Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday #98




PS.  Last year was weird where I didn't actually feel like it was my birthday, but it was.  This year it feels like my birthday and it's awesome.

Cupcakes have been ordered for later.


#MegMo2017 news:
Mostly another quiet week.

After Roux's Humom and I had a debate about my cheapness vs the easiness of an actual website, we'll have a Megan created edited website with our own web address to make it easier for people to RSVP online without having to type some stupid web address.  It's $12 for a google domain for a year.. and as Roux's Humom said, "Megan, it's $1 a month."  Fiiiineeee. 

Once I get everything up and running, of course, I'll share the site for my Gentle Stalkers Readers to critique.


Last night we went to Brewseum downtown at the Lowcountry Children's Museum and it was pretty awesome.

$15 for children's entertainment (which is perfect since I'm easily amused), free beer, and free food (which was kind of a bust since they kept running out).  We were super pumped that we got tickets before they sold out.

Of course, with beer in hand, Teh German had to take the throne.

Self-face painting.
I did a sun on one side and a moon on the other.

Fun with this gak like stuff.  Ok, maybe not gak, but space balls or something sticky but not to skin.
It was kinda cool.
Does anyone else remember gak?

Cooking Teh Megan

Being... cheesy.

Silent disco selfie.

Free henna always floats my boat.

Due to the food situation, we were still hungry.  Fortunately, we were downtown.  We checked out a bbq place on the next block called Smoke BBQ.  It was ok, but no Willie Jewel's or Home Team.  Also, we paid $18 to split a pulled pork entree plate with 2 (large) sides, but wtf.  We both realize that the price was inflated BECAUSE the restaurant is downtown.  Boo.

Teh German had taken advantage of the free beer, so I drove us home and we went to be soon after.


Random things:

From the internet:

This article hit home and I have to share this part of it here because it is SOOOO important to me as a human, as a person with a communication degree, and as someone who is becoming politically involved.
"Political correctness is dead and has been replaced by a spare-no-feelings, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. I'm not a fan mainly because, as a communicator, I understand that it's not so much what you say as how you say it. Being politically correct doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't speak truth, it is just the recognition that I need to take other people's feelings and dignity into account when I speak. I value frankness as much as anyone, but our words carry more impact if they are not weighed down by rudeness and baseless stereotypes."   ~Kevin S. Aldridge

All that political stuff doesn't have to show up on your FB feed.

For those fans of Netlfix AND reading.

For all those Beauty and the Beast lovers out there.  If I wasn't on a shirt diet, I'd consider adding this one to my Disney shirt collection.

While I really hope this piece isn't true in the grand scheme of things about how Trump's presidency will go. the author definitely has a point.

From the phone:

The "haven't been to the grocery store in a hot minute, oh fuck, what do we have in the house" dinner.  Baked potato, sausage, and roasted carrots.  Add in some butter and sour cream, mix and enjoy.  It was actually very delicious.  More delicious than I expected and I would definitely make it again, but on purpose this time.

Could they be any cuter?  Possibly, but maybe not.

I had my cube adjusted so I can stand at my own cube instead of at the neighboring cube.  Back to one desk, but it is worth it to be in my space.  I can also sit if I need to, which is important.  The standing life sucks, but the sitting life sucks even more right now with my hip woes that I have going on.

I really need to get the Disneyland run photos printed out!


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Bartering with myself.  I will drink at least 2 cups (large Turvis) of water before I will allow myself to have a cup (with lots of ice) of sweet tea.
  2. Buying a half gallon of sweet tea on Monday morning from Bojangles.  #birthdayweek #treatyoself
  3. Henna
  4. My birfday!  #duh
  5. Standing is better for me and helps eliminate some hip pain.
  6. Teh German taking Bagheera to her 500+ mile doctors appointment.
  7. Being told about my raise on my birthday.
  8. Seeing some arm definition and showing Teh German my "guns".
  9. Long sleeve hoodie shirts that aren't sweatshirts.
  10. Worldwide birthday wishes.  Seriously, makes me feel super special.  (10.5 understanding birthday wishes when they are written in German).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy those cupcakes!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sorry I am so late posting I am sick as a dog over here, but I hope you have an awesome time!

  3. A raise ON your birthday?! SCORE! Hope it was wonderful!!
    That Brewseum night looks like tons of fun. I'd enjoy that kind of night out.
    And, that thrown together meal looks like something I'd enjoy too.

  4. I'm late but it's the thought that counts dammit, happy birthday Megan! I hope you had a wicked day and weekend.
    Congrats on the raise, that's stellar news!! :)

    Speaking of political correctness, while being spoken to by a lawyer, one of our admins just up and walked away on the person MID-CONVERSATION because the admin didn't like how the lawyer was talking to her. I heard everything, she was just asking her to do a task. But who just jumps up mid conversation with someone and walks away!? In a work place environment?! It's rude and unprofessional!! I may be one of the younger people in my office but it really pisses me off when people get bent out of shape over nothing and everything these days.
    Alright, I should end this rant right now so I don't look like a giant a-hole. Lol!


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