Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Confessions {5/4}

-I CONFESS I AM A NEW HOME OWNER AND I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!  Bring on all the pins and ideas and paint samples and furniture and room designs and decorations and shelves and stuff and things and landscaping and for the love of God, please let my fence builder come early...  Get ready for all the home owner posts/whines/raves.  #newhomeowner #builtitfromscratch

-Several Gentle Readers emailed/texted yesterday and it made me feel super special. Ya'll are the best.  #nojk

-When inlinks suggests all shitty photos from my posts and none of the actual photos of my face, I get unbearably annoyed.  At least finally they added the ability to add photos from instagram.  What this really means is that I post a selfie with a dog once every few weeks so I have a photo I can use.  #notsorry #selfieandadog

-I may or may not have written a paper for Teh Sister in exchange for a starter set of Philips Hue lights as a "house warming present."  When I told Teh German about the situation, he may or may not have said, "Looks like you better get to writing."  #itsonly8pages

-Until I started learning German, the difference between Dutch and German was very confusing to me.  By that I mean, the terms Dutch and German still confuse me.  There is a minimal difference, kinda, depending on what you are talking about.  #PICKAWORDPEOPLE! #W√§hlenSieeinWortLeute #capitalizingallthenounsisfunny

-I still get confused at left/right, so the above confession shouldn't really be that surprising.  #completelypredictable 

-Sometimes Microsoft Word will tell me that correctly spelled words are incorrect.  NO, WORD, YOU ARE INCORRECT... because you are in the wrong freakin' language.  How does the language get changed?  I have no freakin' idea, but it's annoying.  #techwriterproblems

-The fact that I can't put my Spotify playlists is still driving me absolutely crazy.  I did organize them into folders instead.  I'll manually put those folders in abc order.  Sadly, Spotify has a history of definitely not listening to user suggestions, so I'm not even going to bother, assuming that more have gone before me.  I mean, this last update, the friend bar on the side completely disappeared.  Spotify doesn't seem to care very much and it's killing my ability to stalk my friends and see what they are listening to.  #getitrightSpotify #killingmygame

-I created a special spotify playlist just for moving/unpacking/Haus party.  I copied some other playlists and tweaked it some.  It's 16 hours long.  #notsorry  #Welcometomyhouse #IincludedDisneysongs

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  1. congrats! being a homeowner is awesome yet frustrating at the same time because you dump so much money into it (and get angry at that) yet you feel so happy doing it LOL

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats homeowner!!!! Inlinkz makes me mad with the pictures it lets me chose too. But what can you do?!

  3. I read that as you twerked your playlist... #TooMuchTimeSpentWithTeens

  4. YAYYY homeowner! that's so exciting! you're like, a grown up?

    I need to do another confession post soon - I feel like there are more things I can be oversharing. (I'm bad with left/right and ESPECIALLY east/west/directions in general)

  5. Woo woo! Congrats again on home ownership.

    I have the saw Fkn problem with word. It's supposedly set to English Canadian but it always always always goes to Canadian French and it constantly fks up words. Without fail no matter how many times I set that bitchs default back, it switches like presto magic. Drives me nuts!

  6. Yay house!

    The paper trade off sounds totally legit to me! I exchange paper/resume writing services all the time!

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