Monday, November 26, 2012

Why 4-day weekends should be longer...

 My motto for Monday was, "I have more to be thankful for... so I'ma need more days off."

I didn't want to get out of bed and go to work, I didn't want to be at work, I didn't want to put on my uniform, I didn't want to leave Phil.  But I did it, cause that's what adults do.

My weekend started on Wednesday night.  I don't recall what happened Wednesday night, so it might have been me sitting at home, surfing channels/trying to find something that wouldn't distract me from editing vacation photos, hanging out with Phil.

Thursday, the fun began.  Kody (the dog I was keeping) woke me up before 8.  He didn't understand sleeping in.  Although, he definitely understood taking naps.  Usually after going out in the cold and being fed.  PS, as much as I go on about Kody, he is a great dog.  He's a puppyhead through and through and his snuggles and kisses make up for all the abuse and things he's destroyed.  I edited photos while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (on CBS since the ABC lady was scary, although I learned that NBC is the channel to watch).  I chatted with Teh Bear for a while until it was time to get ready to head to Thanksgiving dinner at Teh Singing Cat Lady's in-laws.  I wasn't planning on doing anything for Thanksgiving, so I was very excited that I was invited to their dinner.  Everything was delicious, AND there was stuffing from the turkey's butt, which meant that Thanksgiving was complete!  After socializing for a while and agreeing to go Black Friday shopping with Teh Singing Cat Lady at 0600, we had pie and I had to head back to my house so I could take the dogs for a walk before it got too dark.

This getting dark early thing is for the birds, despite how much I love the dark, 6:30pm was such a better time for it to get dark.

After the dogs were walked, I did more photo editing and finally headed to bed, where I learned (via late night text messaging) that Teh Humanitarian had been home all day and hadn't went out of town as she had planned!  I roped her into going shopping with us in a mere 6ish hours and finally went to sleep.

Too few hours later, I woke up to Suzy (my cell phone) telling me it was time to get up.  Kody and Phil were both like, WTF, mate?  Phil didn't even move until I jingled his leash/collar to signal it was time to go business.  After the dogs were fed, it was time to meet Teh Singing Cat Lady, so we headed out.  We hit up JCPenny's, Belk's, and Target before Teh Singing Cat Lady started having belly issues and bailed on us.  Teh Humanitarian and I trekked on through Dick's Sporting Goods and Kohl's.  We came home for a break and I talked her into going to Waldorf with me to get Yurtle's (my car) oil changed.

After we got back, Teh Humanitarian and I each brought up a load of stuff (she was leaving here stuff here so Teh Coast Guardian wouldn't see any of his presents).  I went back down to get the remainder of the items we'd left in Yurtle and stopped to talk to Teh Flying Metal Mouth for less than 10 minutes.  When I came back upstairs, loaded down with 30 pounds of dog food on my shoulder and 15 pounds of Pyrex in my other hand, I was blocked by Teh Humanitarian who said to me, "I didn't know what to do since it wasn't Phil..."

She then allowed me to enter my apartment.  I looked around and didn't see anything that I was going to be upset about.  I set down the stuff and she led me into the spare room where all the items we had bought were.  Still in the Kohl's bag was the brand new dog bed that Phil was going to get for Christmas...  except it looked like this:

I wasn't even mad.  I actually took the photo while laughing and sent it to Kody's Mom.  Teh Humanitarian knew it was Kody since he finished his "project" and came up to her with green fuzz on his nose.. that and Phil had been standing beside her while she'd been talking on the phone getting pettin's.

When it was time to leave, we met my new downstairs neighbors on the way to the car and it turns out the husband works with Teh Coast Guardian.  We made it to Waldorf and dropped off Yurtle, then we crossed 8 lanes of traffic (probably not our brightest idea ever) to go shopping at TJ Maxx and grab a late lunch since neither of us had eaten on our shopping break.

We got lucky that the Kia service guy couldn't recreate the noise that Yurtle was making, so he picked us up in the shopping center we were at.  It's a very strange feeling to flag down someone driving your car.  After a 20 minute search for speed bumps in the closest residential area and shopping centers, I decided that the lack of speed bumps in Waldorf was probably a population control thing and gave up.  We found 2 speed bumps at a gas station and then some small speed bumps at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and still we couldn't recreate the noise.  On our way back into the dealership, we went over a speed bump and we all laughed since we'd been unable to find one.  The Service Guy said he didn't even know that speed bump was there which made it even funnier.  After dropping him off, we headed back to the shopping centers because we are hard-chargers.

First off, we refueled on canolis then hit up the Five Below store next door.  It was like we'd entered knick-knack heaven.  When we left, I checked my watch and realized it was 6pm and it was time to feed the beasts!  We headed back home and finally concluded the (successful) shopping day.

Saturday, I had thought was going to be a day where I'd sleep in and do mostly no moving to make up for Friday, except in that plan I had forgotten that I'd agreed to baby-sit for my LPO/boss while she moved.  She verified my arrival at noon while I was chatting with Teh Bear.  Finally, I got ready and drove 1 minute down the street to her, soon to be former, house.  I got to play with the baby while everyone was packing and moving stuff, but everyone agreed I had the hardest job.  :)

Right as I got in Yurtle to head over, this happened:
Teh Bear: Hey, serious question. Justin just called and told me that the Target near me still has Nook's in stock for $50...I need to know, should I get it or were you going to/already handled that?
Teh Megan: Tell justin to call me? :)
tB: lol (a minute later) alright you caught me, I TOTALLY called to see if they had any and they did
tM: Lol.. Go get it
tB: hahahah
tB: ok
tB: sorry if I 'ruined' your gift for me  
tB: I'll try and make up for it
tB: which pretty much means I'll have to REALLY work at your gift this year
tM: Lol, its ok  
tM: We'll see what happens.

After the last load had been delivered to the new location and brought inside, all the help went home.  Despite how tired I was, I ventured over to Teh Coast Guardian/Teh Humanitarian apartment to meet my new downstairs neighbors and hang out for a bit.  By 9pm, I was pooped and I could tell I was getting grouchy, so I came home and chatted with Teh Bear for a few minutes..  where I further learned that he hadn't called Target, he was there picking up some groceries and "wandered over" to the electronics section where he saw they were still in stock.  He actually came home to message me to find out if I had purchased a Nook for him (since I went Black Friday shopping) and then went back to Target (this is the same guy who hates having to go to a further store which is more than 2 minutes down the road) to pick up his very own Nook.

This "scenario" will never be lived down.  Mostly because he lied about it, twice to me, which I find pretty amusing.

Sunday held church in the morning, returns to Belk's and Target for an item I had purchased duplicates of as I found it cheaper and cheaper at the next store, then back home to skype with Teh Bear.  I snuck in a nap when Teh Bear had to leave, which was deeeeelightful.  I finally had to will myself to get up after 2 hours because I knew I'd never go to sleep that night if I didn't.  I also willed myself to take Phil out on a run.  We really slacked off last week since it was a holiday and before that was vacation and before that was "walking training."  We're trying to get back into it, but I can tell Phil isn't where he used to be.  Now, after a mile Phil is pulling me back where before vacation, he would go the full 2 miles without too much drag.

That evening, I got motivated and decided to cook dinner.  Chicken and salmon were easy to thaw from the freezer, so I invited the new downstairs neighbors and Teh Humanitarian/Teh Coast Guardian over for dinner.  They brought the sides and I provided the meat and dessert.  After dinner and dessert, Teh Humanitarian and I wrapped Cmas presents and everyone else socialized outside while smoking hookah.

Overall, it was a very successful 4-day weekend.  I wished there was more days to add to a 4-day weekend, so it would be an infinite-day weekend, that would be delightful!

I am continuing to work on editing photos.  It really is slow going since I've been so busy.  Ya'll remember back in the day when I didn't have so many friends and didn't do anything but sit around and play on the internetz and write blogs?  Yeah, those were the days.

One day I'll get the recaps complete.  YAY for this being my blog and I do what I wawnt!!!


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