Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glossybox #2

It's Bree's fault that I subscribed to Glossybox, so giving credit to her again this month when I got my 2nd Glossybox!!!

I was excited this month cause I got really big samples!  And a lipstick that I'll probably never use (other than testing the color to take the pic to show you), but it isn't a completely atrocious color, so this is progress!

L to R:
spa water
concealer?/foundation?/skin cream

My reviews:
*oops, my bad if I slaughtered any of the names of these items

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water: This is actually a makeup remover.  I used it to remove Mary Kay products (after our girl's night (which included facials) on the 6th) and it seemed to work well.  It kinda burned my eyes when I left the soaked cotton ball on my eyelashes to help get the mascara off, but it didn't really have a smell.  I don't often wear makeup, so this wasn't really useful to me.

Global Keratin Hair Taming System with Juvexin Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner:  I used this for several days in a row to see if anything awesome would happen.  My hair was a bit smoother, but the humidity was down that week, so maybe the weather had something to do with it?  The smell was something that wasn't unplesant, but not something I'd choose.  I've smelled something like this before, but I can't remember where/what it was.  My only issue with this product was that I had a migraine one evening so I went to bed early and I was apparently sweating very heavily in my sleep.  When I got up, my head smelled bad.  The worst part was that I hadn't planned on taking a shower because I was going out to help with the PRT.  I put half of my hair up and hoped that no one else could smell the same thing I was smelling.. or that no one got too close.  Not happy with this issue.  I'll stick with Herbal Essence's Tousle Me Softly..  it smells like candy.*

*quick story time:
So for our last PRT in April, I was doing the swim for my cardio portion and we were waiting on everyone to arrive and I kept smelling candy.  I was standing around with a bunch of dudes, so I was concerned that it was one of them.  Maybe someone had put on their wife's lotion or something?  I finally asked, "What smells like candy?"  No one else smelled it.  We did our situps and pushups and I kept smelling it.  I asked again later, still no one else could smell it.  I finally figured out what it was as I was getting ready to get in the pool to do my swim when I put on my swim cap and realized it was MY hair that smelled liked candy.  It even smelled like candy when I finished my swim.  Herbal Essence's..  YOU WIN.

Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream (No. 21):  Honestly, I haven't really tried this.  I put some on my hand and it seems like it would be a good color for my face if I used makeup.  It has sunscreen in it, which is always a plus.  On my hand it feels pretty oily though, so not sure if I'd like it if it was all over my face.  I can tell you Teh Bear would hate it because he would be able to feel it if he touched my face.  The instructions are all in Asian characters, so I just assume its either a foundation or concealer since it "lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties".  This did smell pretty good, I'll give it that.

Glossybox Lipstick (color: Glossy Pink):  I was excited to see a color that wasn't... last month's color, whatever you want to call that.  ICK!  Pink is do able.  It makes me look sassy or girly or something?  It was bearable and potentially wearable in public.

This is the face I make when I wear lipstick.  Or when I'm not wearing lipstick.
But this time, I was wearing lipstick.

4 more months of exciting products to try out!  Wee!

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  1. I finally stopped my birchbox, cause I just..wasnt a fan, but the glossybox has big samples! Big samples are muh better than crappy teeny useless ones.

    also, GO YOU for blogging, since I...have not.


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