Monday, August 3, 2020

Weekend Review {8/3}


No run in the AM, but I did take the dogs on their loops.  #FatWeekWoes.
Then work.
Then Friday afternoon looked like this:

Teh German and I went to Sesame for dinner and I was NOT impressed at their lack of social distancing for the seating area.  I mean, I could have put my arm out to the side and touched someone.  Did not like.  After dinner we came home and watched Community until bedtime.


Teh German went to Cars and Coffee and I gamed  It was awesome and miserable at the same time.  Teh German picked up Cuban Gypsy Cafe for linner (late lunch/early dinner) and it was so delicious.  We'll definitely be going back there.

In an unfortunate, but not necessarily unexpected, turn of events, the fan in my laptop starting making a HORRIBLE RACKET and so it will need to go to Best Buy for attention.  I'm figuring at this point, I'll just cash in on the warranty and get a new laptop and start fresh.  This will suck for 2 reasons, 1- available selection may mean being out of commission for a few days, 2- I will lose all the awesome stickers on the lid. /sob

But the reality is...
I spilled coffee on the keyboard 3 weeks before the end of the semester.  Oops.  Coffee with LOTS of sugar and creamer.  This hasn't really affected anything, except sometimes the keys stick now.  For obvious reasons.
The screen has had some scratches on it since Feb.
And now this fan racket.

I actually made an appointment to drop it off on Sunday, but then cancelled it after realizing that there were currently no laptops on sale.  Assuming I cash in the warranty, I'd like to find something on sale if I can. Then I realized that tax-free weekend is coming, so I pushed the appointment back by a week so even if nothing is on sale, I can at least get tax free if I replace it.  #MeganProblems

Teh German napped on the couch for a bit and I finally stopped gaming and we watched Community until bed.  #LazyDayGoalsAccomplished


Sunday was our 5 year dateaversary (the anniversary of our first date), so we celebrated like we always do.  Lunch at Home Team then a motorcycle ride.  Teh German thought were going to drive there (because I'm a princess and do not like to ride when it's hot AF outside, and since we live in the 7th Realm of Hell, that was a safe assumption) but I educated him to the fact that we were riding because that's what we do on our Dateaversary.

Like a newb, I forgot to bring a mask, so I had to be awkward AF and just wear my helmet as we walked to our table.  I forgot because my masks are in my car and I would have remembered to grab one if we hadn't rode, but oh well.  Lunch was delicious and then we agreed to go the long way home to get in some riding time.  Honestly, it wasn't as miserable as my brain told me it would be, but I think that's because we were moving 95% of the time.  It was when we were stopped that the heat was unbearable.

Shortly after we arrived home, I received a message from Teh PT Wife saying she heard us come home and invited us over for pool time.  We changed into bathing suits and headed over.  After several hours of floating around and getting sunburned and Teh German getting into the pool for the first time, I suggested Teh PT Husband/Wife come over for dinner and we play Anxiety Attack since I hadn't gotten to play the new game yet.

After our game, Teh PT Fam left and Teh German and I plopped in front of the couch for more Community until bedtime.


Solid weekend.  We're expecting some rain this week as the tropical storm blows through.  I'm glad it's not a hurricane so people don't get all spun up, I just can't handle something that is NORMAL having sooo much focus on it that angst is created.  Hate, hate, hate. 

This morning Teh German and I did a no-equipment crossfit workout in the garage and it was so humid/hot that I was getting dizzy, so that's fun.  Then after I survived 20 minutes of that, I walked the beasts for their 2 miles and showered.  Please kill me now.  Today is laundry day, to include the dog bed covers and tomorrow is dog bath day.  For real, put me out of my misery now.

This week is quiet and this weekend Matilda will be coming to visit and potentially pick up a dog from a local rescue.  I'll be taking my laptop to Best Buy.  Much joy to be had by all.

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  1. -I now have masks for me+Babycakes+Hubs in my car and purse, haha. Because otherwise I would just forget. It's so funny now to see them in everyone's car/purse/etc.
    -Kind of waiting on the call for daycare to be out tomorrow, but hey, at least I'm already approved to telework ;) Just need the internet to keep working so she can ABC Mouse & Disney+ it all day.
    -My workout group meets outside, and during summer I just straight up refuse to do anything like burpees that moves up & down quickly. I will immediately get dizzy and I'd rather modify than pass out.


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