Friday, July 31, 2020

Five on Friday #236

EINS - Random Shit

If your job posting is listed as "entry level" and requires a Bachelors degree + 3+ years of experience....


Based on my lack of motivation to do physical activity, it must be fat week.  Runs have been mostly out of the question, but I did roll my rolls out of bed to walk with Teh Bestie and walked the beasts, even if they only got short loops.

Teh German started running in the AM since the 9Rounds he was going to officially closed (which makes me sad for him, but I won't say I didn't get a small bit of satisfaction from the situation after how the owner fucked me over when I went to Germany last year).  Unfortunately, he's still getting up at his gym time instead of sleeping in a little.  Fortunately, the dogs have decided they are tired of our early wake up shit and don't even bother moving until the last person finally gets up and goes downstairs, IF THEN.  It's fabulous.

But you better believe that if no one is up by 0645, Meri will let you know.


After MUCH debate, I cut my hair.  Like A LOT of it.  As in, most of the blue/color is gone.  

Not only is a drastic change, butttttt it also means I get to go back to washing my hair daily.  I'm sad and glad, but mostly glad.


I bought a large container of blueberries recently.  Teh German pulled it out to have some.  He asked me if they needed to be washed, I said yes.  Then he started doing weird shit and I straight up called him out... 

M: Are you just going to pull out what you want and wash JUST that portion?
T gives me a confused face: What else would I do?
M: IDK, wash ALL of them?
T: I can't put them back in the container.
M: Yeah, because you should put them in a bowl...

WUT?  Why is this so hard?  It's like we've never had food that had to be washed before eating it in our house before.  Why not just wash it all at once so that way it's always ready to eat from here on?  Why does putting the washed fruit in another bowl not just come to mind immediately?  So much confusion.


So kind of on purpose and kind of out of ignorance, during an initial interview, I don't ask about salary.
Ignorance because for some positions, that all has to be worked out with HR.
On purpose because it gives me a reason to contact the interviewer later with a question (assuming they've told me to reach out with any questions I may have (which is standard)) and to pop back up on their radar.

I'm not like a professional, but I may have some tricks up my sleeve at making people notice me.


There are people on my FB feed that I refuse to hide because I live to hate on their posts.  It's petty, I know.  I know I should hide them and then I wouldn't see their garbage, but then I'd have to remember to go to their page to make fun of the shit they share and that's too much effort, so I have to leave it in my feed.


I hate when my blood sugar bottoms out, out of nowhere.  Like I'll be fine, fine, fine.  Ok, yes, it's almost lunch time, then it's 15 minute later and I'm shaky and unable to concentrate and yelling at everything.

Like, it's earlier than you ate yesterday, can you take it down a level, Body?


Despite changing my Amazon password, there is still a strange charge from Amazon Video that I did not make again this month.. and with some investigative work, I have determined that someone signed up for a Prime Video service that requires a subscription and I was paying for it.  /facepalm

Figured it out while I was on the phone with Chase to report the fraudulent activity.

Like, I'm glad I don't have to get a new card, but annoyed nonetheless.


I blow dried my hair this morning and I'm feeling super pretty.  NBD.  Sometimes the effort is worth it.


I accidentally went grocery shopping while I was hungry.. but now we have Swiss Cake Rolls and my heart ain't hurt about it.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Hairs did.
-KFC for lunch because when I called my fave mexican place to place my order, they didn't have lengua.  Fucking rude.
-Dog food

DREI - From My Phone Shit

You see how close that drip is to the edge of the plate.. that's HOW CLOSE it was to almost being ON MY BOOB.  Whew.

Willow was drunk this week.


The body pillow life chose me.

When you held a puppy but your Beast Army thinks you cheated on them and need to be cleansed of all sniffable scents.

This bed is causing a LOT of drama.
Sandy insists that it is HER and has a tantrum when others lay on it.
I'm about to move that thing back to the living room.
Hard knock life for everyone.

My bestest Monkey-Doodle.

Meri got eaten by the couch.

Moose insisted on being full body petted while he supervised my work.

Then, the next morning, he insisted on supervising my work again.

These bitches actin' like they weren't creating a ruckus outside the bathroom door because I had the door shut.  Look at Sandy's face, like, "HOW DARE YOU?"
Please also note how incredibly difficult it is to get a non-blurry photo of Meri when she isn't asleep.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

For real, this happens way more often than I care to admit.
The processing time is REAL.

This explains my last 2 years of schooling, LOOOOOL

Also, for me, this applies at work.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Both of my projects were in a week-long planning meeting.  It was glorious.
  2. Interview (even though I did hear something about 5-6 months for background checks, FML).
  3. An investigator accidentally calling me and as their penance I made them discuss the potential for how long until my clearance is adjudicated... and also gave them some helpful information to make their job easier.
  4. A new work friend who might be a good connection, we'll see.
  5. Demands from my Moose for attention and lovins.
  6. The arrival of medals, even if it means I need to do a half marathon now, so I can put my Divas medal on the rack.
  7. The return of hockey.
  8. Jeans.
  9. Potential for rain. Ok, some might call it a hurricane, but as someone posted on FB, a hurricane right now is the most normal 2020 thing of the year, so I'll take it.
  10. Not having to get a new credit card number... again.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -A FRIGGIN MEN. There is nothing "entry level" anymore, it's so annoying how the general job market is.
    -Cutting up and/or washing food before eating it is like the best thing ever...when I can be bothered to do it. But like Timo, it isn't natural for me, bahaha. Some of us need pushers.
    -I washed my hair and couldn't stop touching it...maybe it was the leave in conditioner, maybe I had just let it get super gross, but it felt so good. Sometimes simple things help so much.
    -Those last three pics...yup. All of it.


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