Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #6

About using a condom to make sex last longer:
tG: That would be like listening to music with earmuffs on.

tM: Man, I meant to change my shoes while we were home.  My feet are oily from my massage.
tG: So... you're wearing slippers?

tM: Lotion boogers are gross.
tG: The word even sounds gross.

tM: Dem chicken legs...
tG: I'm a chicken walker.

tM: First world problems are the worst!
tG: That's why they are called first world problems, because they come in first.

tG: She must be Barbie.

At a kids's birthday party:
Kid to tM: Hey get this ring from me.
tM: I don't need a ring.  I have one.  (I flash my engagement ring at him)
tG: Ooooo, burn.
tM: And he doesn't even understand.

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  1. Haha, the slippers one is actually good :-D

  2. I don't even know what to write because lotion boogers has me completely grossed and freaked out.

  3. Awesome! I forget what the hubby says too. But one of the reasons I knew he was "it". We still go into stores and he will say something; and I laugh so hard I almost fall over! 😂

  4. LOL yes to the first world problems!


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