Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A real post.

We have arrived back in S. MD from vacation!  Yet, the vacation is not yet over.  Meaning, I'm really just checking in to let you know that I'm alive.

While I was away Brittany nominated me for the Liebster Award..... as in almost 2 weeks ago.  I haven't forgotten, I've just been ridiculously occupado!  I promise to get to it, seriously!

Recap of things that have went down since my last real post:

Denver (including some surprises I didn't see coming)
Driving through Arizona
Petrified Forest/Painted Desert
More driving through Arizona
Grand Canyon (including a delightful headache from being at too high of an altitude)
More driving through Arizona
Sedona/Red Rocks/Jerome
More driving through Arizona
Driving through North Carolina
Lunch with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover
Carolina Renaissance Festival (including that one time where Teh Bear got kissed by a Tortuga Twin)
More driving through North Carolina
Self-guided candlelit tour of the Biltmore Estate
More driving through North Carolina/Virginia/Maryland

All of the above things included the planned hand-holding that I warned you about.  Woo!

Now I'm going to enjoy a few more days of snuggles with Teh Bear and proving to my S.MD friends that he is real!

Proof we actually went to the Grand Canyon!
Teh Megan on the left
Teh Bear on the right


  1. Sounds like a great vacation! Can't wait to hear the details, enjoy the rest of your vacation :)


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