Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Erin's Challenge 6.0 Halfway Update

We're barely over a month into Erin's Challenge and I feel pretty confident I will complete the challenge again this round.  Same as last time, I will not be participating in the bonus round.  I don't want that kind of self-pressure.  I probably could since many of the books I want to get to after this challenge are on this list, but back to that self-pressure thing.  Meh.  Do not want that stress.

Strikethrough = Complete
Bold = Selection to be read
Italics = In progress

5 points: Freebie – Read a book that is at least 200 pages.

I have the other 3 books on Audible and I will be listening to them as soon as the challenge is over.

10 points: Read a book that starts with the letter “W”.

10 points: Read a book with six words in the title.

15 points: Read a book that has a (mostly) green cover.

Kimmi mailed me her copy and it's been sitting on the nightstand waiting for my attention.

20 points: Read a book with a homonym in the title

This is my 2nd time checking this book out from the library and I still haven't finished it and now someone else has put a hold on it.  I think I'm just going to use my Audible credit this month and listen to this book instead.  Sadly, the library doesn't have the audiobook version.  Womp, womp.

20 points: Read a book by your favorite author.

I have this on my Kindle, I just need to read it.

25 points: Read a book set in the city/town/state/territory/county/province where you live. 

I am #5 and #3 on the hold list at the library for the ebook.  No audiobook to be found.  Ugh.

30 points: Read a “Rory Gilmore” book. 

30 points: Read a book from a genre that you’ve never read (or rarely read.)

35 points: Read a book with time travel.

I bought this during a 2-for-1 sale that Audible was having at the end of last year, so this has been on Audible since then waiting for me.  I listen to it when I don't have a library audiobook to listen to so progress is slooooowww.. and ya know, it's 500+ pages.  #outlanderstyle

5 complete
2 in progress
3 to go (2 ebooks (1 on library waitlist), 1 hard copy)

I've come to realize that audiobook are my jam.  4 of the 5 completed books were audiobooks.  I didn't want them to be, but they are.  I can listen to a book and still do other things, which is perfect.  I struggle with making time to actually sit down and read a book, which is why I have failed at ebooks more and more recently.  #firstworldproblems


  1. You've definitely found your rhythm and ways to make these challenges work for you. I like that. I know I preach it often, but I want the challenge to be an enjoyable experience, and I think you've found it to be less about pressure and more about enjoyment.

  2. This is such a fun challenge! I might have to join in!

  3. Hmm I need to check my progress. I am not enjoying the NC book I picked (think it was a free ebook) but I have an alternate.

    I love audiobooks too...although I am giving up my Audible subscription :(


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