Friday, February 10, 2017

MegMo2017: Deets: Very Important Information

I know it was kind of a dick move what I did in my last wedding post.  I told you we had made decisions, but I didn't tell you what those decisions were.  Additionally, I was all sneaky sneaky about announcing the date.  #sorrynotsorry

Well, I'm finally going to tell you what the decisions were, because I'm a nice person.  Also, because I'm me, I'm going to tell you about the decision making process as well.  Along the way, I might even share some photos.  You are welcome, Gentle Readers.

Let's start off with the biggest thing, the theme: "We're on a budget."

I shit you not, that is our theme.  Our goal in that theme is to do things as efficiently as possible without looking cheap, but also without breaking the bank.  We've been asked a lot of questions about a lot of details and when Teh German looks at me, I look at the asker and say, "We're on a budget."  Chairs?  We're on a budget.  Flowers?  We're on a budget.  Favors?  We're on a budget.  Save the dates/invitations?  We're on a budget.  Venue?  We're on a budget.  Photography?  We're kinda on a budget.  Photobooth?  Taken care of.

We did pick out some colors though:
medium-to-dark blue, medium-to-dark green, and medium-to-dark purple.

We're obviously weddin' pros now.

The budget

Oh yeah, our budget is $10,000.

Before you have a heart attack (like we almost did), just think about how many times I went to Disney last year.  Yeah, all those dollars that went to Disney in 2016 are going towards wedding in 2017.  Plus that vacation we took to Germany in 2016?  More dollars allotted towards the 2017 wedding.  Additionally, things from 2016 that we saved for, we have achieved, so some of those dollars are also now able to be put towards the wedding fund.  We know we'll be sacrificing vacations for a huge party, but we've decided it's worth it.

The guest list

Our guest list is a very organic thing.  What started out as less than 70 people is now over 150.  But, we also realize that not everyone we invite will be able to come, that's the way it works and that is completely understandable.  The biggest factor in our guest list is if Germans would come all the way to America for our wedding.

We didn't straight out ask and assumed that we'd probably need to do an American and German celebration.  The official one in America (since it's easier), then a reception of sorts for the Germans that didn't attend the US event.  I was panicking about this because that sounded to me like $$$$$.

When we found out that Germans were willing to make the trip, I asked for a date range that worked best for them in the fall.  1- Summer in Charleston is the worst.  I don't even want to be in Charleston during the summer, there's no way I'd want guests to come and be miserable here as well.  2- If the Germans were willing to come to the US, I was willing to work with them on a date.  3- A date range from the Germans would eliminate soooo many possibilities!

Papa G told us that 10/27-11/3 would work best for them.  I could work with that.

The date


If you look at that picture closely, you will see that we are getting married on a Wednesday.  Weird, you say.  I know, right!?!  Back to the biggest thing, "We're on a budget."  I'm not sure if this applies in place that aren't Charleston, but here to get married on a weekend during October/November, it is often several hundred dollars to double the price of a Monday-Thursday event.  Sundays are usually slightly cheaper than a Saturday event, but not as low as the price of a M-Th event.  I'll break this down more in the venue post.

After getting the 3 big things sorted out, things really started falling into place and we were able to make decisions, which I promise I will tell you about soon.


  1. While it's a significant chunk of money, 10,000 seems totally reasonable for a wedding. My friend told me yesterday that their wedding will be like 20k+. Eff that noise. Venue rental alone was like 8500. Thanks but not thanks.

  2. I got married on a Wednesday! We were dealing with college schedules & block leave from the Army :) Yay, decisions!

  3. I think it's awesome that you're budgeting your wedding. Things can get out of hand quickly with how much more people want to charge for wedding things and there's no reason you can't have a nice wedding and still be able to eat! 11/1 sounds awesome! We got married on 11/10/12.

  4. I think getting married on a Wednesday is great! Allowing the German family members to give a date range was the best offer you could make in that situation. Well done, you.

  5. love your theme haha. yeah we invited like 300 but a lot of those were people in australia or around the US that couldn't come. and i think getting married on a wednesday is fine, if it works for you, that's what matters!

  6. We did ours for 10,000 and we had almost 300 guests so we did pretty good! Though to be fair our venue was my parents backyard. We picked a tent from an event place that they came and set up for the day of so we didn't have to spend a lot of money on a specific place. I'm so excited and there's nothing wrong with having a weekday wedding, it saves you so much money we really considered it but it just didn't work with everyone's schedule.


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