Friday, August 28, 2020

Five on Friday #239

EINS - Random Shit

I ordered a 24 pack of Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes in cookies and cream and wild berry flavors.  I knew that the cookies and cream was delicious, so I wasn't worried about that.. but I hadn't ever tried the wild berry version... and I have now.. and I have regrets about buying 24 of them...

They are way too sweet... and that's coming from me, so that's HUGE.


I'm a HUGE fan of some foods as leftovers because when they settle they are even better... This week's awesome leftovers were:
-baked (like actually baked in the oven wrapped in tinfoil after being coated in bacon grease and salt) potatoes topped with bbq (thanks to Teh PT Husband).
-beef stroganoff


I purposely didn't bathe the dogs this week because I won't be here for several days to enjoy clean dogs.  I am not sorry. /shrug 

But for real, my hands stink SO BAD after petting Sandy, especially around her ears/face because of when she licks whatever she's laying on, then lays on it.   She really needs a bath the most.  And the other dogs are starting to be smelly because they also lay on her licked spots.. UGH.  So next week's goal: bathe all dogs and dog beds and bed covers, UGGGHHHH.. it's the worst.  Just trust me.


On Wednesday, I finally tossed my hand-dandy notebook I've been using since 100% teleworking became a thing.  From work to-do's, to interview notes, to personal to-do lists, it was all there.  It was a notebook I hated (for several reasons) that I got while I was in GTMO, so I was trying to use it up.  There were 3 blank pages left and I finally decided that was enough.

And then a few hours later, I had to go fetch it out of the trashcan to reference an interview I'd done.
Because, of course.


I had to go fetch the notebook because I was offered a job with DISA and I couldn't remember the specifics of the job.  The job would have paid a LOT more than the DOJ job, but it wouldn't have been technical (like I want).  It was located in Ft Meade, so still would have required moving.  It would have combined my intel experience + computer science things, but not in the ways I really wanted.  The interviewers had seemed liked they wouldn't be so bad to work for, but I just wasn't sold...

And so, I turned it down on Thursday morning, after discussing it with Teh German and sleeping on it.




This was a satisfactory burn.
+dog walks.

Wednesday: (holy fuck)

Look, if you're a normal person that doesn't shit talk the leaders of video workouts, good on you.. I am not that person.  Once I get tired, the shit talking starts and I'm pretty confident that pissed off Teh German.. but well, I'm fucking miserable and I'm not hurting anyone with my shit talking, soooo I shall continue to do so.

We were both dripping after this workout.  It was BRUTAL.  Also, my shoulders were sore before the end of the day and the chiro couldn't get my neck/back to pop like normal because of the abuse.
+dog walks.

Friday: (why is it so fucking hot at 0530?  To the point that it is difficult to breathe.)

+dog walks.


For no reason other than to challenge my own domestic skills, I sometimes repair dog toys.  This involves a needle and "thread" (I use dental floss instead of actual thread since dental floss is stronger than thread and is technically "safe" to eat).

This session, I "fixed" the rocket pop and amputated a bunny leg.


My laptop has been sitting at the Geek Squad Service Center since the 20th and ZERO diagnoses have been made.  I'm trying to be cool about it, but I am not cool.  I need to know if I'm replacing it or it's getting repaired, how fucking hard is this?  This wouldn't even be an issue if the box had been sent to me in May when I originally requested one.

I've been satisfied enough with the Best Buy warranty up to this point, despite the pain of last summer and having to send the laptop back 3 times for all repairs to be correctly completed... but this is horrible and I don't understand blaming this situation on COVID.

I dropped it off on the Aug 8th.  It arrived on Aug 20th.

FUCKING LOOK AT IT so I can move on with my life.


I'm gonna be honest, I was rather disappointed that my PM (aka boss) didn't come to my going away gathering.  Not sure if he's social distancing or what, but either way, I was disappointed.  I did appreciate the few people that did make the effort to come out though.

And I got my motherfuckin' fried Oreos!  I ordered them as soon as I got there and ate them before everyone had even arrived because #NoFucksGiven.


My WoW subscription is on a monthly renewal plan and it was set to renew tonight at 8:48pm.  I just cancelled it as I've been playing less and less since I don't have a laptop to play on AND I'm about to go out of town without a laptop and won't be playing anyways.  Also, I have no idea what the new job holds, so I figured I'd cut the string.  It was good summer/end of school entertainment while it lasted, but I was already getting bored, so it's better to cut the string now than sinking even more time into it.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Awkward Yeti sticker pack... I told myself no, but I've done this multiple times and I figured I'd finally just bite the damn bullet... after I found a coupon code that actually worked.
-Desk decoration to self-celebrate new job.
-Toothbrush heads
-Razor heads
-Stuff for the cleaner (magic erasers, swiffer dusters)

There were actual fraudulent charges on my credit card that I noticed when I was making this list... so I had to call Chase and report it.  So annoyed.  I hate people who do this shit.  It grieves me in my soul that people just STEAL.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I should really just rename this section: pictures of my dogs.  /shrug

Monkey-Doodle naps warm my wine chilling heart.

Check out Pax's thicc ass thunder thighs.

Pax sleeping, a series:

When you go to get leftovers and there's only 2 bites in the bowl.... /rage.

Company Disney Trivia + accessories.
PS.  For wearing multiple sets of ears, the ideal number to wear at once is 3. 
4 creates slippage chaos.
Trust a professional on this matter.
It's me.  I'm the professional.

Friday office situation.

Lawdy this Doodlebug melts my heart when she does this...
and so many other things.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Teh Bestie highly recommends this video: Celebrating 100 Years of Women Equality.  It's an hour and a half long, and I will be listening to it on my drive up to MD tomorrow, but I trust her, so I'm putting it here for you.

The other day on Amazon, I was clicking around and there was a strange merman ornament listed as a suggested item I might be interested in.  Do I know why?  Absolutely not.  Did I click on it?  Yes, because I was confused why a merman was wearing a belt.  So I'm checking out this ornament and in the "people also purchased" section was MORE mermen, aptly named "Pet The Puss" and "Flaming Oh!".

I could not help myself.  I just kept clicking.  I clicked on the company name: December Diamonds and was taken to SEVEN(ish) PAGES of mermen, fairies, mermaids, and other etc ornaments/figurines + some ads thrown in.  I think what really got me was the names of the figurines/ornaments.

Some of my favorites, in no particular order:

I'm going to assume "Cock Daddy" was not allowed.

You are welcome, Gentle Readers, you are fucking welcome.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 more days.
  2. Another job offer... even if I ultimately turned it down.
  3. Lint balls from jean strings.
  4. Motherfuckin' sexy mermen hilarity.
  5. Going away gathering.
  7. Teh German accepting a MD job offer this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My phone being filled with cute dogs photos.  #NotSorry
  9. Counting down to #Megney time!!!!!  (that would be Teh Megan + Teh Bestie).
  10. People being excited for us.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Props to you for working out, even while you shit talk. That being said, Hubs is a shit talker and it is part of the reason we don't work out together much. The last thing I need when I'm miserable is to hear someone else be miserable. *shrug*
    -OMG yay for "fixing" dog toys. I do this Babycake's stuffed animals sometimes, I am terrible sewer who knows the literally basics and can't even do those well...but she thinks it's magic. So glad I'm not alone in this lol.
    -Thank you for the mermaids...I don't understand...but appreciate the chance to see them. Wow.
    -YAY Teh German's new job!!!!


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