Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Confessions {1/11}

-Guaranteed way to make me lose my mind: Show me something Disney that you own that I also own. For instance, Kristen posted a picture of her Mike Wazowski mug last week and I was giddy (almost embarrassingly so) about it and had to comment quick-fast-right-away-like because ya know.. #priorities

The complete collection

-I got some mad shit from Teh German because I went shopping and I bought 2 new pans from TJ Maxx when we're supposed to be saving money for the wedding when we could have just asked for new pots and pans..... There is truly nothing worse than money.  That said, the price of my pots ($70 for 2 because I do 99.95% of the cooking and I want these mofos to last) is the price he would pay for 42 beers, easily consumed within a month, assuming they are $10 6 packs (he's got high (local) standards).  OOORRR let's say we go out, then said beers are $7.50 each, an average for what he pays, which makes it 9.3 beers... Either way, I use those pots every single day AND this hopefully means more money for a honeymoon fund.  #beermath #bitchplease

-I've started carrying a purse again just because I'm now carrying 3 notebooks around with me all the time: regular planner/journal/keep my life in track book, wedding planner book, handy dandy wedding ideas notebook.  I'm sad and glad.  #baglady #handydandynotebook

-Teh German tightened the shower knob last night.  This isn't that big of a deal, but it is for someone who is used to having to do all the maintenance herself or do it myself instead of having someone else do it because they would have a tantrum if it wasn't super easy or didn't work exactly the way it was "supposed" to or do it myself after asking someone else several times... #thingsIdontmiss #foundakeeper

-I caught up on my feedly today.  #likeaboss

-Allison pointed out that saying "Girl ____" is stupid.  For instance, #girlboss.  No.  Just #boss, kthx.  I COMPLETELY AGREE.  Also, we're not girls, we're women, so if anything #WomanBoss please.  Or #LadyBoss.  Don't care, but I'm not a girl anymore (there's a story behind that one too).  I've tried to be cognizant more and more recently of myself saying certain things like "girl boss" or "black man" or "old person".  While they are just adjectives, if I'm using them to make a point, then I'm in the wrong.  Just because someone is a specific gender or color shouldn't matter (I can't say that applies as much with age).  I will hear myself telling a story about a shitty Charleston driver and I want to say, "This old Asian lady was on her phone, using 2 lanes."  Instead, I'm training myself to say, "This lady was on her phone, using 2 lanes."  Stereotyping is as strong as we make it.  Change has to start with me.  #wordsmatter

-Story behind the girl thing.  My band director in high school referred to everyone as boy or girl.  Very rarely did he call out a person's name.  This irked me to no end.  After enduring it my freshman year (I was new, maybe he didn't know my name) and my sophomore year (maybe he was confusing me with the other girls my age), when I started 11th grade (junior year), I would correct him anytime he called me "girl" by saying, "I have a name," or "Do you mean, Megan?"  While he probably saw this as extremely disrespectful, I found his behavior even more disrespectful.  The entire fall semester he continued to call me "girl."  Sometimes out of spite, sometimes out of habit.  Then, right before we left for Christmas break, I spoke with my counselor and removed band from my spring schedule.  I didn't like doing this, I loved band and spring semester was contest season, which was sooo much better than marching season, but I was over the disrespect.  A week later he saw me and asked why I wasn't in his class and I was honest with him, "I asked you repeatedly to call me by my name and told you that being called girl made me very angry.  I wasn't willing to deal with it anymore."  Of course, when we parted, he made sure to say, "Alright, Girl."  #overyourshit #standingupformybeliefs #donttalktomelikethat

-WOOT! You're reading a blog by a 2017 Yelp Elite member! AND I made it to the 100 club, which means I wrote over 100 reviews last year.  #likeaboss #yelpelite #coolkids

-Speaking of Yelp.  The bad review I left for the jeweler?  Worth it.  The owner contacted me.  She thanked me for pointing out deficiencies in the business and apologized for my experience.  She said that the sizing of my ring would be comped and that there would be a check for the difference of the gold I sold to them (vs selling it down the street).  Because she reached out to me, I updated my review to inform the community that she had made things right with me and that I'd be giving the business a 2nd chance.  #sorrynotsorry

-The next day, I got a call that my ring was ready for pick up.  When I picked it up, the check was attached as promised.  I didn't open it till I got to the car.  I was thinking a check for $20, no it was more than that and I'm still floored.  Teh German agreed that we might be looking for my wedding band there.  #secondchances

-I've only been wedding planning for about 2 weeks now and my goal is to decide on a venue, coordinator, and photographer by this Saturday.  #getshitdone

-We have a 5k scheduled for Saturday morning and if I didn't want the stupid medal so bad, we'd skip it to sleep in.  This week has drained me and proved that after work activities that require driving more than 15 minutes away from home is too much.  #routinesmakemyworldgoround

-Did you know you can send money though Google Wallet if your person doesn't have a paypal or a square cash account?  Yap.  2017 is magical.  #whocarriescashanymore

-Goals for today: Research 1 venue, 1 photographer, finish wedding post, do work.

-I'm not superstitious about Friday the 13th.. but I plan on making some big decision by then..


  1. I've had the same thoughts on girl/x. And I notice (especially when talking to my family...) how often adjectives are thrown in unnecessarily. I'm working on it it.

    Businesses that fix a mistake get a MUCH better review than businesses that don't have issues even.

  2. Thank you for including my post/thoughts and I also loved how you applied it to the weird unnecessary ways in which we describe people. I also felt ragey about that story you told about your teacher....UGH. One thousand UGHs.

  3. Heck yes beer math!

    Was your band teacher 12?? Who does that? Especially after being called out on it?

    I hope you're able to get that wedding stuff figured out by Saturday. Partly because less things to stress about for you, mostly because I'm nosy & want to know. #noshame #livingthroughotherpeople

  4. Okay, I know I shouldn't just pick one thing out of this whole post to discuss...but, thank you for sharing your "girl" story. Honestly, I've had the discussion with some friends of mine. I'm one that regularly uses the term "girl". I use it towards myself and others. I never think of it in any disrespectful way. A friend of mine who gets offended by the term because, like you said, she is a woman, suggested that I've been conditioned to just accept that "girl" is acceptable. I don't know. I've thought about it and thought about it and for some reason, it just doesn't bother me. Yet, because I know it bothers others, I've been trying not to use it. But, it's difficult to erase a term like that if it doesn't bother me. Ugh. I don't even know if I'm making any sense. But, I am thanking you because your story makes perfect sense to me, so when I can hear personal experiences, maybe that will help.

  5. I want ALL the MUGS!

    I was just thinking how I really am starting to hate the whole Girl_____thing. I am a boss my gender has both to do with it.

    That band teacher is an immature douche.

    You are hauling ass on wedding planning! I waffled around for months!


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