Friday, July 24, 2020

Five on Friday #235

EINS - Random Shit

There are 2 types of people.  Those who view their email in an individual view, where each email is it's own line, and those who view them as threads when they have the same subject line.  It is often VERY easy to see who uses which by who replies all and who doesn't.


Sooo, I'm not the queen of keeping work/personal life separate, but when a coworker posted this in our work chat,

"Not a good day.  My Dad would have been 90yo today.  He passed away last year on July 25th.  Sure do miss him terribly."

I was like, wuuuuttttt?  Of course, in another channel, I started shooting off messages like WTTTFFF??  This is NOT your therapist's couch.  There had been no other chatter that morning, so that was the ONLY message in chat as people started signing on.

This individual and I have had several interactions and almost none of them overwhelmingly positive.  I blame this on generational communication differences.  You see, they are an older person and I am less old.  As a Comm major, I do try to be receptive to different communication styles and this person's style feels very much like, "You are young, you are a woman, and you obviously need to be kept on top of to do your job."  Anddd wellllllllll, I do NOT do well with that.


Teh Ginger posted on FB (ages ago now) about how if you fly a Confederate flag, you are not supporting your heritage, you are supporting racism... and I 100% agree.

South Carolina flew a Confederate flag at the Statehouse from 1961 (put up for the Civil War Centennial and then left up the following year to PROTEST the Civil Rights Movement) until 2015, when it was taken down after the SC Emanuel AME shooting and moved to a museum.

If you're telling me that the Confederate flag doesn't support racism, you need to read some history books (like well researched ones, not the ones that you had to read aloud in middle school that were written by people who want to gloss over the nasty things (which is called whitewashing, look that up too)).


Being told the way we have been doing documentation for over a year and a half is probably going to be going away and we'll start using a new method which has been available all along that we refused to use because we had our own way is incredibly demoralizing.

Same for doing a job that isn't actually your job.


It's hard coming back to this space and deciding what to say and what not to say after saying nothing at all for so long.


Bestie: I've still been kinda looking at places for you...  
Me: Oh, I know you have.
Bestie: ...Hoping that nothing comes up too soon.


On MWF, Teh German and I work out.  Teh German goes to the gym and I do my run and then we meet back up at home.  On days when Teh German works (all days except when he is on unpaid COVID leave), I manage walking the beasts... But when Teh German is home, he walks with me on my rounds (plural because Big Booty Judy walks like a white-girl-wasted sorority sister who also had a hit of crack, so she has to be walked on her own, then I/we go with the other 2).

Big Booty Judy pooped while we were walking and I picked it up.  In our neighborhood, trash pick up is on Tuesday.  I feel that if your trashcan is still at the curb on Wednesday morning, it's fair game, so I tossed the bag of poop into an unsuspecting trash can, rather than waiting to get to a construction plot bin.

Teh German: Why would you do that?
Me: They should have brought their trash can in.  That's the way it works.


Sandra Dee decided that she's too good for kibble because she's an asshole.  I tried another type of kibble and it was still a no.  Then I tried cooked chicken and rice.  She ate the chicken and refused the rice.  Pax and Meri have enjoyed her rejections.  Then I was giving her cooked chicken + freeze dry raw patties from her SHUG Godmother.

Because I hate the smell of cooking meat, I finally just decided that Sandy will be going on a raw diet.  Fortunately, Teh Sister is all over that shit since she feeds her wiener army raw.  She mathed out the ounces of food that Sandy would need and now I just need to find the different types of meats she needs (muscle, bones, organs) and chop it all up (ugh) for her.

So now I'm that lady.  I'm trying to decide if I just want to move all the beasts to raw or not, but I'm just not sure.  Such a hugeeee commitment when they don't have any issues eating kibble.  So they probably won't move to raw because I'm lazy AF.  But everyone should know, I considered it.


I wore jeans yesterday without the intention of leaving my house.  Granted, I did leave to go out and hunt for Sandy food, buttttt I just felt BETTER which meant that leaving for any reason wasn't an impossible goal.

It took me a few weeks to get into a COVID groove with the teleworking/working out/showering/etc.  That sounds silly, but it's true.  When this all started, I'd get up and go downstairs and feed the dogs and never go back upstairs so I'd be in my PJs all day lookin' dumpy without even brushing my teeth and I felt gross.  Did not like.

So I switched it up.  Each day, I insisted on brushing my teeth and putting on non-pj clothes before starting work.  Dress for success or whatever.  Really it was just "when you wear a bra you don't get such horrible under boob sweat, so just do it, ok?"  

Then I started MWF run days with my accountability partners (Teh Bestie and Teh Running Advisor) and those days became hair wash days.  Also, I don't leave my house without brushing my teeth, nor do I appreciate funk breath while I'm huffing and puffing, so I always brush my teeth before a run.  That meant on T/Th, getting up and brushing teeth and showering or not and then going downstairs for work.

All that time though, unless I was leaving the house, or sometimes even if I was leaving the house, I'd put on stretchy waist pants, be that pj pants or gym pants, and a t-shirt.  Within the last week or so, the culmination of that blah feeling had crescendo-ed to the point of lethargy and depression.  Not to say my clothes were making me depressed, but the appeal of putting on stretchy pants had diminished over the last few weeks. Wearing stretchy pants is comfortable, but at the same time I judged myself over it.  Harshly.  For no real reason.  

Just like the day I wore my interview dress for the entire day, I felt BETTER wearing jeans.  I felt like leaving the house wasn't such a monumental event... it wasn't as hard as it was in days prior wearing stretchy pants. 

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Food scale for #SandyProblems
-Sandy food, ugh.
-Burger King for lunch, because if I leave the house, that's what I do, pick up food.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I have repaired the bunny 2x now.
Once more and bunny goes to heaven.


Melted dogs are melty.

Solar charging and grazing....

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. The children hanging out (aka napping) in the office with me during the work day.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  I never mind unless there is licking.
  2. Sandy being still while I cut out her mats.  I'm not really sure how they got there, but they were in sensitive places that I knew she wouldn't tolerate detangling, so I just cut them out.  Goes well with the massive shaved zone on her back... Siiiigh.
  3. Light work load.  I focused on tolerating stupidity this week instead of trying to do it all.
  4. Scheduling a head/scalp add-on to my massage.
  5. Jeans.  Whoda thunk?
  6. Accepting that it may be the end of August before I hear anything about final offer.
  7. Teh German applying for jobs.
  8. Rain.
  9. Afternoon naps.
  10. Sandy playtime where she does her wobbly zoomies in the loft and sticks her entire head in the toy box in search of the perfect toy.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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