Saturday, November 17, 2012

Liebster Award!

While I was on vacation, grateful for my limited internet, the real world keep going on.  I was still able to check my email and even scan the mobile version of Facebook, but I tried not to do it constantly, as I was with Teh Bear and I do enjoy his company quite a bit.  

One morning I woke up (we were in the mountain time zone, so 2 hours behind all my east coast homies) and there was so many emails!  Apparently, I had a few more comments on the scheduled blog than normal, one of which was Brittany @ Delightfully Award Brit leaving me a comment to tell me that she'd nominated me for the Liebster Award.  

What is a Liebster Award (don't worry I'm answering this for myself too)?
It's an award for small blogs (less than 200 followers (yep, definitely me)) that you enjoy.  Really, it's the blog community's way of acknowledging your blog is pretty cool and a way of spreading the word about other awesome blogs.

So lets get onto it.

My 11 Facts
1.  Our vacation was awesome.
2.  I miss Teh Bear already.
3.  Teh Phil has been rock climbing.... we'll get to that in vacation recaps.
4.  I love all things rainbow.
5.  I am an NC State Alumnae, this has significantly affected my wardrobe... especially recently.
6.  When the television is on, I can't get anything else accomplished.  My eyes must be glued to the TV, it's super annoying.
7.  Since I've had my own vehicle, I've had 7 different license plates.  2 of those are NC State plates.  1 was a GTMO plate.  1 was a Bahrain plate.
8.  After growing my hair from 8th grade to 12th grade, I cut all my hair off (as in pixie cut short) the day after I graduated high school.
9.  I am super happy that "Winter is coming" and that fall has definitely arrived in S.MD... and that Hurricane Sandy didn't blow away all the pretty yellow leaves.
10.  I was accepted by Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue to be a foster house for Greyhounds waiting to be adopted.  I'm suuuuuuuuper-duper excited, even though I haven't got a foster yet.
11.  I find it hilarious when Phil jumps up and gets excited when my phone rings.  

Brit's Questions:
1.  What are you listening to right now?
The sound of aircraft landing...  Oh, Pax River.... how I didn't miss thee.

2.  Cats or dogs- and why?
Dogs.  They love you better.  And my allergies are happier with dogs.

3.  Favorite season?

4.  If you could get paid to do anything- I mean, anything- for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Take/edit photos on my own time schedule.

5.  Why did you choose the blog name you did?
When I decided to start blogging again, I went through a 24 hour period of name brainstorming.  I asked people for suggestions and I didn't want it to be anything corny.  When I was talking to Teh Ginger I said, "Can I just decide another day?"  It stuck.  I didn't mean for it to, but we both agreed it definitely reflected well on my procrastination problem.  Teh Bear told me that I didn't have to pick a name within my own set deadline, but after I'd come up with cIdad? I wasn't easily swayed with any other names.

6.  What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
Probably the one that just ended.
1.  We did an obscene amount of travelling, it was a blast.
2.  The company was awesome (which is very helpful when you're doing a lot of driving).
3.  We got to experience a lot of "first-times" together, which made everything we did even more special (including our first time flying together, cheesy, I know).

7.  Is there anything special you are hoping to get for this upcoming Christmas?
My own Teh Bear for permanent?

8.  If you could only buy clothes from one store for the rest of your life, which store would it be?
Kohl's.  They cover all my needs.

9.  What's one item on your bucket list?
See the Grand Canyon Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

10.  What's your favorite color?
All of them.. It's very problematic sometimes.

11.  If you were a super hero, what special power would you want?
The ability to teleport.  I'd be able to snuggle with Teh Bear where ever he is AND still be able to work in MD.

My Nominations (in alphabetical order to keep it fair)

Ally @ Keeping it Trashy in the Bible Belt
Amanda @ A Whirlwind Life
Bree @ .simply.girly.
Cherry @ Crucial Crumbs
Cindy @ This and That
Kate @ Marsh Mellow Goodness
Katie @ Struggling Single Twenty-Something
Jen @ "Jen" e Sais Quoi
Phil @ Long Nose and Long Legs  (ok, so this one is tooting my own horn)

My Questions for Nominees
1.  What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up?
2.  What is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
3.  Why do you think your blog is awesome?
4.  How old were you when you got your first cell phone/personal mode of communication?
5.  Are you the oldest/youngest/middle/only kid?  List 3 pros and 3 cons.
6.  What is the best book you've ever read, in your whole life?
7.  How many places have you lived in?  Which state do you think would be the best to live in?
8.  What is your favorite holiday tradition (which ever holiday you have traditions for)?
9.  What is your favorite card game (52 card pick up doesn't count)?
10.  Name (at least) one way your parents scarred you growing up.
11.  Beach or mountains?

Thanks Brit for the nomination.  Can I put this on my resume when I get out of the Navy???  :)

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