Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Review {5/2}


I worked a normal day on Friday so I can flex my hours on closing day (TUESDAY, if you need a reminder).  It was long and tedious (which was only fueled by the fact that Teh German and I were having a disagreement about something stupid likeeeee tupperware lids (nope, not kidding) and we weren't really speaking to each other) and I was just ready for it to be over.  When I came home, I got some much needed puppy love.

Phil tolerating kisses.

Meri being jealous of Phil getting kisses so she laid on my arm so I couldn't use it to pet him.

Ear kisses from Meri-Meri.
My girl is getting a hair cut after we move, so for those of you fuzzy lovers, enjoy her now!

 When Teh German got home, we hugged it out (not that is not a euphimism) and we were fine again.  Also, I may have "solved" the problem by telling him to just put the damn lids in the ice bin rather than having to stack them in my order.  He agreed this was a fair alternative.  We chilled for a little bit, then it was time for hockey.

Sadly, we lost, but thankfully we did at least make a moderate comeback.  We got home right around 10 and after realizing I had HBOgo, we watched 1/2 of the Game of Thrones premiere, then it was bedtime since Teh German had to go into work on Saturday.


I considered getting up for a run, but instead finished the GoT episode (meh is my opinion on it) and accidentally fell back asleep while Meri was holding me hostage in the bed.  There was a paper to write, an entire house to pack, a million other things I "should" have been doing and I finally had to turn off my brain and cut myself some slack that those things aren't more important than me!  This has become more and more difficult lately.

She was holding me hostage with her cuteness.

I woke up later than I intended to and rather than go on a run and have Teh German waiting for me when he got home, I showered and worked on getting some Hue lights.  When Teh German got home, we headed out the door to grab lunch at a place near House that I had never tried, TJ BBQ and Burgers (or something like that).  Honestly, we weren't that impressed with the food, but the bartender was friendly and we were 1 of 3 tables, so the food was quick. 

After lunch, we went to visit House for the last time until it's OUR HOUSE!  I took some photos, but they are pretty much the exact same from last week.  We did of course, take a selfie.

Before you TMI this next photo, please know that this specific room (the toilet closet or water closet, if you're fancy) was the biggest determination of what builder we went with and was the biggest eliminator of options when we started looking into the housing market.  I went business for the first time in MY toilet closet (because we brought toilet paper last weekend as the first item we brought to House) and it was GLORIOUS.  The toilet was the perfect height.  I was completely secluded.  There was no wifi, but there will be.  After I was done, I went back downstairs, where Teh German was waiting, and exclaimed that I had just had the best business trip EVER.  Yes, it was a long way to get there (up the stairs, ugh), but it was totally WORTH IT.

After our House trip, we headed to Metto to grab some coffee and to get more time on Mike and Suzi.  While we were there, Dorothy's screen stopped working.  I was showing Teh German a photo of cute dogs (surprise) and he pressed the corner of the screen and some menus popped up.  I looked at my phone and realized that it was super dark and as I was trying to adjust the brightness, it went completely black.  Teh German called me and it still worked properly, but nothing on the screen.  Instead of getting to go home, we decided to head to Verizon.  Right as we were packing up and leaving, Teh Dad called and Teh German suggested I try to answer it like normal.  I was able to swipe and answer the call!  WTF DOROTHY!?!  So I chatted with Dad (aka told him all about my specific moving plans, which obviously bored him a great amount) and when we got to Verizon, I told him he had to hang up since I couldn't see my screen.

When we walked into Verizon, I started to explain to the lady that my screen wasn't working and pulled it out to show her and that fucking thing worked just like normal.  (-_-)  << an accurate representation of my face.  The lady said that sometimes when the screen overheats, it goes black.  I explained that it wasn't even hot when it went black, but my screen worked, so we left.  We stopped for gas, then headed home.

We scarfed down noms before the game so we didn't have to buy dinner (aka limited options) at the game and were there right on time for the National Anthem.  I will definitely miss living so close to entertainment.

We won the game, 1-0, but it was a very tense game.  The next few games are in NY, so we won't be going to more games until May 10th.  That said, I'm starting to get a bit worried that if we make it to the final round, we may be in Germany, which is a serious issue since all home game tickets are already paid for (completely my fault since I thought I was paying for 4 games max... uhh wrong).  After the game, we were sleepy-tired, so it was bedtime.


Sunday morning was a sleepy morning.  I was tired all evening on Saturday, as if I hadn't slept in, so getting to sleep in again on Sunday was a delight.  I figured I'd be awake at 06 or something ridiculous, but that wasn't the case.  Teh German even got up and fed the dogs so I didn't have to get up.  We didn't really have big plans other than a trip to Lowe's (which I feel like is going to be on repeat in my life for the next.. ever).  We got up around 0930 and showered and made breakfast.  After breakfast, we headed to the outlets so I could return something at Old Navy, then to Lowe's.

The lines at the 3 open registers at Old Navy were so long that I noped out of that situation immediately after walking in the door.  After a pit stop at shitty house to pick up the card for House account, we headed to Lowe's for wood for the trailer and ceiling fans.

There was this one time that Teh Bear made fun of me because he would always get super excited to go into Best Buy and I'd just shut down.  Yeah well, that situation is again applicable in Lowe's.  Gentle Readers, we were in Lowe's for OVER AN HOUR.  We spent 15 (more) minutes (since we had already spent 15 minutes on a prior Lowe's trip) picking out fans.  The rest of that time was spent picking out lumber and screws and nuts and whatever else Teh German needed for the trailer project.  It is really a data blessing that Lowe's has wifi. 

Me to Teh German: I feel like something has come between us.  A wall of some sort.  Maybe we should get that.. nailed down.

After we got home, Teh German started working on the trailer.  He has the before photo, really it's just the trailer with a shitty piece of plyboard on it, so you're not missing anything.  He did require some help, so I wasn't able to get much accomplished on the paper.  Mostly, I stood on the boards to hold them down, while he drilled holes.  We took turns tightening on nuts. 

I did get to go inside for a few short bits.  I tried working on paper, but got distracted with my German lessons and I finally accomplished this:

There was one point at which I almost told him to figure out his problems himself because he was getting pissy about something and slid a board really hard... and it hit me in the shin since I was standing on the other end trying to help him get the boards in place.  SO MUCH RAGE.  Also, if you're counting, this is the 2nd time he's hit me in the shin because he was angry about something and wasn't paying attention.  He did feel pretty bad about it and apologized right away, and several times later on.  Seriously, dude, get your rage under control.  I understand getting ragey, I do it frequently, but so far my rage hasn't hurt anyone else.. only my cell phones. 

It took several hours, but Teh German was pleased with his work and I was super proud of Teh German for completing his project.  From start to finish, the trailer has been his thing.  He found it on Craigslist, got a super good deal, fixed the lighting issue, researched the boards for the floor of the trailer and did almost all the work by himself.  To celebrate (and because we won't be this close for much longer), we went to Sesame for dinner.

Phil barking at.. something?
He likes to nudge the gate latch up with his nose (#talldogproblems), so we have to keep it locked when the dogs are inside.

dat fuzzy girl makes me swoon.

Pffth.  Mom, let us out!

Have I mentioned lately that I feel like a lard ass?  My period has packed up and left (#notcomplaining), except that means that for the past 1.5 months it's been perpeutal fat week.  Normally I have fat week, skinny week, normal week, and period week (when it's a toss up day to day).  No period means that bloat and hunger has just stuck around.. as has my EAT ALL THE THINGS mentality.  I've gained 5ish pounds and I can TELL.  I can feel it when I put my pants on and they are too tight. 

It doesn't help that we've not been to crossfit in a hot minute (hello (LOTS of) money wasted).  I'm in the midst of restarting my running again, which I know will help some, but holy moly.. this flab needs to go.  I told myself that other than House celebration(s), I'll go back to watching what I'm eating and avoiding the gluten.  Germany also doesn't count.  I just know that we're going to a wedding while we're in Germany and I'd like to not look like a pregnant heifer in my dress.  I'm planning on bringing my running shoes and I told Teh German that if he could find a run with a medal for me while we're in Germany, I'd love him forever. 

After dinner, we headed to Target to look for a tarp since we were right next door.  We also picked up some dishwasher soap, YAYYYY!!  I also purchased another bikini top to see if it would calm these tits.  Calm my tits, it did not and it will be getting returned.


Floppy hats.
Teh WJL wasn't here, so Teh German had to fill in for her.

After we got home from Target, we did our chores and went to bed. 

And just like that, the weekend was over.


I'm very glad we got to have a rather low-key weekend.  Next weekend will be spent moving and getting settled into House.  Teh WJL and Teh Kenyan are coming to Charleston to help.  We also have Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher and Teh German Girl coming to help us move.  Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor will be letting Meri and Phil hang out with her and Edie while we move.  Teh MD-AR will be arriving on Sunday for a few days.  Teh Sister will be coming to visit the following weekend and Teh Dad come the weekend after Teh Sister.  The weekend after that we'll be flying to Germany.

WE ARE CLOSING TOMORROW!!!  It's crazy that not so long ago it was only November and we were worried about the house being done before or after we go to Germany and trying to arrange moving.  I'm hoping they get the repairs completed before we sign the papers tomorrow.  Fortunately, I'll be at House on Wednesday for the internet to get hooked up, so if they need to come in to do repairs, it's not an issue.

As for packing, ZERO packing was completed this weekend.  I'm still planning on loading things into the cars and delivering loads each afternoon after we get off work.  We are planning on doing a trailer load on Tuesday to get a lot of the stuff cleared out of the storage/guest room. 

ALSOOOO... less than a month until Germany!  You'd think based on the fact that I completed my DuoLingo tree I'd be decent at German.  I'm not.  I was researching possible runs in Germany and 50% of those words on those websites were NOT in my lessons.  Also 50% of that 50% were words with more than 12 letters.  #Germglish


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  1. Ahh tomorrow is closing day!! I'm so excited & happy for you! Double yay for hockey & your first bathroom experience in your new bathroom!

  2. Yay for closing day!!!!

    My husband gets ragey and throws things it irritates me to no end. Seriously get it together.

    weight gain is the enemy around here too....but this is my fat week so yeah TJ be expected.

    I love the floppy hats!

    the tupperware things, that is no joke. the lids aren't an issue in my house, but the containers are. i put them in size order, and KC will throw the smaller ones all over the place to get to the bigger ones, so every time i open the cabinet it is a shit show and drives me bonkers. like how hard is it to lift a small one, get a big one, put the small one back? why do you have to throw the small ones all over the place? so much rage.

  4. Huzzah! You closed today!!! Congratulations homie! :)
    I just lurve those pictures of Phil and Meri.


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