Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Weekend Review {1/1}


I told one of my coworkers that I'd run our 0900 meeting for her, so I went into work for the morning.  After the 0900 meeting, I headed to the chiro for a much needed adjustment (as always) and then home.  We had a skype date planned with Teh German's mom to tell her about the engagement.  She was the last parent to find out and the person with the biggest lack of reaction..  After she was told though, it was time.

The Disney World recaps were scheduled to go live at 11.  That gave us an hour to tell her.  Our entire conversation was 30 minutes.  Mostly in German.  There was such a significant lack of reaction that I didn't even notice when Teh German actually told her that he proposed.  There was no shift in the tone of the conversation or any animation from either of them and since they were speaking German, I had kinda stopped paying attention since they speak too fast for me to struggle to understand.

While the social media announcement was going on, I was also doing some work and Teh German was cleaning all of our vehicles.  He power washed Yurtle, Baloo, Bagheera, and Suzi.  He even gave Yurtle a wipe down since power washing her only wasn't going to cut it, she was really dirty.  I spent most of Friday clearing notifications and happily saying thank you to all the well wishers on social media.

Teh German finally came inside right before it got dark, cleaning completed.  I had given up reading my book, opting to take a nap instead since Teh German had suggested going to a neighbor's house to watch the UFC fight.  I wasn't interested at all, but socializing and Teh German's peer pressure made me give in.  But I knew that a nap was the only thing that would keep me civil throughout the evening.

I made dinner since Teh German reminded me that we now need to start saving money (uggghh).  I made the engagement relationship status FB official right before dinner, so we had plenty of notifications throughout the night.  We watched some HIMYM and and then around 10, we headed over to the neighbor's house.

Yep, it's exactly what you're thinking.
If you don't get it, look closer.

Note: I've never ever watched a UFC fight on purpose.  I think that it's grotesque.  Now I have and I still think it's grotesque.

By the 3rd fight, I was ready to go home.  Nonetheless, I endured until the last fight and no one was more relieved that me to see that fight end in 45 seconds.  I didn't care about who won, so I didn't take part of the drinking/bet wagers.  When we finally went home around 1, it was straight to bed for this old lady.


NYE.  We slept in for as long as possible.  It was a lazy day because I had some reading to do and we didn't have plans until later in the evening for neighbors and some friends to come over for a Christmas tree burning/smores roasting fire.  Since we got up late, instead of having breakfast, we split a granola bar and opted to use one of the gift certificates we'd gotten at the Yelp holiday event and get lunch.  We had a skype date planned with Teh German's friends in Germany and we agreed to do it at noon and we'd go to lunch after.

I struggled to keep up with the conversation and ended up not paying attention to most of it when it was in German.  We did learn that they are going to try and come to the US for the wedding, which is extra good news for us.  After finding that out, I was set on trying to find a way to get Opa to the US for the wedding, which would save us from having to do 2 gatherings, one in the US and one in Germany.

I had wanted to ride the bikes to lunch, but we needed to stop by the grocery store to pick up beer for the gathering that night.  Poor Bagheera hasn't been ridden in so long and I haven't even gotten to wear my brand new helmet and I explained to Teh German that if our roles were reversed, he'd have been riding the bike everywhere... kinda like we were taking Baloo everywhere instead of ever getting to ride again.  Ugh.

We went to Ichiban for lunch since Teh German agreed that hibachi sounded good.  Our server, Kyle, was actually very good.  At some point, I've gotten so jaded with customer service and servers at restaurants, that I get blown away by great customer service.  This was one of those situations.  While we were on the way to the restaurant and after we'd just arrived, I discovered that transatlantic cruises are actually a thing, which means that Opa coming to the US is an even higher possibility now.  I passed off the information to Aunt P so she can talk it over with him when he returns from his current cruise.  If that does work out, then we will have to go with a date around the cruise time.  This piece of the puzzle will solve several issues: less budget constraints (having 1 ceremony is cheaper than 2) and when. 

After lunch, we headed to Publix, where Teh German proceeded to have a crisis about the gathering at our house later that night.  I had planned on a byob event with a fire and smores.. that was it.  Teh German decided not only that we needed more beer, but we also needed snacks.  3 bags of chips (ok I picked those), cheese, salami, grapes, pizza pockets, and $40 worth of beer later, we left the grocery store.  Ugh.  I didn't realize that he'd gathered $40 worth of beer when I said I'd pay.  #lifelessonlearned

When we got home, I wanted to be lazy.  Teh German had discovered an app for the receiver on Friday night that he wanted to run and rewire the tv/receiver/sub setup.  When Teh German does projects, I tend to disappear.

Here's why...  Not because I'm a bad person, in fact the opposite.  When Teh German has an audience, he tends to "put on a show".  For instance, if I'm sitting in the same room, there are lots of outbursts and groans and growls and cussing (which he doesn't usually do, I'm the sailor in the family).  I have this thing when people have frustration proclamations, I want to fix things.  So when he starts yelling, I start to make suggestions, which often aren't helpful, which then makes things MY fault, when they are not my fault at all.  So to avoid all that, I literally do.  I will go to another room and do whatever I want, which results in my peace of mind and his lack of performance unless he actually needs help.

I sat upstairs with Meri using me as a body pillow trying to make it through my nonfiction WW2 book.  It was putting me to sleep, so I took a nap.  This wasn't a bad thing since it was NYE and we'd prob be up pretty late, maybe. 

Around 6, Teh German came to me in crisis mode because we didn't have toothpicks for the cheese and salami.  My crisis aversion tactic wasn't good enough for him, but Roux's Humom had some that we were able to acquire for the evening.  With scorn, he walked to their house to fetch the toothpicks, while I put all the cheese and salami back in ziplock bags so it didn't dry out since no one was supposed to arrive until 8, which set off another crisis, wtf was I doing?!  Ugh.  I vacuumed the downstairs so at least one level was presentable.

At which point, I realized what the problem was.  I asked Teh German if he was hungry and he said no.  So.. I opened the bags of chips and put them in front of him.  He immediately started eating them.  NBD, but knew it.  Of course, he still wasn't hungry, so I warmed up some meatballs and put them in front of him for his dinner, since I knew he'd be picking at the cheese and salami and grapes and pizza bites when I finished preparing them.  After he'd eaten half, I was glad to see his mood was better.  Eventually, I put the cheese and salami back out, I cooked the pizza bites and at 15 till 8, Teh German announced he was going to take a shower.  This pissed me off because he'd had plenty of time, but he waited until 15 minutes before people arrived?  Bitch, please.  Additionally, I hadn't showered all day either and I was lookin' a hot mess.

I waited until he came downstairs and went upstairs and took a shower as well.  I could hear people downstairs when I got out of the shower, but I still took my time.  Dealing with Teh German was still putting me in a mood because he was in a mood for no reason other than we were having people over.  Of course, since people had arrived, Teh German was in a better mood.  /rolleyes.

We only had a few neighbors come over and because it was raining, we couldn't do the fire.  After one couple left, I decided that it wasn't drizzling enough for us to be inside and we should start the fire!  So Teh German, Mr. Golfer, Roux's Humom, and I sat outside in the slight drizzle and roasted smores.  Eventually, our neighbor came over, as well as another couple from down the street.  When the last couple arrived, they told us after the fire, we should migrate to another neighbor's house.  I texted that neighbor/host and I was reminded that her husband had a procedure done the day prior so he wasn't able to walk over.  With this knowledge, I told her that once we were done burning the tree, we'd head to their house.

We headed over around 10.  We doubled the size of the gathering.  At midnight, we counted down and I was happy to kiss my love for the 2nd year in a row.

I stole this from a Neighbor's FB page.

Despite being tired at 01, we didn't make it home until around 0300 and I was drunk and exhausted.  The guys had went outside for cigars and while they were all chatting, the ladies were inside chatting about weddings and planning and other various things.

When we got home, it was all I could do to brush my teeth before collapsing into bed.


We had agreed to brunch at 1030 with Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher and her sister.  It was a Christmas miracle that we dragged ourselves out of bed and made it at the same time they did (about 5 minutes late).  Teh German insisted on being as loud as possible and while I wasn't feeling horrible, my head was hurting and his noise was quite unpleasant.  And he wouldn't STFU AND he turned on music to "get going" since he was dragging.  I wanted to kill him.  Not with love.

We met at Triangle since Teh SC Teacher has a teacher-coworker who works at the restaurant as well and is a solid mimosa hookup.  Teh German was unaware when he agreed to a carafe that meant he was getting his own carafe of mimosa. 

What this meant was that I got to drive us home.  We finally left Triangle at 1:30.  We had been sat right away, so we'd been there for three hours.  We/I got some really good info from Teh SC Teacher about wedding planners and venues and wedding info sessions/social media pages, so it wasn't bad.  I feel over-saturated with info right now, but I know that it will all come in handy quite soon.

When we got home, I was hoping Teh German would take his drunk ass to bed, but it wasn't to be.  Instead, he wanted to sit on the couch (beside me, where I was sitting quietly (aka in silence) reading) and watch youtube videos on the TV.  I've never been more glad and disappointed that the tv wouldn't work properly.  While he tried to troubleshoot, putting on his performance since I was sitting on the couch, he wasn't successful and finally gave up and went upstairs.  At which point, I kindly reminded him that in 15 minutes Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom would be picking us up so we could go see the James Island lights.  He grunted at me and I smiled with grim satisfaction.

They arrived right on time and we jumped in the truck and headed out.  We picked up Mr. Golfer's mom on the way.  Since it wasn't quite dark when we were close, it was decided to go to Folly and have dinner at The Crab Shack.  While this normally would have been a good choice, there was a live band and it was obnoxiously loud.  We could barely hear each other speaking at a table inside.  The food was good though.

After dinner was consumed, we headed to the park for the lights.  It was way cool.  ANNNNDD since it was post-Christmas, the traffic wasn't absolutely horrendous.  WOOT.

When we got home, Teh German went straight to bed.  He'd actually fallen asleep on the way to Folly and again on the way home.  He was super hungover and our lack of sleep all weekend was definitely getting him down.  I wasn't quite ready for bed yet, so I spent some time reading (YAY the challenge has started) and then headed to bed.  I then fell down the pinterest wedding dress hole for another hour. 

So you see, what had happened was, I have an ex-fiance who told me that I was too excited after we got engaged.  So while I had discovered a dress that I absolutely loved, I refused to do anything wedding planning until he gave me the go ahead.  I was such an asshole that I even stacked the very large stack of wedding magazines on HIS side of the closet so he had to see them every day.  And then 5 months later we broke up.  #notsorry

I haven't forgotten that dress.  During my pinterest spiral, I rediscovered that dress, except that I can't find it on the David's Bridal website anymore, so I have a sneaking suspicion that the dress is no longer in production and my heart hurts.  Finally at 10:15, I called it quits and went to sleep.


Teh German had to work on Monday and while I was technically off work, I did work anyways.  I know that Teh WJL is coming to town at the end of the week, so this gives me some flexibility while she's here.  He had to be at work at 0500, so his alarm went off EXTRA early and extra loud and it made me very grumbly.  I did finally fall back asleep an hour or so later, ugh.  When Roux's Humom messaged me to push our gym date back 30 minutes, I wasn't in the least bit disappointed. 

After she'd waited for me in my driveway for 10 minutes, we headed to the gym at 0840.  Our city has a rec center and the gym is only $50 a year.  Sadly, this doesn't include classes, but that does include the machines, weights, and an indoor quarter mile track (and basketball courts which doesn't apply to me).  After our workout, we went back home and met again to walk the beasts.  It was a quick mile, but it was perfect for the dogs.

When I got home, I was cleaning up and was about to go upstairs for a shower when I started perusing social media and saw the post that sparked yesterday's blog post.  It's not too often I feel the inspiration to write something from the heart, so I had to act on it.  After the post was written, I skedaddled upstairs and showered.  When I was ready to face the public, I went out and ran my errands.  I needed to go by the jewelry store to get my ring sized and get another ring fixed, then I needed to pick up my dry cleaning and swing by Publix to get veggies for the week.

The jewelry store stop was by far the most adventurous.  It felt like it took forever, because it did.  I left offended, still in need of someone to fix a ring, and with a check.  Whatever.  It's done and my ring will fit better in 2 weeks when it comes back.... Yes, 2 weeks.  Stupid.

The dry cleaner and Publix were quick stops and when I got home, it was work productivity time.  I had seen an email come through on Friday afternoon after I had already signed off for the day, but I knew I wanted to get it accomplished before the official first day back at work.  Right as I finished up work, Teh German came home.

He decided to finish tackling the TV problem and I told him I wanted to run to Target to pick up a journal/planner.  I explained that I have been wanting to start a bullet journal to try and get my brain under control and I needed the planner/journal to do that.  He didn't want to come with me, which I expected and was fine with me, so I headed out. 

An hour later, I returned home with a planner that I didn't love and that I plan on returning to Target.  I went inside and started on dinner.  He was still working on the tv, but with me sitting there threatening the electronics, the system decided to get it's shit together and start working properly.  Whatever works.

Dinner was salads with sausage.  After dinner was cleaned up and lunch was prepared, we took to the couch to marathon some HIMYM.  We finally reached the episode where Barney proposed to Robin and I bawled because that is by far my favorite episode.  Teh German was shocked.  Honestly, watching it the first time, having no clue what is going on is was better than rewatching it.  I'm still torn between Robin saying yes (because duh) and walking away (because he lied and tricked her and made her look like a fool).  Also, another piece of who-the-mother-is puzzle fell into place for Teh German, which was cute when he got excited and let out the A-HA for the connection being made.

Around 9, we finally headed upstairs to bed.  I was smart and had done laundry throughout the day so I didn't have to fold it all right before we went to bed.  Adulting like a boss, right there.  I considered doing some wedding searches, but decided to give myself a break.  I know that constantly thinking about it is going to make me crazy, but I just want to figure out some details so then I can answer questions when people ask them, which makes me more crazy than spending time thinking about it all day long.

In exciting news, I asked Teh German while we were eating dinner if he would  take dance lesson and he said something about being too cool for that... and then I realized he had misheard me and thought I asked if he had ever taken dance lessons.  Once, we figured out our communication breakdown, he said that he would totally be willing to take dance lessons.  Hello perfect date night idea...  ANNNNNDDD the rec center has dance lessons starting in Feb.

Overall, another fantastic weekend, even if it didn't include a lot of sleep.

This week, Teh WJL is coming into town with a friend, but I predict this weekend will be laid back.  I will probably complete an audiobook because I'm loooving the first audiobook I selected for the challenge and I just want to listen to it all the day long.

Also, this happened and there was a wrinkle in the universe:

They NEVER share.


  1. I love the ring! That's super cute. Sorry about the dress. :( I haven't watched a single episode of HIMYM since it ended. I was so annoyed with the last couple of seasons & then the last episode really pissed me off, especially when it was brought to my attention that the entire series had been planned out by the end of the 2nd that I haven't watched since.

  2. Teh German and my hubby sound identical when it comes to being dramatic and huffing and puffing and sighing and swearing. And he teases me more around friends than when we're alone too which irritates me.

    Frankly I'm surprised you didn't have any drunken stories from your man at dinner. Given the lack of sleep and alcohol, I almost expected there to be a disaster and glad there wasn't.

    The stars and moon must've been aligned for Phil and Meri to share a bed. =)


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