Monday, August 17, 2020

Weekend Review {8/17}


Workout, dog walks, shower, breakfast, massage, nap time.  That's what PTO Fridays look like.. and that's how I rolled.

Post-massage nap?
Yes, please, thank you.

So I felt like an asshole after the fact, but someone called me from an 828 area code and I didn't know who it was, so I let Google screen the call.  I was napping, so I said I'd call back, but I laughed at this way more than I should have.  Also, please note, that my Granny has switched phone numbers several times and not given me her new number(s), so I do NOT feel bad not recognizing that it was her.  Generally, unknown NC numbers that call me are spam.

I did eventually get up and do productive things like the laundry and installing WoW on Teh German's laptop since my 2011 laptop was just not reliable enough.

Dat bendy snoots. <3

Teh German came home at 1:30 and showered and packed and at 2, he and Teh PT Husband loaded up and headed to Asheville for bro beers weekend.  I play WoW until it was time to feed the dogs and make myself presentable for semi-fancy dinner at 5Church with Teh PT Wife and Kid.


Ok so, let me explain this next photo with TWO bites of $45 steak on it.  This is what my plate looked like when the server approached our table and asked if she could take my place.

BITCH NO YOU CANNOT.  THERE IS STILL FOOD THERE.  I did not ask for a box.  My fork is not upside down.  GTFO of my face with that shit.  I crossed my hands over my plate and told her NO, she could NOT take my plate.  WTF? 

No shit, she tried to take all of our plates before we were actually finished and she took the bowl of fries we'd shared before they were all gone or could be put into a box!  I get that it started to get busy, but we had a reservation and we hadn't even been there an hour.  Additionally, we had to wait a bit of time to put in our order since she stood at the table next to ours talking to them for a solid 5+ minutes instead of looking over to check and see that we were ready (which was obvious), we had to pull someone else to take our order.  Did not like.  The food was good, but the service definitely left something to be desired.  Also, I really struggle with servers who take the glasses from the table to do refills.  Especially when you take 2 glasses of the same beverage.  I do NOT expect you to be able to remember whose was whose. 

After dinner, we put leftovers in the car and walked down Market St with the goal of going to Kilwin's for dessert.  We stopped in a cookie shop and I picked up this Charleston hand towel since I'm already feeling nostalgic and we haven't even put the house on the market yet.  We got some soap samples.  Then we finally made it to Kilwin's.  Much tasty joy was had. 

When I got home, I handled the beasts, giving them the other half of their dinners, then plopped in front of the computer for some WoW time.


With the husbands gone, it had been decided it would be eat out weekend.  So Saturday started at Vicious Biscuit at Nexton, then a trip to Target for a whole bunch of shit we/I didn't overly need, but bought anyways (underwear for husband, new swim suits for husband, my preferred toilet paper, dog toys).

Super sad these were too big and have to be returned.

The best part about Teh German driving?

When I got home, I distributed new toys (not sorry for all those Snaps) and then had some couch time with the beasts which turned into nap time.

Big Booty Judy practically sitting on me.

Finally settled.

Leg bolsters are a thing now?

The other children had their couch.

Pants McGee over there was panting so hard that she was rocking the couch, which woke me up from my nap because it was making me motion sick.  Fun.

I had wanted to go out for dinner and invited Twin Mom out, but she reversed it on me and invited us over for their lowcountry boil smoke.  I informed her that it was a husband-less weekend and that I'd pick up the requested "crusty bread" on my way to their house.  I chose wisely to drive to the grocery store by their house to avoid having to swim into the grocery store since the sky was dumping buckets of water at our house.  Our street was a river.  When I got to Ladson, it was completely dry at the grocery store I'd selected.  WHEW.

With crusty bread, I headed to dinner with Twin Fam.  One of my coworkers and his wife was there as well, which was fun to see them as well.  Dinner was fucking delicious and the company was awesome and it was nice to get to hang out.

I headed home after 9:30 to call a very drunk Teh German back, feed the beasts the rest of their dinner, and then go to bed. 


I was roused suddenly before 0700 after Meri had jumped on the bed by her letting out a cry and her arm being at a funky angle.  As it was dark and I was barely functional, I had to do some detective work and finally figured out she had her dew claw stuck in the ring where her tags are attached to her collar.  HOW?!  I do not know, luck I guess.

I fed the beasts and scrolled for a bit and went back to sleep.  I finally got up because Sandy was downstairs whining, which I assumed meant she needed to go out.  No, it meant that I wasn't within breathing distance.  I made her ass go outside anyways.

Since I was up, I started working on the menu for the week.  Eventually, I headed upstairs to get ready since Teh PT Wife and I had discussed going to brunch on Sunday after they got back from church.  As I was finishing blow drying my hair, so I looked like I had tried, I got stood up.

I went downstairs and debated going to brunch by myself or just figuring out something at home.  Instead, I messaged Teh German and asked if they had eaten since they were on their way home.  He explained they hadn't really eaten much and he'd be hungry when he got home, so we planned to go to the Cuban place for "linner" (lunch+dinner) when he got home.

Green fries.
An absolute must.

I had actually wanted to go back there last weekend, but we were busy so it didn't happen.  I'm not sorry.

After we ate, we headed back home for couch snuggles/scrollin' time.  I unintentionally took a nap, which led to disastrous sleeps.  After I woke up, I played some WoW since Teh German had moved on to watch his YouTube videos.

Eventually, it was bedtime, and despite my best efforts, the last time I looked at the clock was after midnight and wake up time was at 0515.  Le siiiigh.


Overall, a good weekend.  Got some socializing in, did some unnecessary shopping, ate delicious foods.

It's been a rough start on this Monday, but Teh German let me whine, so that was nice.  Sore pieces, shitty sleeps, a difficult workout, dog walks to start the day, but it was a pleasant 70° this morning (instead of +75°, which makes for an even more miserable workout).  Then a dog was running around loose in front of the house this morning, so the beasts have been on high alert.

My life is so uneventful now that my calendar app on my phone actually has BLANK SPACE at the bottom where the list goes on and on.  It kinda blows my mind to have so few events going on but I am also happy with it after the last 3 years of chaos.

Oh and speaking of chaos (if you made it this far you deserve to know)... My start date for my new job is 8/31!  Finally got some good news last week and handled it in a calm, controlled manner and gave Teh German one last chance to back out of leaving Charleston.  He agreed that I should take the job, so we'll wait till he gets a start date to put the house on the market, which is different than our original plan, but puts less stress on us/him.  I've been told I'll be teleworking, which is fine, but I also have the option to go up to MD and stay with Teh Bestie if I need to be there.  Soooo YAY!

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