Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Confessions {1/18}

-Maybe you saw it yesterday on Teh FB page... but I'll tell you again if so... Guess who got accepted to be a Broke Ass Blogger?!?! MMMMMEEEEEE!!!  YAY!  Obviously that blogging market is totally aimed at very specific people, but its an every other week blogging commitment, which I think I can handle.  Also, it gives me an outlet for all the wedding stuff, which I just wasn't sure about putting it all here (the struggle was real).  #separationoflifeandwedding #megmo2017

-Yes, we have a hashtag already, are you really surprised?  We also have our own email address and website (its not finished yet).  #nerdstyle

-Meri eats poop and it infuriates me because I don't know how to make her stop.  #turdbucket #literally

-I'm mostly a slob, so when I'm at work, I prefer to eat out of a mug so I'm not pushing shit all around a bowl or plate.  Some might also call this energy conservation.  #savingbowls

-After waiting a few weeks, I finally called and set up 3 different appointments on Tuesday. #getshitdone

-I STRONGLY disagree with Obama's decision to cut Bradley Manning's sentence short.  STRONGLY.  It makes me extra angry that this seems like his last fuck you.  Manning (no matter what his first name is) deserved a 35 year sentence.

-I spent 15 minutes at work this morning pruning my herbs that the building manager of our previous building gave me.  More importantly, those bitches are still alive.  ALL of them.  Even the one I have at home.  #greenishbrownthumb

-I knew that going to DC for the Women's March wasn't feasible and I was feeling some mild (Catholic induced) guilt about doing nothing while everyone was fighting for my rights.  When someone on my FB feed shared about the march in Charleston, I was all over that.  I'll be downtown Saturday at 11 with a whole bunch of strangers who care that I get to make my own decisions about my own uterus.  #mypeople

-My biggest fear about the march is that it will turn into an anti-Trump rally, which I am not interested in.  I don't support the man, but I sure as fuck don't want him to fail.  If you haven't already seen it all over social media, let me share the graphic with you:

-I now have a 2nd desk at work.  One for sitting and one for standing.  It's almost like I'm in GTMO all over again with my 2 desks.  #notsorry

-I requested a standing desk because whatever the fuck is going on with my hip, Teh Chiro suggested standing instead of sitting while I am at work.  His exact directions were to stand and rest my knees against something, so I've rigged an awesome setup with a chair to rest my knees against so I'm not locking my knees AND I have padding for them.  Pretty sure I have "dancer hip" like Marshall.  #standingishard #imoutofpractice

-Restaurant week is going on in CHS and we haven't even bothered.  I did look at a few menus and Mex 1 (my fave mexican in CHS) is having a super awesome deal and Carolina Ale House (one of Teh German's fave places (because beer)) is having a decent deal, so we may partake before it ends on the 22nd.  We'll see.

-I told Teh German that if he stopped ordering beer when we go out, I'd stop ordering sweet tea.  He shot me down quick like.  Ugh.  So much for saving money when we go out.  Sweet tea is usually $2-3, so lets say $2.50 average.  Teh German's beers usually cost $6-9, so let's say $8 average.  That's $10 saved PER MEAL alone.  But he's not willing.  Apparently asking a German to NOT drink beer when they are eating out is like asking them to give up being German.  Ugh.

-At the current rate of spending, we're already over our wedding budget.  FML. 

-Teaser photos are really a life saver.  For everyone involved... #familiesaredemanding #thesethingstaketime


  1. I don't think I'm a fan of cutting Manning's sentence either. Hubs & I were talking about this last night, and both agreed we are more sympathetic to Snowden than Manning.

    I don't *want* Trump to fail. But I believe he will (unless he randomly starts, ya know, listening to anyone who isn't blowing smoke up his ass). If anything, I feel like the musicians playing on the deck of the Titanic as it goes down. But hey- I called my representative for the first time this week so I'm trying.

    Standing desk FTW! Hope it helps :)

  2. yeah, i don't want trump to fail either, that meme is spot on. except the difference is, if i knew the pilot and knew what kind of person he was, i wouldn't get on the plane. i don't have that choice with him. good for you for doing the march, i wish there was something local i could do. your standing desk sounds so fancy! i sit too much fo sho. KC likes to drink beer when we eat out as well, and I like to eat dessert. I told KC I won't ask for dessert if he doesn't get a beer, and so far he keeps getting beer and i don't get dessert. rage. it just gets crazy expensive.

  3. Hell yeah to getting accepted as a broke ass blogger & for having your hashtag!

    I don't understand people wanting Trump to fail. I get people not liking him, but wanting him to fail? People need to grow up & get real.

  4. Sounds like your wedding planning is coming along smoothly. Congrats on the newest blogging engagement.

  5. I couldn't march but I damn well shared all the images and spread support and love where I could!

    Yay for getting a blogging gig!

    Also you always go over budget on these things just do the best you can!


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