Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Weekend Review {8/24}


It was a miserable workout since it was just about to start raining when we started.. Then it started raining as we were doing our 400m laps.  See also: reasons I can't fucking breathe: 100% humidity.  Oh and the rain did NOT bring the temp down.  It just got wet and more miserable.  I did hard mode for my workout and, since it was raining, the dogs didn't get walks, but they were appeased with bully sticks instead.  /praisehands.

After a shower, it was time for productive things.. which mostly meant me sitting at the computer doing random work things.  I did my last tech writer task, which was bittersweet. 

After work, it was couch time.

He was eating his foot/scratching his face.
Mostly I was worried I was going to get stabbed in the eye with a paw.

This cutey-patooty. <3 

We had a Friday evening argument, leftovers for dinner, and watched Community until bedtime.


Teh German got up with the beasts on Saturday morning, while I stayed in the bed and scrolled and drifted in/out of sleep.  I did eventually get up and put on clothes and went out to pick up the grocery order and the few items that weren't from Sam's, Octoberfest beer for Teh German, Halloween Oreos for myself. #YOLO

When I got home, we discussed the afternoon plans.  We had dinner reservations at Myles and Jun Yakitori with Twin Mom and Dad and another coworker and his wife at 6 and we were originally supposed to go to a gathering at one of Teh German's coworkers, but that ended up being cancelled because of the weather, which actually worked out...

Because around 1230ish, Teh German got a call asking if he could bring our trailer to fetch a crashed motorcycle.  It was a very bad situation, the rider was taken away in an ambulance and had several surgeries within 12 hours of being at the hospital.  And here's how/why this applies to me.  This person was riding with a group that I've ridden with before.  A group that I wasn't overly comfortable with because of how fast they'd go or stupid stunts they'd do.  This accident validated the way I feel about riding with certain groups and how vehemently opposed I am, the majority of the time.

That said, I'm also ~10 years older than the person that went down and I'm not shy about when I'm uncomfortable.  I've straight up said, "If this shit keeps happening, I will go home."  This person's inexperience, coupled with the pressure to ride at a higher level than their actual skill level, plus a bike that was too powerful/large for them made it a recipe for disaster and... to be completely honest, I was part of a large group of people that expected something like this to eventually happen, and that feels horrible and is completely unfair to the individual that went down, but is true, since they refused any guidance about the situation.

While Teh German was being a tow truck, I played WoW.

By the time Teh German came home, I was showered and ready for dinner so that way he could get ready and then we'd both be ready when it was eventually time to leave.

Dinner was fucking fabulous.  I tried to drink an entire pitcher of the sangria but couldn't because I was sooooo full.  I had warned Teh German that dinner was my job celebration since he had refused to celebrate any other time that it was appropriate, so I ordered the whole pitcher of sangria (should have gotten half, didn't think), beef tongue yakitori, and the wagyu beef entree.. and had ZERO RAGRATS.  Twin Dad ordered half the yakitori menu and he shared some of the stuff with the table so I also tried beef heart and some type of mushroom.

After dinner, we went over to Twin Mom/Dad house and hung out for a few hours before finally heading home to feed the beasts the rest of their dinner, sit outside for some scrolling time, then it was finally bedtime.


Sunday was my day to get up with the beasts, so I did that, then went back to bed for scrolling and naps.  I, eventually, got up and went downstairs to talk to Teh Bestie about dinner plans while I'm there next week.  Teh German came downstairs and decided to make breakfast instead of having cereal.  I got off the phone and helped him by dicing the potatoes for the potato skillet he wanted to make.

Teh German is the one who has to cook fried potatoes because I can never get them to properly fry.  He just does it so much better.  So he did sage sausage, fried potatoes, and eggs in the skilled, topped with cheese, and he also made bacon, just because.

After breakfast was 2nd coffee time, then Teh German decided to go out to the garage to do garage things.  I gamed.  Meri was confused at extra voices in the garage when Teh PT Kid came by to chat with Teh German.

In the evening, we had totchos (tater tots + taco chicken dip) for dinner.  After cleanup and doggy dinner, we watched Community until bedtime.


Despite a Friday evening tiff, the weekend actually went well.  Sometimes, I feel super lazy not being crazy busy on the weekend, so I guess that's still the residual Stockholm Syndrome from being in school for 3 years.

Teh German has the rest of an interview (it's weird, don't ask) this afternoon for an MD job.  So fingers crossed on that situation.  This week I'm wrapping things up and trying not to be an asshole to the Cyclone who keeps insisting they are going to "work on the pain points" of all the shit I've been doing for the last 2 years, as if I didn't try to make the processes better and why not attempt these things sooner than now since everyone knew I was struggling?  Fuck you.  Ugh.

I keep telling myself that current Company problems are NOT my problems anymore, but apparently I'm always in disaster mitigation mode.  Even Teh German told me the same thing.. I just need my brain to comprehend it.  One day, maybe.

Until then.. 3ish more days... as I'm not planning on doing much on Friday.. because.. well.. just no thanks.

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  1. -That riding situation sounds really tough. It's sad and frustrating when people don't take basic precautions. Hubs took a SUPER simple riding course at a local CC when he got his, and his friend told him he rode better than another guy who had been riding for like 6-12 months.
    -I can't fry shit. My Southern card is going to be taken away, but it's a disaster every time.
    -It is very hard to stop the disaster management. Super, super hard. I hope you can, for your sake, but yeah...it's very tough.


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