Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Review {1/30}


Friday was a lazy type of day and it was good.  After 2 evening events during the week, we were in need of a recharge.  I slept in a little too long and had to rush to work in the morning to make it on time for my 0900 meeting, oops.  Fortunately, I made it right on time to dump everything in the conference room and start up the meeting.  Since it's a 96 hour pay period, those 9 hour days add up and I got to have a short day.  Around 2, I left work and headed to the gym to meet Roux's Humom.  After a good workout, we headed home. 

I started working on the DJ's website.  I've officially given up on creating a client portal for her.  1- Nothing I'm finding that I would be able to build will meet her needs, 2- The things I am finding aren't compatible with the technologically challenged (her more so than me) and/or would be expensive to maintain, 3- The website I'm using to build the site doesn't have a client portal option and I really like using this website, I think.

Teh German came home and we were debating about what to do with the evening.  After he had just said he liked the idea of just staying home and figuring something easy out for dinner, he informed me that Twin Dad had messaged him about going out to a brewery for some beers.  He then followed up with that thought later when he came downstairs with changed clothes that he was going to the brewery.  I wasn't actually invited, but I told him that I wasn't interested in beer so I wasn't going.

With a quiet evening to myself, I spent 30 minutes debating whether I wanted ramen for dinner or if I wanted to go out and pick something up.  What this really meant is that I had to pick a place that would keep for the drive home.  Picking something up meant the dogs got to go on a ride, which was the perfecting outing for them.  I finally decided on Ye Old Fashioned since I could also pick up ice cream and bring it home for dessert for days.

After the mission was accomplished and my egg salad sammich and delightful brownie sundae were consumed (or as much as I felt comfortable eating), I hit the couch with my kindle (for puzzles) and decided to watch a movie.  A wild idea hit me a few months ago when I noticed there was a new Bridget Jones movie coming out.  I couldn't remember ever actually seeing any of the BJD movies, so I decided I would.  I started with the original, Bridget Jones Diary, and reveled in all the 90s-ness of the movie. 

Teh German had told me before he left that the brewery closed at 9, so I figured he'd come home after that.  At 2150 I got a message from him that said they had relocated to a different bar.  At which point, psycho-Megan started to emerge.  The last few times that Teh German had went out for a beer, a beer became several too many and it was followed up by a venue change, which resulted in gin and tonics and him being unable to drive himself home.  Obviously, I'm a completely glass-half-empty person.  I checked his FB to make sure there were no gin and tonic group selfies.  None. 

Since I had some time on my hands, I watched the 2nd BJD movie.  Equally 90s-ed, I remember seeing parts of it on TV at some point in my life since the part of her in jail was familiar.  After the movie ended and Teh German still wasn't home, I watched the first episode of Grey's Anatomy of the most recent season on Netflix.  After it was over, I tried to tell myself that I was being unreasonable for being irritable for zero reason and headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

As I was getting in bed, Teh German came home.  It wouldn't have been an issue, except that Meri and Phil were closed in the bedroom with me and they couldn't go downstairs and explore who had come in and was messing around in the pantry.  Phil doesn't overly care about these things, but Meri was not only barking, she was ruff at him at regular intervals, which was making me crazy.  It took 2 yells of "JUST COME UPSTAIRS AND LET MERI KNOW IT'S JUST YOU SO SHE WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY" for him to finally come upstairs and see what I was screaming my fool head off about.  Lesson: next time, just leave the door cracked enough for the beasts to get through so they can investigate and not disgruntle me.

Having eaten his snack and being moderately intoxicated, Teh German got ready for bed and crawled in with me and we were out.


Teh German's alarm went off  at regular M-F time and I was super confused and thought maybe he'd just forgotten to turn his alarm off.  Nope.  It was when he got out of the bed that I remembered he was going to work.  #outofit

I stayed in bed and tried to sleep in, mostly unsuccessfully until about 0730, when I finally dozed off again and then had trouble getting up at 0830.  When I woke up at 0853 I knew I had to get my ass out of the bed since Roux's Humom would be at the house to pick me up at 0930.  Meri is the best sport ever and we played for a few minutes to get me uncozy so I'd be more motivated to get out of the bed. 

Right on time, Roux's Humom arrived and I was out the door.  We were meeting Twin Mom at the Charleston Kennel Club dog show.  We were going to take photos and see cute dogs.  I also did some shopping and picked up a fuzzy toy and some chews for Meri and Phil because I have no will power.  After the dog thing, we met Teh German at Tiki Taco in Summerville.  Based on the amount of Hispanics at the place (it was a building and a food truck with a pavilion between them), the food was very authentic.  That said, we weren't overly satisfied.  The food was good, but it wasn't blow-your-sock-off good.  They did have lingua, which is always a good time for me.

Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil,
If she doesn't scare you,
No evil thing will.
Saw this baby at the gas station when Roux's Humom stopped at the ATM.

All the little, hairy, dogs.
Sadly, all the other photos are still on my DSLR.  oops.

After Tiki Taco, we all parted ways.  I rode home with Teh German and it was lazy day for the rest of my evening.  I laid down for a nap while Teh German headed out with Mr. Golfer to a boat show.  When Teh German had gotten his hair cut, his lady had given him free tickets to the show, which was perfect.  I was awake by the time Teh German got home, working on the DJ's website. 

Mexi-cokes are the bestest

Teh German was hungry, so we started dinner, steaks and potatoes with a salad.  I was pretty pissed when I noticed that the spinach I had purchased on Tuesday was already going bad.  Add to that the cantaloupe that I had gotten on the same day was growing mold and I'd had to toss it earlier in the day, I was very disgusted trying to pick out the least-bad spinach leaves for us to eat.  Teh German manned the grill while I took care of the potatoes and salads.  #bestteam4ever

America steak made us LOL

After dinner, we sat down for an episode of Sherlock.  I continued working on the website since I was on a roll by that point and because we're still on season 3, which I've seen.  After the episode, I continued working on the site and Teh German was messing around on social media.  I didn't realize he was waiting for me to say it was bedtime.  He ended up going upstairs first, but I followed him soon after.  We were in the bed by 2230, but it was 0015 the last time I looked at the clock. 

Most of that time was spent reading side effect comments about the Mirena.  I've been having some serious hot flashes since the install.  I mean to the point of sitting downstairs where I'm normally chilly and sweating with thin pants and a long sleeve shirt on.  I used to sit downstairs with the same outfit and a hoodie on and a blanket.  I've also been having this issue at night and during the day at work.  It's the worst.


Sunday was slow start day.  Roux's Humom messaged me to ask if I wanted to go to the gym at 0830, but I was still asleep.  When I got up, I messaged her to let her know it was slow day and if I went, I'd go later (hahah).  It was nice to get to hang out in bed with Teh German as we woke up slowly.  Meri had cocooned herself between us, which is adorable and annoying at the same time. 

After discussing our breakfast options, Teh German and I agreed that we'd go to Holy City for brunch (cause chicken and waffles).  He had an invite from his riding buddies to go on a ride at noon.  We rode to Holy City and then went straight to the meeting location.  I didn't decide till we were on our way to the meet up location that I'd just ride with them.  I had considered going home and getting more website complete.

It was a decent ride and productive.  While we were on our way downtown to take pictures of the bikes (because that's what motovloggers do), Teh Dad called.  Not 3 minutes after Teh Dad got off the phone with me, Teh Mom called.  We had parked on the Battery and it was super windy, so we decided to go to a cobblestone street for some photos.  We were told by the parking enforcement officer that we weren't allowed to park where we were and we explained we were just taking photos and she let us be.  Yay for nice people.  We weren't actually there for very long.  We also pulled the bikes up on the sidewalk and took some pics, but because it's not a busy street, no one said anything.

Eventually, we were done with the bike porn and we headed to one of the guy's houses to pick up a vehicle we could put groceries in, then we headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a cookout.  Teh German had ridden with these guys several times, so I wasn't worried about getting murdered.

Bagheera is a lady, so I couldn't resist parking her by the pink flowers.

After a very interesting grocery store run, we headed to another house and started prepping the grill and having some snacks.  While riding is a great activity, it's not a social activity for sure.  While we were cooking, I was able to talk with the other riders.  They were all Turkish guys (foreigners attract foreigners) and the guy who lived at the house we were at has an American girlfriend.  Not that it mattered, we were all just hanging out and judging 2000s rap videos and making sure the food didn't burn. 

After what felt like forever, we finally sat down to eat around 620.  The grill was small so all the veggies were first, then the steaks, but since we'd bought porterhouse steaks (since they were on sale), they were super huge and we couldn't fit all 5 on the grill at the same time.  It was totally worth the wait.  No pics because I devoured that shit.  Teh German and I split a huge ass steak, which was perfect. 

Sadly, we had to eat and run since it was way past when we had wanted to get home (before dark), it was also well past doggy dinner time.  It was a chilly ride home, but we survived.  After the beasts were let out and fed, I headed upstairs to soak in the tub and get warm again.  I finally finished watching S6 E1 of Downton Abbey.  It only took 3 sessions, but I finally finished!  When I got out of the tub, I did my German lessons and a puzzle and waited on Teh German to come to bed.

Eventually, he did come to bed, even if I had to prod him with a text.  And just like that, the weekend was over.

Gratuitous flower photo


This weekend felt long and short at the same time.  I'm glad Teh German was able to hang out with other people and that we got to go on a ride, despite the chill.  It was nice for me to meet new people as well and get to hang out with some of my people on Saturday.  I didn't go to the gym, and I definitely noticed Monday morning (#sadface). 

Next weekend is BIRFDAY WEEKEND!!!!
In a strange turn of events, Teh German and I decided we were going to switch it up from NOT getting each other presents for our birthday.  I presented Teh German with a grand idea on Saturday evening.

I've been wanting the Roomba and he's been wanting an after-market grill for his truck.  After looking at all the different options for a stupid grill I knew that I couldn't surprise him with the grill and I'd have to talk to him about it.  So we agreed that we'll buy our birthday presents from each other for ourselves.  Meaning, I'll buy my Roomba and he'll buy his new grill.  Yay birthday presents!

Teh German and I also devised a celebration idea while we were eating brunch on Sunday.  We'd go to Thai Basil downtown and then go to the improv show.  Already there's been a wrench thrown in the plan since Thai Basil is closed for renovations, but that's a "simple" solution of just picking somewhere else to eat downtown.   Quotes because picking a place downtown is not simple at ALL.  Le sighhhh.  #Firstworldproblems #meganproblems #monday

Happy almost February, Gentle Readers!


  1. Mexican Coke is definitely better! When you get your Roomba I want to know what you think of it!

  2. Yay for getting your Roomba! Yay for presents! I hate when my husband does that goes out late and then comes home and rows dogs all I have and it's like seriously you can just stop in for two seconds to let them know that if you so they will let me get back to sleep?! Heaven help him if he wakes Kyra because I will lose my mind.

  3. Mexi-Cokes are definitely better! And totes jealous of the Roomba.


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