Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Confessions {1/4}

-I am to the point in my life that going to the store for things is annoying.  So, we have a list and I have to have several items on the list or a high priority item on the list before I go.  Teh German on the other hand runs out of 1 thing that he knows we got from Lowe's and immediately runs out.  In his defense, he often is in the middle of a project/something when he runs out or needs said item, which is why he goes immediately.  Yet, I know that he gets a moderate amount of joy from going to Lowe's as often as he does.  #homeimprovementwoes

-In exciting and completely vein news, our engagement status update got 175 likes/reactions.  That is not including likes on the cIdad page or when I shared the cIdad post on my personal page.  Granted, most of those likes were repeat likes.  That is by FAR the most likes anything I've ever done has ever gotten.  When Teh German and I announced our relationship on FB we got 99 likes, so I was just aiming for 100.

-After being asked if the stones in my engagement ring were real diamonds, the girl (she told me she was 22 and now that I'm an old hag, she is a girl for more reasons than a number) wrote on the slip: "14k gold with clear stones."  When I repeated that the stones were real and at least a G/H quality, per the website, she responded, "Well, we write clear just in case they aren't real."  Uhhh?  I told you they were real diamonds.  Go look at them and check if you aren't so sure.  They might be small, but I'm certain they aren't fake.  #BitchIWillComeOverThisCounter #leftaYelpreview

-It took me over a week to finally break down and start my bullet journal.  When I did finally start it, I used the ultra classy notebook that I got from Tanger Outlets because the paper was heavy and it was hard covered.  And I figured if I messed it up, I could rip out the page, no loss.  Also, it was free.  That helped.  #startingisthehardest

-Speaking of starting things... I'm having a difficult time starting wedding planning.  It was suggested that we get a wedding planner and I'm actually entertaining the idea so that way someone else can stress about this stuff and I can just pay to make it someone else's problem.  Also, a wedding planner would mean having a day-of-coordinator, which I've been told several times is something couples wished they had for their own wedding.  #dothingsforme  #heresmydollas

-Yet, the idea of emailing coordinators for estimates is giving me heart palpitations.  I want someone to do it for me, but I feel like once I do this, it just starts the cascade of other events that will quickly spiral out of control and take over my life.  #shewasntready

-I finally uploaded all the Disney pictures to FB.  I included the engagement photos.  #supersneaky

-I broke one of my FB rules and tagged Teh German in a post so I could win tickets to this wedding show in Charleston in February.  It's the same one I went to with Teh Sister 2 years ago, but this time, it's applicable to my life.  Teh WJL already bought her ticket.  I might pair this weekend with some wedding dress try outs, which means that I should probably tell Teh Mom.  #allatonce

-This pretty much turned into engagement/wedding planning confessions.  Sorry.

-How about this for a true confession, but still wedding related:
When I first started blogging in 2011, I was partially motivated so I could have a blog archive in case, when the day came, I wanted to be a blogger for WeddingBee.  I've come to realize now that I probably won't have that many things to share that are unique, nor will our budget be so large that our wedding should be profiled.  That said, part of me still considers it... even if Miss Dalmatian was already used.

-Life is good and I don't really have many confessions this week and despite my brain being a constant stream of "you should plan a wedding" it's still a good quiet brain type of week.  #positivity


  1. I am so behind on blogging things that I completely missed that you're engaged!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  2. HOLY CRAP! How did I miss your big news? I swore I read through your posts after Miami but clearly I was doing that "I have too many blog posts to read so I'm skimming" thing - I'm sorry! AND CONGRATULATIONSSSS!

  3. Hire a planner. Hire everyone to do everything. Seriously. Wedding planning is SO FREAKING HARD. Also I wish I could have just thrown money at some things and walked away instead of stressing myself out so bad about it all.

    Also let me know if you are searching for any items in particular because since it isn't my wedding I am all too happy to help out in any way I can!

  4. HOW DID I MISS YOUR BIG NEWS AJHVBGSDFJHZDFBGLJHGZFDJHGFDJHFDJH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would go for a wedding planner. it was the most stressful time of my life and if i had to do it again - well, i wouldn't, but if i had to - i'd hire a planner.

  5. People who do not trust an answer to a question they JUST ASKED YOU drives me BONKERS. If you aren't going to believe me- DON'T ASK!

  6. Uhm. We wrote "clear stones" if they weren't a customer we knew or a piece of jewellery that we made, unless we tested it in front of the customer. That's pretty standard for the industry. I think her biggest mistake was the way she asked you and then her response to you why she was writing it. Then again, our business is closed, so maybe we are dumbasses too.
    My advice always to a bride-to-be is keep it focused on the two of you and your relationship. Not what others want. Not what others expect. What do you want, what will make you happy...that's the key. And, I've been a bridesmaid 13 times. I've seen the inside scoop of a lot of weddings.


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