when he finally came to bed and discovered a card on his pillow.  It was a trifold card with a blank inside.  He got a really long love letter and he was no longer disappointed. 

My valentine for ever.

-I answered my desk phone which never rings:
Me: This is Megan.
Old Lady: What did you say?
Me:  This is Megan?
Old Lady: Well I'm trying to call the mayor in London.
Me: I believe you have the wrong number.
Old Lady: Well, that's fine, but ma'am if you could please stop doing that with him. It's wrong...
Me (talking over her): Sweetheart, I have no idea what you are talking about.
Then she hangs up on me.


-I met the mayor of our town at the gym on Tuesday afternoon and I chatted with him and his buddies for 5 or so minutes.  Essentially, we're besties now.

-We have a wedding website!!!  #Ididitmyself


  1. Heading over to stalk your wedding website shortly! Also, I always keep one of those mini travel deodorants in my bag in the event I forget to put it on (which happens). Also, that call you got? Whetttttttt?

  2. I didn't do Save The Dates. I told everyone I knew the date and then sent out invites like normal. Save The Dates were an expensive waste in my opinion, but to each their own. Now I have to go and stalk your wedding website!

  3. I snorted at the phone conversation. What in the world??

    Yay for no cancer! That's a huge relief I'm sure!

    Woo hoo wedding to stalk.

  4. Hahahaa laughing at the gift card at McDonald's. I almost forgot about the book link up yesterday. I only ready two books so it wasn't really like I contributed much haha. Going to stalk your wedding site now!

  5. Your wedding website is really nice hun. Loving it and read all your pages, well not all but your stories, proposal, etc. Really cute. :)

    Gah. Friggin Phil. And tell him to stop running around one day and then gimping around the next. It's going to give Momma grey hairs for goodness sakes!

  6. Dude, I have spare deodorant in my desk/car/and purse. NOPE. Not getting caught in 95 degree Carolina summer w/o that crap, especially since I have like a 10 minute walk from my parking lot to my office.

  7. it would be so much fun in this day and age to get married - websites, online things! i had to do everything by hand/magazines/books etc.


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