Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reflections of a dutiful watchstander... #2

I'm on watch again.  Holding down the proverbial VX-1 "fort," making sure the fire department arrives with expeidence if anything catches on fire, and making sure that all calls are transfered to their proper destination...  WOOO. 

I've got 8 whole hours of this... let's get this party started!

-I hope this watch passes quickly.

-I really like when my duty driver goes out on a run and he can also pick up "supplies" for me.

-Why does one schedule the special duty driver to make a run if there is only one vehicle for the command currently, which means that if the van is gone, the regular duty driver doesn't have anything to do... except relieve me for lunch.... 

-I would totally have edited photos my entire watch if we were allowed to bring our laptops.  I'll probably write blogs in the meantime, in additions to my comments here.  Hooyah productivity.

-Holy crap.  A Ford F2/350 just drove by the hangar.  It was painted white.. but had camo trim.  To include camo print window covers and a runner stripe along the bottom of the truck..  I think some of these folks need to take the redneck down a few levels, seriously.

-You can really fit a lot into a seabag.  It's funny to see women my size (5'2") carry something that weighs almost as much as them. 

-Awww, CO, it's funny when you think I'm someone I'm not, then tell me that we look alike (the person he thought I was).. when in actuality, we don't.  She has strawberry blond hair, I have brown hair.  She has to wear her hair back becuase it's long, I don't.  I don't work with aircraft, she does...  At least we're both kinda psycho...  But, if I had been nominated to take a pie in the face, I would have eaten the whole pie.... 

-When the Skipper is a normal person and talks to me in a friendly way, it catches me off guard... always.  This is the same guy that almost put me to sleep when I had my scheduled meeting with him when I checked into VX-1.  Off.Guard.

-I'm spoiled by vacation.  Why do we have to work tomorrow?????  Ugh.. Why couldn't we have a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving.. I'd be SUPER thankful for that.

-Bing, why do you even exist?  You are the "wannabe" search engine that will never be Google.  Microsoft just needs to acknowledge this and start setting Google as the default search provider in Internet Exploder... or stop making Internet Exploder, that would be the best move.  That way NMCI would have to switch internet browsers.  I should be thanked for all these good ideas I have.

-Holy crap.. It's only been 2.5 hours.  This getting dark early crap throws me off.  UUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.  During the summer when it got dark, it meant there was only a few hours left.  This shit sucks.

-YAY Lunch break!
a.  Kody is a silly puppy.
b.  It's so much easier to manage food with 2 dogs with the crate being put into use.
c.  YAY for seeing the house with all the Cmas lights 3x tonight!! 
d.  To the person that keeps parking in MY spot every time I'm not home when you get home.  You're a douche.  Seriously.  Find your own spot.
e.  I seriously love 40-50°F.  It's my fave.
f.  Boo for missing Teh Bear on my break.

-Boo to coming back to duty.  Only 3.5 more hours to go!

-YAY for parking in unauthorized spots that are closer to the duty office and not having to walk in the dark to my car at midnight.

-I feel like the night won't be complete without at least one game of Bubbles.

-I'm still super excited for all the folks that made rank this time around.  I actually get excited every single time I see someone's name I know on the lists for advancement.  I always remember how excited Miss Reflective and I were about advancing and in the military, there are few things to get that excited about.  I feel proud to know several people that have deserved to be advanced for a while now and finally picked it up this time around (or last time, in a few people's cases). 

-I've had a rough time today and yesterday about not getting Junior Sailor of the Year/Quarter/Month.  I've been sad and at the same time, upset at myself for being petty..  Although, I am a Petty Officer, so I feel like some of that pettiness is validated (hehehe).  I was glad not to have to work today (since I'm on duty tonight) so I wouldn't have to listen to people apologize for me not getting the award.  It's been a back and forth day for me becuase I feel like I deserved it, but at the same time, the persons that won these awards also deserved it (via a subjective (imo) board).  It is what it is.  Maybe next time... And all that other encouraging crap.  I suggest we create an award for the "Black Shoe of the Year".. There's less than 10 of us total.  We can just pass the award around.  I mean there's an "Airman of the Year" and "Mechanic of the Year"...  I totally feel like "Black Shoe of the Year" is valid since we don't fall under either of those 2 awards.  I'm only half joking. 

For my non-military/Navy Gentle Readers..  "Black shoes" are those people that are NOT a part of the aviation community.  The aviation community (when they reach rank E7 and above) are allowed to wear brown shoes, which is a way they distinguish themselves from sea-faring sailors.  Aka, the aviation community is "special" and they want everyone to know by their shoe color....  Yep, totally went there.  :)

-I should be reading my "Game of Thrones" book.  Apparently, Teh Bear is almost finished with book #3 and I have book #4 and he's going to want to read it and he will give me shit for reading so slowly if I'm not done with it soon.  I'm about halfway through it, which I feel is pretty good considering how busy I've been.  Most of that was accomplished during plane rides.

-"Because when I arrive
I, I'll bring the fire.
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock"
Yeah, that just happened.  What?  That was totally my ring tone while I was at NMITC. 

-FB is boring me.  But I'm a blog writing FIEND.  I'm up to the Grand Canyon... wooo, halfway through blog writing.. Sadly, the end was way more busy than the beginning....

-2 more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ugh.

-15 minutes passes more slowly in the duty office than in my work office.  But I'm being so blog productive, I almost like it.

-1.5 more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The AC/heater in the duty office is annoying.  It's either too cold or too hot.  My fingers are getting cold.  Probably from all the typing I've done this evening.  We're back in Phoenix!

-Best idea for the duty office ever:  setting the moniter on 2 4" binders so I didn't have to look down at the screen all night, meaning my back doesn't hurt as bad as it used to during prior watches!

-Sometimes, when you try to help someone out and they make excuses not to do the work and then it bites them in the ass (big time) when they don't.. I get really happy.  Sorry you didn't get that job because you never got the clearance I was helping you get because you were "too busy" on DET to fill out the paperwork.. the same paperwork that someone else on that same DET completed.  Enjoy your civilian life, good buddy.  BAahahahahahahhaa.

-Yay for having completely filled out the logbook on my last watch.  That means that there's no more pages that need to be filled in by Miss OCD (me).

-I'm always very amused by the security folks who ride the bike with the basket in the front around the hangar.  I can't take you seriously on that bike.  It's like an adult tri-cycle.  Where is your self-respect?

-I'm pretty sure 40-50% of this watch has been spent waiting on Internet Exploder to switch between tabs.  What self-respecting network continues to use such a crappy browser?  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY NMCI!  MAN UP!

-Talking with Teh Bear makes watch pass quicker.  Although, him going to see Wreck-It-Ralph without me makes me sad.. especially since he was here A WEEK AGO... WTF, TEH BEAR?

-I turned the heat up.  It's warm again.  But I know if I open the window, I'll be chilly.  First world problems.

-It really is unfortunate that NMCI has blocked Google Chat.  That really makes my life difficult.  Assholes.

-I just remembered that this isn't Chrome so there's probably a mabillion spelling/grammar issues in this post.  Oh well!  NCMI Problems.... :(

-It's also annoying that because NMCI hasn't updated to the newest Internet Exploder browser, Blogger doesn't load correctly and I can't use the buttons to make links/attach photos/strike through words because they don't have keyboard shortcuts... Again, First World Problems AND NMCI problems.

-I could keep doing vacation recap blogs... or play Bubbles.  It's a very hard decision at this point, but I feel like blogging is a more effective use of my time... now that my fingers are no longer numb.

-30 more minutes!!!!

-I'm halfway through NC part 2!  OMG so much accomplished this evening!  WOOOO!!!  It really is unfortunate that I couldn't edit photos, cause that would mean so many blogs to publish/schedule!

-OMG OMG OMG 10 minutes (if I'm relieved on time)!!!


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