Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glossybox #1

So I was reading Bree's blog at Simply.Girly. and she is subscribed to Glossybox.  I'm not usually into beauty products, but I figured it was sample sizes, so why not?

For $19 a month, Glossybox sends me 5 beauty product samples.  They aren't teeny tiny samples either.  You can get several uses out of these sizes.

My first month receiving my Glossybox was Septempter (I signed up at the end of August).  Apparently, it's cheaper if you are Canadian (Bree is), but I sucked it up and paid 4 more dollars and I get the American version.

My first Glossybox has arrived!

It comes in a snazzy box.
I actually reused this super sweet box for my Reddit Teacher Exchange.


L to R:
Nail polish
some anti-aging stuffs
oil treatment for hair
lip gloss
foundation base

My reviews:
*oops, my bad if the names are wrong.  Some of these names are just reeeeediculous.

Illamasqua Nail polish:  Honestly, I haven't used it yet.  I rarely paint my fingernails because I'm too lazy to take it off and I'm not allowed to wear anything that isn't skintone based in uniform so it's really just a pain in the ass.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster:  I used this for a few nights while I was in FL visiting Teh Bear.  I couldn't really tell a difference in my skin.  I could prob use this sample for a month because it takes so little... and I was using it all over my face.  Not sure if that's what you're supposed to do.. but I'm not a beauty supply master.  /shrug.  It felt sticky while I was putting it on and until it dried completely, but Teh Bear didn't even comment on the smell or feel of my skin, so there weren't drastic results from applying/using it.

Matrix/Biolage Exquisite Oil:  I used this hair treatment and liked it.  It has the classic Biolage smell which I love so it was easy for me to like this.  I rubbed a few squirts on my roots before bed and when I woke up I showered so it wasn't too awkward that my hair was oily.  I got a compliment on my hair that day, but I think it was just the person trying to be nice.  My hair didn't look any different, in my opinion, but it felt bouncier.. if that is a valid description.

Ellis Faas lip gloss (color L209):  ..... .... 1.  I had to look up how to use the applicator online.  I couldn't figure out how to get the gloss out.  There was an obviously twisty part, but nothing was happening when I twisted... and I twisted for several minutes, several times.  I seriously thought I got a defective one.  2.  This color was something else.  It looked atrocious on me.  Also, after the excitement and newness and coolness of "elite" beauty products wore off, I realized the applicator could have been mistaken for a vibrator.... Teh Bear actually asked me if I had purchased a "special friend" for my visit when he saw it on the bathroom counter!

Touch in Sol Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base:  This stuff smelled pretty good, but it felt really goopy and kinda sticky going on my skin.  I put this on when we went out because it has SPF in it and we were going to be outside (at least for the first day when we went to Universal Studios).  Again, Teh Bear didn't comment on the smell or feel of my skin, so results from applying/using it weren't drastic.

Proof of the lip gloss color disaster:
I was only smiling because I finally got the stupid gloss to come out and hadn't seen how horrific the color actually was.
PS.  Please don't judge me from this photo.  It's scary.
The things I do for blogging!

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