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Weekend Review {1/9}


Teh WJL and her international friend arrived on Thursday night.  We had adventures planned for Friday to include lunch, potentially touring downtown, and a trip to Home Goods.  I went into work at regular time and went home around lunchtime to pick them up.

We did good at the lunch and Home Goods part of that.  We ended up also stopping at TJ Maxx and losing our opportunity to tour downtown.  It was ok.  I picked up some baskets for my office and 3 new pans that I've been wanting for a while.  Sadly, I ended up returning everything but 2 of the pans because the baskets didn't fit and the 1 pan wasn't the correct size I had wanted.  Booooooo.

We had agreed earlier in the day to hit up the Stingrays game since they were at home.  We passed a bit of time by stopping by Waterfront Memorial Park so the guest could get some pics of the Bridge from underneath, then we headed to the Coliseum to meet Teh German.

In an effort to save money, we bought nosebleed seats.  Truthfully, they weren't so bad, but they weren't as good as our regular seats in the lower section.  We did save $20 though, so ya know, #priorities.  We won 3-0, which was perfect since Teh German always gets pretty depressed when we lose.

After the game, we headed home.  Teh German and I weren't hungry, but our guests were, so they headed out to Sonic to pick up a late dinner.  While they were gone, I went about the task of clearing out wedding tabs on my browser, eliminating options and writing down names to contact later.  It was after midnight when Teh German and I finally headed to bed.


We had an alarm set for Saturday morning since we planned to skype with Teh German's Dad (now known as Papa G (which brings me all the lolz)) and Stepmom at 0900.  We discussed wedding plans and who all will be coming from Germany (most everyone, hurray!).  We scheduled another skype date for next Sunday, with the hopes that we'll make some selections this week about our date/location/a few details.

After our skype session, Teh WJL came downstairs, ready for the day.  Teh German and I headed upstairs to get ready.  We planned to drop the Jetta off at the VW dealership at 11, then head to Angel Oak for our international guest, then possibly do some downtown Charleston touring and/or get late lunch at Sesame.  While we waited on our international guest to finish getting ready, Teh German had his last hoorah with the Jetta.  We left once everyone was ready to meet Teh German at the dealership.  Of course, it started raining on our way.  Perfect tree-viewing weather.

Once we picked up Teh German, we headed towards Angel Oak.  On the way, I was scrolling through FB and noticed that local FB friends were making claims of snow flurries, but I hadn't seen any.  I was slightly dismayed, but survived.  While we were at the three I think I saw THREE snowflakes, which made up for my lack of snow.  Lots of pictures were taken.

While we were at the tree, it had pretty much stopped raining.  Yet, it was still cold as a witch's titty.  Cold enough to blow snow, which rarely happens in Charleston, so that's the perspective on that.  Additionally, it was super windy.  Like Chicago windy.  Ok, maybe not, but that's what it felt like (I experienced Chicago after bootcamp, on a wintery January day and it was mostly miserable).

Since it had stopped raining, Teh German agreed to go downtown so we could go to the Battery and check out the pineapple fountain.  We had a communication snafu about where to park so we ended up walking a bit farther than I really wanted to in the wind, but we all survived.

It's a rare day that the fountain is turned off.

we even look cold.

Since it was super cold, the market was mostly deserted, so we had no reason to walk through it (thankfully).  We probably weren't outside for more than 20 minutes, but I was chilled to the bone.  Our next stop was Sesame for late lunch.  Of course, it was delicious.  We hadn't taken Teh WJL there, so it was a perfect solution.

After lunch, where I scored a free adult beverage because the bartender/server made a mistake and made a drink instead of a milkshake for our international guest (woot), we headed home and laziness commenced for Teh German and I, kinda.  Teh WJL and her guest headed back out to accomplish some shopping tasks.  Teh German watched his YouTubes while I continued to do wedding research.  Eventually I headed upstairs to take a bath to get warm because I was so cold.  I started watching S6 E1 of Downton Abbey, but didn't get 15 minutes into it when I was too hot from being in the bath.

Teh WJL brought home Pizza Hut and desserts, which we all dove into.  I was more hungry that I realized.  Teh WJL had also delivered a new planner for me since once of their stops had been Barnes and Noble.  So already I have replaced my bullet journal, it's for the best.  While I set about the task of setting up my new planner, Teh WJL and I discussed wedding details like centerpieces.

Eventually, she headed to bed and I finished up the planner migration.  She had found a weekly planner with a notes page at each week.  After I finished transcribing, I felt like the planner needed to be a little more me.  At which point, I noticed the Lisa Frank stickers I had found while going through all my old stuff when Teh Running Bestie was here in Nov.  PERFECT.

Been saving those bad boys for almost 20 years.

Planner personalized, it was finally bedtime.


We got to sleep in on Sunday and it was delightful.  I headed downstairs around 0930 since I knew Teh WJL was planning on leaving by 10ish.

I woke up to a batdog on my bed.  Sneaky.

After Teh WJL and her guest had left shortly after 10 and while Teh German social media-ed, I worked on consolidating my handy-dandy-notebooks, planning for the week, and eating breakfast.

seriously, to-go sweet teas are one of the things I'm most grateful for.

Since I had freed up a notebook when Teh WJL found my planner, I used the original bullet journal notebook for wedding ideas instead of the one I had been using that wasn't organized in any way and wasn't easy to carry around.  After getting everything consolidated, the menu planned for the week, a and made my grocery list, I headed upstairs to get ready.  Teh WJL had to stop back by to pick up something she'd left in my car (they hadn't left Charleston right away, fortunately).  After she retrieved her stuff, I headed out to town to return the baskets and pot that hadn't worked from TJ Maxx, a planner that I picked up at Target that I shouldn't have purchased to begin with, stopped at Goodwill to drop off the pots I had replaced, then made a final stop at Publix for the few items I needed to pick up.

I texted Teh German while I was checking out at the grocery store to ask what he wanted to do for lunch and he suggested chinese.  I crinkled my nose at this suggestion (which he couldn't see) and asked for other suggestions.  When he suggested Willie Jewell's, the answer was clear.  I needed to go by and ask some catering questions anyways, so it was perfect. 

When I got home with lunch/dinner at 3, Teh German hadn't moved from the couch.  While I put everything away, still no moving.  I started to get irritated (completely for no reason, it wasn't like I had asked him to help me).  I had everything put away in a few minutes and then announced that I'd eat without him if he couldn't be bothered to get up off the couch.  It wasn't necessary.

After we ate, I was in a better mood and ready to be lazy.  At which point, Teh German asked me if I wanted to walk the dogs with him and I said no.  As I was on my way upstairs, my phone dinged and it was Roux's Humom asking if I wanted to walk the dogs.  With both of them pressuring me, I just opted to go instead of being lazy.  I could be lazy after the dog walk.  Despite the wind and the cold, it was a good quick walk that got the beasts out of the house and burned some energy.

After we got home, I responded to some emails while Teh German showered.  Then we settled in on the couch for a busy evening of HIMYM. 


Overall, a very good, but very busy weekend.  And it was cold.  Soooo cold.  I am in planner heaven with my new moleskin weekly planner and my wedding planner book and my handy-dandy wedding idea notebook (because I can't find a good place in the planner for random notes, so this is just easier).  This also means that I've picked up carrying a purse again, just so I can carry my notebooks around with me.

I am happy to report that all the planners have helped my brain immensely.  I'm still waking up through the night with wedding swimming through my head (will that ever stop?  ugh), but I'm sleeping better since I'm writing all the things down instead of trying to remember them.  Soon I'm going to have to start putting little check boxes at the top of each page with names on it so I can check off who I've told what.

Since so many of you told me that reading about wedding planning wouldn't bother you, so that was a huge plus for me, I'm ready to pull the trigger sooner rather than later.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Broke Ass Brides, but I have a list of topics and drafts in progress for my ideas.  Honestly, there is no timeline on their site that says how long I'd have to wait to hear back at all, so that doesn't help my impatience problem.

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  1. The other day, as in like 2.5 weeks ago, my cousin's little girl asked who Lisa Frank was... I was appalled. Youths! I hate wind. Wind is the worst. Wind can die. Glad you still go some adventuring in though. Yay for a new bullet journal. I'm pretty sure I've already killed least any hopes of making one of those fancy pretty ones.


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