Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday #97


Random things that don't take up a whole section:

  • Alt codes for special characters are where it's at.  I'm lookin' at you degree symbol and you, too, umlaut U.
  • I spent an hour trying to figure out why WordPress was cock blocking me.  I was even trying to read CODE and error messages and just was absolutely baffled and then had the random idea to turn off my adblocker and VOILA!  MAGIC!  Everything was fixed.
  • This was following over an hour of troubleshooting with someone else why I couldn't sign in to WordPress or the BAB calendar at all.  #roughstart
  • Working from home to recover from my IUD insertion on Thursday didn't hurt my feelings none.
  • I started learning how to use Drupal this week.  I have high hopes I can do this without having to watch ALL of the tutorial videos after I get through the initial set up.
  • I really want a Roomba.  It's totally first world, but I think it would make a HUGE difference downstairs, considering how much grass and shit (sometimes literally) Meri and Phil drag in from outside.  Buttttt we're saving for wedding and it's $$$.  :(  Someone please come up with an argument to help me convince Teh German we should get one.  I swear if he suggest maybe WE just vacuum more, I might throat punch him.  Because WE always ends up being ME.. as in MEgan....


I got my new IUD "equipped" Wednesday.  While the doc told me to wait until March when I went in December, I didn't feel like that was really necessary.  Also, with all these imminent healthcare changes, I wanted to get that taken care of sooner rather than later (even if I've read that it would take at least 2 years to make any changes to the current plan).  This makes it one more thing that isn't on my ever-growing to-do list.

I didn't remember it overly hurting the last 2 times (yep this is IUD #3), but I had worked myself up and was pretty sure I might die.  Ok, kinda, not really.  I do this mind-over-body thing.  I essentially ignore it until I can't anymore and then once I'm presented with the problem, I do some deep breaths and just hope it ends quickly.

My OB/GYN is nothing if not efficient.  While I did have to wait on him past my appointment time (a pet peeve), he was quick about the procedure.  He warned me when I would cramp, when it was going to pinch, when the worst part was coming, and even explained that my uterus was hurting because it had essentially "grabbed" the IUD and was hugging it.  Essentially, I was cramping like a mo-fo because my uterus was "welcoming" it's intruder.  Most excellent.  Doc also did his best to try and distract me.  I was also prepared with my book on my phone just in case I needed to distract myself.

I was fine immediately after.  The Doc stayed in the room with me for a few minutes to chat (aka observe me) and then when I didn't present with any reactions, he said I was good to go.  Honestly, I walked out of there fine other than some more intense than usual cramping.

I had told Teh German if I wasn't dying then I was going to stop by the butcher to pick up steaks for dinner.  It was about the time that I started pressing the gas and brake pedals that I regretted my life choices.  You don't really just how much your muscles are connected until you do something that shouldn't effect something else but it totally does.

I managed to make it to the butcher, but it was up there with "driving while passing a gallstone" level of enjoyment.  Once I got to the butcher, I took a number and noticed there were no seats available.  I walked around the corner and came back and a seat had opened and IDGAF how many old people were around, I plopped down on the bench and clutched my purse for comfort.  I could tell my body was adjusting and my symptoms were a lot like shock.  I wasn't shaking, but close and I opened up my camera app to confirm what I already knew, my face was deathly white.  I felt like I waited forever, but it was really probably more like 5-10 minutes.  I couldn't focus to read, so I just sat there, willing the people in front of me not to have complicated orders.

I miraculously didn't collapse when my number was finally called and I stood up.  I picked out my steaks and headed to the register.  I wasn't really in pain, but I was feeling pretty woozy.  After getting checked out and getting back to the car, I managed to get myself home.  I let the dogs out and starting preparing the marinade for the steaks.  I could feel myself start to feel better.  Roux's Humom had asked me to go over and let the dogs run at her house, so I made my way down the street.

As I sat on the patio watching the beasts play, I realized I was back to feeling 100% normal (ya know, for me) again.  I guess the shock had worn off.  From that point, I was able to move like normal with zero issues.

As expected, there was some bleeding.  When I had left the Doc's office, he had even told me we could have celebratory no babies sex that night.. although it would also be crime scene sex.  At least he's real about it.


Wedding things:

  • I'm officially set up to start blogging for Broke Ass Brides.  I just need to start writing.  That's always the hardest part.
  • After pinning a mabillionty things last weekend, now I want to go organize my wedding board.  Surprise.  Not.
  • Met with the potential DJ yesterday.
  • I think we've finalized our guest list at 166 people.  We have A, B, and C lists.  We are aiming for 100 guests.  I have a feeling we're going to be over 100 people and I haven't told Teh German yet.
  • I did inform him that at my current projections for the budget, we will be over our figure.  He wasn't pleased.  At least he can't blame the photographer budget anymore since I got a deal on that.
  • So many brides buy more than 1 dress.  I don't get it.  
  • Also under things I don't understand: Buying a wedding dress then losing a massive amount of weight.
  • I want a mailbox like from Up for wedding cards.  And Teh WJL can also put out the "Adventure Fund" bottle with balloons.

I want to share our details here but I'm holding back for reasons that I know are completely kinda silly, but kinda not.  One day.  I promise.


I wish this was the way we actually spoke to girls.

Saturday, January 21st is the day of the Women's March so it's not too late to find out if there is a march in your area.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Appointments available right away.
  2. Sore arms from lifting.
  3. Peanut butter frozen hot chocolate.
  4. Seeing my tax return estimate.  Hello wedding dollas.
  5. Getting to ride Bagheera last weekend.. and today.
  6. Working from home.
  7. Not being super sore from the IUD procedure.
  8. WAYYYY better sleeps than last week.  Decisions = less stress.
  9. A massage AND a Chiro appointment on the same day.
  10. Lunch provided by Company.  Woot.

Happy Weekend, Gentle Readers.


  1. I have an iLife robot vacuum from Amazon and I love it! Annnd it's significantly cheaper than most Roombas!

  2. Ok so I've only ever been on the pill & your whole IUD saga just scared the ever living shit out of me... minus the hugging part, that made me laugh.

    Please make a mailbox like that for cards. And then please use it in your home for decoration.

    I want a roomba too. I remember when they came out & I was all "how lazy are people?!" Now I'm all "sign me up!"

  3. I would love to have a roomba ! It is totally first world but it just seems like that would be the most amazing thing is is I'm the only one that vacuums like ever.


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