Friday, August 21, 2020

Five on Friday #238

EINS - Random Shit

Every day is a new day.. Which means that each morning when I wake up for work, I tell myself,
"10 days."
"9 days."
"8 days."
"7 days."
and so forth.


Workout things.


5 supermans (face down)
10 situps
5 hollow hold (face up)
10 crisscross (L+R=2)
10 heel taps (L+R=2)
+ 3 mile run + .5 mile loop with Sandy + 1 mile loop with Pax and Meri


I wanted to add in more running because these WODs are not enough cardio for my dessert loving ass... Sooo I've integrated more to make it slightly more difficult, which both Teh German and I kinda love-hate.  If we aren't feeling it on a particular day, workouts can be scaled for ease, that's the best thing about garage workouts.. no Buff Billys making you feel inferior.  Just two sweaty foodies in the garage moving around awkwardly.

Monday is generally an overall body day.
Wednesday is generally focused on core workouts.
Friday is generally heavy on the run with some random activities.

Let me just say that Wednesday Megan planned Friday's workout and Friday Megan hates Wednesday Megan.. Like, I'm here for a challenge, but in addition to "hard mode" workout, it was also 9492942% humidity so I couldn't BREATHE which made everything rather miserable.. and then it started drizzling which didn't actually cool anything down, so then I was dripping MORE and couldn't breathe.. in general, it was miserable and I didn't die, but I almost quit more than once.  Also, I still fucking hate jump rope things.  I ended up subbing jumping backs for the double unders because whipping myself with a jump rope takes me from "yeah, let's do this" to "I WILL FUCKING HULKSMASH ALL THINGS" in a second.


I googled myself this week to see what came up (as I do a few time a year just to make sure I'm not overly stalkable)..
-Citadel commencement thingy (which I hope will ultimately come down since it's associated with my photo and full fucking name).
-Race results from various races (why does Google crawl that? eww, go away).
-The DVIDS video from GTMO (that will never go away).


I cleaned out my desk this week.  It was bittersweet.  Also, I have a lot of shit.

I'll turn in my laptop and key on my last day, but at least this is taken care of.

I will admit, I didn't change the joke on the whiteboard.  I debated it, but ultimately didn't.  Not sure why.


While cleaning out my desk, I found these bad boys.  Oh yeah, that's the 4 parking tickets from my first month at The Citadel because no parking map or clear explanation was provided and then one from a few years later when I couldn't find parking and didn't want to park a millionty miles away since I was already late for class and risked it.  The ticket was issued 5 minutes before I returned to my car.

But guess what.. I didn't pay ANY of these fines because .. well.. I didn't.. and they never came to me with a bill prior to graduation, so guess what, Citadel security...  You suck.


I know it's super first world-y, but I ran out of wet wipes in the bathroom and I was legitimately sad.  I only bought them because the TP shortage and now I can't live without them.


I've been doing very good at brushing Sandy daily to every other day and it just makes her look soooo pretty.  She hates, so I've been dispensing chicken hearts as an after-treat, so hopefully that makes up for it.. But she gets such bad tingle-tangles and mats, so it HAS to be done.

Also, if she'd stop licking everything and then laying on the wet spots 3 things would happen: 1- she'd smell less bad, 2- she'd get less mats, 3- I'd be less annoyed at her constant glopping noises.


I started shopping for a barbell to use for garage workouts.. and then I remembered that I'm 99% sure thrusters with an unloaded barbell is how I ended up needing hip surgery in 2017 and closed out all those tabs.

#MoneySaved (in so many ways)

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Dog food
-Dog treats
-Swim trunks/underwear for Teh German
-Azul for lunch since I was in Park Circle.
-Bojangles, it is what it is.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Me: Let's take a selfie.
Pax: Let's fucking not.

Me: Let's take a selfie, PAXXXXX.
Pax: Ugh, fine, but I hate you.

This is my circus and these are my monkeys.

Sandy SAT on Pax to get this spot....

And this was where she ultimately ended up.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Quittin' something that was making me supremely unhappy.  I mean my job, just to be clear.
  2. Solid workout programming (by me, kthx).
  3. Getting my VA appointments rescheduled... rescheduled from like February and before that September 2019... Whoops.  In my defense, they got SUPER pissed at me for going to the VA Clinic with the flu (or maybe it was COVID, no one knows! wee!).
  4. "What are they gonna do, fire me?" on motherfuckin' reeeeppppeeeaaaatttt.  
  5. Paximoose coming behind the control center (my desk) for lovins multiple times this week.
  6. Brushing the Floofernoodle consistently and cutting out her mats when necessary.  We both know it's a necessary evil.
  7. Rainy days that mean nap days.
  8. Taking care of business during my first DSU since I don't get called on and just sitting on the call while I'm not even in the room. /shrug
  9. Teh German getting an interview with an MD company.
  10. Yakitori on Saturday!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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