Friday, July 24, 2020

Some Shit You Missed...

June Things

Ran a local 5k for a medal.
It wasn't virtual because it was a tiny race anyways.

Husband (finally) received his "graduation" present...
a new exhaust for Lars-Ludwig.

LOTS of motherfucking running in June for a challenge.
Hooray for accountability partners...
even if we burned ourselves out.

Bestie Visit!

Teh Bestie and Teh Chief Smartass came to visit and we played games and had Willie Jewell's and endured 6 dogs being chaos monsters.

Bread pudding + ice cream!

Treats for the beasties

Mexican Dominoes was a huge hit!

Teh Bestie has gotten into golf and I love her so much I endured 18 HOLES.  That said, I was Teh German's driver and IDK if you know that golf carts are all-terrain vehicles that are meant to be pedal to the medal at all times.. but now you do.  Did you also know that I have the special ability to make a golf cart skid?  I do.  Teh German grumbled about my golf course etiquette but he didn't get slung out a single time.

These ridiculously long dog toys are greyhound viral right now, so we made a trip all the way to Mt. Pleasant to pick up a wide selection for Teh Ville and for Teh Bestie to bring back to MD.

Fire + hot dogs + smores.

Holy City Brunch after Teh German made the mistake of showing me the menu.

Dog pics on principle.

Non Photo Things

I rage applied for A LOTTTTT of jobs at the end of May when I had had enough.  I had lunch with the Citadel Alum who liked my research presentation and an interview with his company for a Tech Writer position that I wasn't really interested in.  A few calls trickled in, a few interviews were scheduled/completed. A LOT of currently company work frustration continued on, I gave a coworker a nickname because of the way they act which everyone agreed with.  There were several days that work made me cry which is the fucking worst.  I kept applying for jobs.  Company recruiter put me in for some company jobs on a different contract and I even applied for different jobs at Company.


Riding Things

Tail of the Dragon Trip

Some of Teh German's Biker Gang (one of them he's in), decided to go on a weekend trip to ride the Tail of the Dragon, a super curvy road (311 curves in 8 miles? or something like that, IDK) in E.TN/W.NC.  We did not coordinate anything, only paid for our room of the AirBnB before we even saw where it was in proximity to where we were/where we were trying to be... and I'ma be honest.. if I had looked, we wouldn't have stayed there since it was almost an hour from the Tail, but lawd it was beautiful, even if it was out of the way.

The trip itself was good.  Teh German and I had some serious talk at the beginning of the drive, which was nice to clear the air of those topics and then we could focus on fun for the rest of the trip, which is exactly what we did.

Dat mountain sunset

I could definitely live with this being the way I start my mornings each day.

We only did one day of riding, but we rode for over 10 hours, so we were pleased with the trip.

Dog things

Head tilts while listening to the songs of our ancestors (wolves howling).

She learned this from Olive.

Pax is giving my computer the stink eye since he knew that work had me EXTREMELY upset.

Meri hates when Sandy does this.
Makes me laaauuuuggghhh

She wanted me to get out of the bed and play with her.

In non-photo dog things, Sandy has decided that she's too good for kibble and her hunger strike stressed me out for LOTS of days.  We've finally come to an agreement that she will eat raw since she also doesn't go for rice either.  A real princess. 

Non-Photo Things

Received 2 job offers.  One that paid a lot of money doing tech writer things, which isn't really what I want to do, nor was it a flexible position that included teleworking/etc, AND I was confident I'd 100% borked that interview so to even be offered the job was strange to me.  Then I spoke with the director and someone else I'd be working with and quickly realized they didn't want ME to work with them, they wanted SOMEONE to work with them... and I wasn't sad about passing on that one... especially after the lady tried to guilt trip me into accepting the job by saying they'd have to repost the job and have to go through the entire process again.  See: things that are not my fucking problem.  Also, how was I the only candidate?

I accepted another offer that did not have such good pay, but background checks have taken so long that I'm over waiting, but I realize this is the process for a govt job.  I'm trying to carry on with my current job without letting anyone know I've got my toe holding the door open and some days it is quite challenging.

Accepting the conditional offer spun me up into a dervish and I made a stressful situation worse by getting ahead of myself (because I didn't know better).  I was house hunting and getting pre-approved for a loan and realtors were calling and it was all too much.  The conversation that Teh German and I had on the way to TN was us deciding that until I have a start date, NOTHING is happening.  NO.THING.  It's hard because I want to plan and move forward and I literally cannot.

After I get a start date, then we will sell the house.  So ya know, if you're looking for a house in the Charleston metro area, I know a great place.  Well taken care of, technologically advanced, freshly painted in blue hues.  While the house is closing, we will pack up our shit into storage and relocate to live in Teh Chief Smartass/Teh Bestie's basement while we house hunt/close on a house.  

Just a shout out to Teh Chief Smartass and Teh Bestie for offering to take us in, there are good people out there, but then there are like really fucking awesomely good people, and I'm glad they are really fucking awesomely good people.  No way we'll ever be able to pay back this huge favor they are doing for us, but they will have another free dog sitter option!!

I was also referred to the hiring manager for several other jobs that I am waiting to hear back from, spoken with several recruiters for various positions, and have an interview scheduled with another agency at the end of the month.

Through all this Morgan Harper Nichols has keep me chugging along with, sometimes, extremely relevant daily emails.

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