Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Confessions {5/18}

-I believe that account activation fees are a crock of shit.  Mostly when they are more than $10.  Here's why.  To send someone out to my house to check my meters doesn't take that much gas considering I'm only 10 minutes away from all the city's main offices.  Additionally, creating an account in a system database doesn't take that much effort.  It possibly takes an entire minute to type in my information and click a few more buttons and voila, technological magic happens...  If you are coming to my house and actually physically dealing with hardware and setting stuff up, then I don't get as grumbly about your activation fees.  #cheapo

-Kathy mentioned cupping in one of her posts (like a million years ago since that's about how far behind I am on reading blogs) and now I want a cupping massage and facial in a way I can't explain.  My dilemma is do I wait until after Germany (so after I'm messed up from the flights) or just go now and celebrate surviving the buying a house process?  #treatyoself

-Another month of missing the Show Us Your Books linkup.  At this point, I'm not really surprised.  Also, I haven't read any books in the last month... so there's that.  #reading #failure

-I was so excited about finding the "witchy stick" with Teh Sister, I forgot to buy the broom I had picked out.  #toomuchexcitement

-After spending $50 on foam stuffing for the dog beds, I was informed that the company that sells the beds would actually have sent me extra stuffing for free.  This irritates me because I posted about it in a FB group before the foam arrived and then posted after pictures in the same group, at which point someone told me about the free stuffing...  If someone had said that I could get free stuffing on the original post, I would have returned the foam and saved myself $50.  #thankspeople

-I used to think that when I got a new car, I'd be able to pick out any color I wanted.  When I got Yurtle, I learned that color options are limited to whatever the company decides to offer unless I wanted to pay to have it painted after the fact.  Yurtle is blue because black, brown, red, white, and orange were not appealing options for me.  #probablywouldhavepickedgreen

-I don't like frozen peas.  I will only eat peas fresh or from a can.  #elitist

-I prefer macaroni salad with peas and eggs.  #inrandomnews

-I made the decision to go to crossfit yesterday evening.  This is surprising because:
1- I haven't been in.. a while (who's counting days?), so that made it difficult.
2- It was raining.  Charleston drivers don't function in the rain.
3- Crossfit is 35 minutes away from House on a not-raining-no-traffic-day.

Before and after...
PS.  The real reason I took the after photo was to show Teh Sister just how much bigger one of my boobs is than the other right now.  WTF body.  #getyourshittogether

Results of my decision:
We did sprints in the rain.  Usually rain runs don't bother me.. but when I have to come right back inside and lift a barbell or try not to piss my pants while I'm attempting to jump rope.. It does.
Also, I was wearing brand new shoes and we were running in the rain.  Let me describe to you my feelings about this (thank you Kevin Hart):

Then I spent AN HOUR getting home.  I got to endure my own Charleston Hell:
Rain + (2Train) + Rush Hour Traffic + Shitty Charleston Drivers = Megan's Ultimate Misery.  PS.  That's the only time math has accurately described my life.  #suckitCalculus #CharlestonHell #neverdoingthatagain

-Teh German set up the TV downstairs for the time being until we replace it with something larger (because the room is huge) and the first show we watched was Grey's Anatomy, but about 3 minutes in, I suggested Teh German change it and he put on TMNT.  #80skids

-We still have tortillas from cinco de mayo and sausage and eggs from scottish eggs, so we got creative at work the other day.  We made sausage patties in the toaster oven, soft boiled eggs in the water boiler, then we made breakfast quesadillas in the quesadilla toaster thingy.  It was delicious.  #Imtheofficialeggpeeler #secretskills #thathashtagcouldgomultipleways #imhungry

-When I got home last night, the 2nd batch of Hue lights was sitting on the counter.  That slightly made me a nicer person.  So prettay.  Teh German created the Germerica (Germany+America) scene with the front 3 lights being red, white, and blue, and the back lights are yellow, red, and off (for black).  He has a lot of fun playing with the lights.

-Because I was cold and tired last night, I finally used my bathtub after dinner.  With the jets on, I couldn't even hear Teh German playing music downstairs (thankfully, as he was trying to get the bass to work properly and I was too grouchy for all the noise (I actually drove most of the way home last night in silence, Teh WJL style)).  I lit a candle, turned on the first episode of Friends, drank my hot chocolate, and did a VO5 hair oil treatment.  #itwaseverythingIddreameditwouldbe

That is my Kindle, NOT a TV in my bathroom.

-Then when I got out of the bathtub, my relaxation immediately evaporated when I discovered that Meri had pooped FOUR TIMES in the guest room, which meant that I had to clean the carpet.  That does explain why she was booking it upstairs after she came inside yesterday.  #assholedog

-I spoke with the fence contractor yesterday and he told me they were starting the project next Wednesday and it would be finished on Friday.  Originally, we discussed them starting on Monday and being completed by Friday, the 27th, to mean: be finished on the 26th because we are leaving Friday morning/Thurs night for MD.  Yeah.  Apparently, he looked at the April calendar when I said start on Monday because April 25th is a Monday.  So when he told me they were starting on the 25 (of May), I was a little concerned for several reasons.  1- we are clearing out some of the trees behind the house over the weekend and we'd like the HOA not to notice, which is easier if they are putting fence stuff in.  2- There's no way to get it done in 2 days.  I told him if he wanted his money, they needed to have it done by Thursday and starting on Monday was my preference.  The guy I've been dealing with is a "good ole boy" and while I don't usually mind these interactions, I have a feeling I probably should have went with a different fence contractor and this wouldn't be an issue.  #homeownerproblems

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  1. I miss you sooooo bad. I think maybe massage now cause girl you need to put down some of that stress before you snap on a plane and get the whole thing grounded!!! Love love

  2. I'm the opposite with peas. I honestly don't really love them to begin with but I HATE canned peas lol. Fresh, maybe frozen, never canned.

  3. hahaha i read that cupping post today as well because that's how far behind i am as well. totally go now!
    account activation fees are definitely a crock of shit.

  4. I was all relaxed with you as you talked about your bath. Then, I read about Meri pooping in the guest room, and I spit out my water in laughter.

  5. I totally agree with everyone to just treat yourself. Do it now. I am currently embracing my Do It Now. You deserve it.

    I am so jealous of you tub that I actually groaned out loud at the site!

  6. I think activation fees are total bullshit too!!! Kathy has me wanting to do cupping too, it sounds so amazing. Any facial at all would me lovely. Just sign me up for a day at the spa!


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