Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday #96


Soooo.. I applied to be a wedding blogger at Broke Ass Brides.  I spent several days writing and editing my application letter, which I'm sure will charm the pants off of whoever reads it, but maybe not.  After telling you about my WeddingBee blogging secret, I went to WeddingBee's website and they aren't currently taking applications.  Well, their loss.  I'm going to blog about this wedding somewhere and even if it's just here, that's fine with me.  But I've been at this for a week and I've already got plenty of fodder.  Highlight reel: rants on Facebook and what they really mean, WTF why would anyone pay this much for that?, WTF who can read that?, why is there no contrast anywhere in the wedding industry?  Fuck all of this, let's elope!

I mean, just for starts.

Also, I'm afraid if I start talking about the wedding here I won't talk about anything else.  Then again, it already feels like that since planning has mostly consumed my life, so maybe I should just embrace it?  A few Gentle Readers have already confided in me that they are totally ok with me going on and on about the wedding, so there's that positive feedback.


Talking about money is the absolute worst.  Looking at spending thousands of dollars is equally the worst.  I hate money.  Why can't everything be free?

In addition to wedding dollas, our taxes have been coming in and they are annoying me.  I also have no recollection if I paid them or not.  I think I did, because responsible adulting was going on pre-German visitors, but who can be sure? 

My favorite adulting good time was yesterday when I came home to a door hanger on the door knob, of course, I got home after 5pm because I went to the gym with Roux's Humom and then Roux's Humom, Teh German, and I walked the beasts.  Apparently the card we use to pay one of the water oriented bills expired.  I thought it was all set up to go through a checking account draft, but that would be way too easy.  Of course, their offices close at 5.  So I go to the website to fix the issue.. and my username isn't recognized for a bill I know I pay every month.  WTF.  JUST TAKE MY DAMN MONEY!  So before fun activities commence today (we'll get there, hangggggg on), I get to go by the city office to straighten out that mess.  Fantastic.

ALSO, Teh German's car taxes for the Jetta came in and he is crazy about paying bills so I told him to pay it and they'd reimburse him after the registration is cancelled.  Then he got another bill in the mail for the same thing yesterday and was confused about it.  It was super confusing and I finally just pointed out that it isn't actually due until Feb 27th, so really he can calm his tits about it.  His titiths were calmed-ith. 


More about the fun activities.  Teh WJL is here!!!!  She came with a friend from South Africa who wanted to see Angel Oak while she was in the US.  Conveniently, Teh WJL knew someone that lived nearby AND would offer free lodging.  Seriously, Teh Ville deserves 5 stars on TripAdvisor.  We even have "comfort" dogs.

I planned (so much adulting) for our adventures by working on Monday so I can leave early today.  I'm thinking that we can go grab lunch and then go downtown and walk around the market and look at the old houses.  Then we can either go home or meet Teh German somewhere for an engagement celebration dinner.

So many things, so many choices.

Tomorrow we will chat with Teh German's Dad in the morning, finally return the Jetta to VW and get it out of our driveway, then probably get coffee at Metto since we'll be in Mount Pleasant, then probably lunch, thennnnn Angel Oak. 

I may have realized that there is a Stingrays home game today, so we will possibly hit that up for evening entertainment.  This is what happens when our schedule is empty.


You weren't the only one that was awkward when you were a kid.

#NiggerNavy was a typo that went hilarous.


Some things I'm grateful for this week:
  • Finally starting a bullet journal and realizing that really I just need a weekly planner with a page for notes along with the week.
  • Roux's Humom gave me a cheap wedding planner book and it's been perfect.
  • Blog ideas... all related to wedding crap.  Ok, mostly.
  • A quiet week at work to plan a wedding start off the new year.
  • Narrowing down options and keeping marriage as a priority over wedding.  Despite being completely consumed by choices.
  • Being able to order new shirts for Teh German so he can retire the same 5-7 shirts he's been wearing to work for the past year and a half.
  • All the support from friends and family about the wedding.
  • All the different suggestions from everyone about what to do for a wedding.
  • Saved blogs from a million years ago with awesome suggestions that I get to finally act on.
  • I love you mores and "real" kisses.
  • Listening to a reallllllly good audiobook.
  • Working out 3 days this week!  Gotta remake some habits!
  • Extra crazy dogs this week.  I'm blaming it on being Phil's "perfect" temperature.
  • Teh WJL being in Charleston!!!!  (I saved the best for last because I know she's reading this.)

Happy Weekend, Gentle Readers!


  1. I DID NOT KEEP UP WITH BLOGS OVER THE HOLIDAYS AND I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE FIRST SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Spending money truly is the worst. Woo hoo for Teh WJL being in town! Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. It is the worst. You see all the things but people want you to PAY for all the things and it gets exhausting! However if you pick a few things that you insist go right and let other things just be "ok" you might save a little sanity.

    I love wedding blog stuff so I am in the corner of write all about it!

  4. car taxes are insanely confusing. i still don't understand.
    oooh good audiobook? do tell.


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