Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #23

The next two weeks holds lots of ridiculously fun activities so plan for some blogging silence (not that this hasn't become more a habit of late).  

Want a review (Good.):
Tonight:  Raleigh to spend the night with Teh Advising Sister (because she's awesome and is letting me stay the night tonight so I don't have to get up suppper early on Friday morning to get to the airport at 6am).
Friday-Sunday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, hanging out with our Denver Friends
Monday-Wednesday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, hiking the Grand Canyon, maybe finding other Arizona/Grand Caynon-y-ish/Painted Desert type things to do.
Thursday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, Arrive back in NC
Friday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, Reunite with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover!!!!
Saturday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, Carolina Renaissance Festival!!!!!!!
Sunday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear, Biltmore Candlelight Christmas house tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday-Thursday:  Holding hands with Teh Bear (really tight), back to S.MD to prove to all my MD friends that Teh Bear is real!
Friday:  No more holding hands with Teh Bear... /tear.  Back to work (because they'll have started to miss me by this point).


1. My favorite feeling in all the world is   feeling loved.  Like when Phil gives me stinky breath kisses or Teh Bear gives me random kisses.  

2. My favorite smell is   clean laundry or Teh Bear after a shower or when he wakes up (unless he's stinky, not then).  

3. My favorite taste is   white cake batter and/or chocolate of most kinds.  

4. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was   the first snow fall when I came back from overseas.  

5. The best sound ever is   silence while I'm trying to go to sleep.  

6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is   Bruitt aftershave/cologne.  (probably could write a "Ways my parents scarred me for life" on that one)

7. My favorite of all the senses is   smell.  I go CRAZY in stores like Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle and in every single laundry section I pass in the store.  

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