Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Confessions {2/1}

-I don't understand why it's commonplace to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a wedding dress, then still have to have it altered to fit.  If I'm paying that much money and my measurements are being taken, why doesn't said dress fit like a glove?  #thingsIdontunderstand

-Posting a picture of Bagheera on my Instagram made me feel uncomfortable.  I'm a dog picture poster, not a motorcycle picture poster.  #therearerules

-#1 rule about curly hair: DO NOT MESS WITH IT.  I have a super hard time when someone wants to mess with my curls, especially after they've told me how nice it looks.  Yes thank you, admire from afar.  #NOTOUCHY

-While I believe the standing desk is helping my hip, I missed my desk and I finally moved back to my cube yesterday.  I had my current cube adjusted to have a standing and sitting desk.  Being in 2 cubes was cool for a while, but I missed my space.  Please note, I'll never live to be over 100 years old because I'm lazy AF and sitting is where it's at.

-One of our neighbors is a physical therapist (actually his wife is too), but he also does dry needling, so I set up an appointment with him last Thursday.  I did some PT but he also dry needled my hip/butt and OMFG.  I've never had sciatica pain, but now I have a micro glimpse of what that might be like.  Lord, please never let me have that issue.  Holy hell.  As he had warned me, I did feel like I'd been punched in the ass for the rest of the day.  Nonetheless, the hip pain is back.  It's not as bad as it was, but it's still there.  #wompwomp

-I haven't really done much on the wedding front since we made all the big decisions.  Our appointment to sign for the venue was a week and a half later, which almost killed me, but I survived.  Now I'm just sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting on the weekend of Feb 19th to get here so we can go dress hunting shopping.  After the dress is taken care of, really it's a matter of planning the details.  I'm already bored.  #getshitdone

-I love love love my engagement ring, but it's pointy and it stabs me sometimes and it really doesn't feel good.  I'm currently sporting wound #2 from my ring (from hitting my hand on a machine in motion at the gym) and it's no bueno.  I wonder if a wedding band that sits on either side of my engagement ring would stop it from stabbing me?

-I don't know how long I've been getting Amazon First emails, but almost every month I download the book and I have NEVER read any of them. 

-I always try to use Amazon Smile when I make Amazon orders.  That said, yesterday I was clicking on Amazon links from reviews and I my order didn't go through the Smile site, so I cancelled the order and reordered it from the Smile site.  I really wish there was a way to reroute any Amazon link to go through and I'm sure there probably is, but I'm not nerdy enough to care to figure it out.

-Oh yeah, I ordered my Roomba 650.  I almost had a breakdown yesterday looking at other options, but the Roomba 650 was in my price range (compared to brand new ones) and I just worried about getting an iLife.  While they are significantly cheaper, we have tall rugs on the laminate and I don't want it to get stuck.  #firstworldproblems #Philproblems

-On my way to the bathroom, I stopped by the break room to scavenge for something unhealthy.  There was this cake/bread thing with raisins in it on the counter, so I decided to try it.  I wasn't pleased with what I had put in my mouth and since I had made it to the bathroom, I decided to spit it out into the toilet.  I bent over at the waist, not like seat to face, but pretty high up, and let the food drop out of my mouth into the bowl.  At which point, I received splash-back to the face.. from a public toilet.  I am absolutely horrified and I'm wondering the long-term effects of soaking my face in a bowl of bleach.

PS.  This is the same toilet that I regularly have to blow off the pubes before I use it.  Essentially a coworker's pube tea (stole that one from Twin Dad) splashed onto my face.  #scarredforlife

-After said toilet incident, my need for a $0.90 candy bar was squelched.  #positivethoughts

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  1. I want a roomba!!!! I think that the cost of wedding dresses and all the altering is ridiculous!!! The only altering I had to have done to mine was the bustle, thank goodness. Because I wouldn't have been able to afford anything else!

  2. I cannot even with the toilet situation. I'm pretty sure I'd be dead. I feel like I'm dead and I wasn't even there. Wedding dress shopping is a pain in the butt but it can't be done if you just do some shopping around. I was happy I managed to get my dress and it fit perfectly and I got to take it home that day. My mom did add a shoulder piece but then again she is a seamstress so win.

  3. YES to the Amazon Smile thing - why can't they make it easier?!?! Also, the toilet pubes? NO.

  4. OMG! I would have died if toilet water splashed in my face. I cringed just reading about it happening to you. Ok yes...why does Amazon not just automatically redirect me to Amazon Smile? Sometimes it's good & asks me if I want to & I'm all YEP! Other times it does not ask me & then I don't think about it until way after. #IJustWannaHelp

  5. This is when I wish I didn't live half way around the world from you. I could answer every question you'd have about why your ring is stabbing you if I could see and feel it on your finger. :( If you want, you can try to send me a close up of it on your finger, preferably with wound #2, so I can see where it's stabbing you. I may be able to help or steer you in the correct direction of getting help.


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