Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Review {5/23}

...the last weekend before Germany!


Friday was an interesting work day.  I teleworked in the morning so I could take the dogs to the groomer at 08, then went to the office for a bit, then left around lunchtime to pick up the dogs and come home and wait on the loveseat to be delivered.  Teh German made mention of coming home early, which from hence forth I will completely disregard as that will probably never happen again.  Also, I'd rather be surprised when it does happen, than disappointed it didn't.

The experience at the groomer was remarkably bad, which I reflected on my Yelp review.  Customer service was horrible, the dogs nails were barely even cut (so they are still clicking on the floors, which means that I now have to redo their nails, which irritates me since I paid someone to do it), I'm pretty sure neither got their teeth brushed.  I'm not sure what I paid $100 for other than someone running clippers all over Meri, someone furminating Phil, and someone touching their toes with a dremel for about 3 seconds.  Guess what, I can do all those things at my house.  What this really means is that I'm super spoiled.  I realized the root of the problem is that I took Meri to be groomed for the first time at a GEGR person who grooms dogs and she is AHHHmazing.  She is also a unicorn, because I'll likely never find someone else who lives up to my grooming standards like she did, which means that I'll have to start grooming them myself, which is the absolute worst, but at least I'll save some dollas.  More treat yo self money for Megan!

Their ears bring me so much joy.

The building manager at work gave me some herbs from the cafe that I could plant!

When Teh German did finally come home, I finished up cleaning the bathrooms, and we ended up going out for dinner since he'd been suggesting going out all week.  Originally, I suggested sushi, but Teh German suggested Carolina Ale House (bleh) and since he'd had a bad day, I agreed to the ale house.  When we got there, the was a 30 minute wait so I nixed the idea.  He suggested BWW since they might have the Stingrays game on.  I don't know why I thought that BWW would be faster than sitting through the wait at the ale house, but I did, so I agreed.  Of course, our food took forever to come out.  Despite the manager being a Stingrays fan, he couldn't find the game on directTV, so we didn't get to watch the game.  After we finished our food, we headed home and listened to the game.  We stayed up waiting on Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom to arrive, which finally happened around 11:30.

Soon after, it was bedtime.


This was a big weekend for House.  It was supposed to rain all day on Saturday, so Teh Dad and Teh German decided that Saturday was for cutting a hole in the garage wall to put in a door for storage under the stairs.  It didn't rain at all and ended up being a super nice day despite the humidity.  After breakfast and a trip to Lowe's, the men came back fully equipped and started making all kinds of racket that disturbed the dogs.  Teh Stepmom and I started cleaning.  I was also doing side projects that needed to be done.  Like washing all the dog collars since I found mold on them, setting the thermostat schedule, getting the adhesive from the edge guards off the foot board, putting the mirror on the dresser (first time since it came off in MD), trimming the pull cords on the blinds...  After I was done with all that, I started helping Teh Stepmom clean the windows.  Then I got side tracked and started cleaning the marks off the walls and I wiped down all the kick boards and railings on the stairs and vacuumed.

So much string!

I think they both got a lot of joy from cutting a hole in the brand new house.

Goo Gone is not nearly as magical as I had expected it to be for $5 a bottle.
Also, thanks Chase for my scraper.

At some point I made lunch and we all returned to our cleaning activities.  Around 5, Teh Dad and Teh German finished up on the door and Teh Stepmom had finished all the upstairs windows.  A former coworker had invited people over to watch the Stingrays game since they had bought the live stream, so we had planned to go grab dinner at Willie Jewell's then head to their house to watch the game.  Of course, everyone loved Willie Jewell's, as they should.  This was Teh Stepmom's first hockey game (apparently it's my/our job to introduce people to awesome things, a mission I gladly accept), and she said she enjoyed it.  It helped that we won.  After the game, we stopped by Food Lion so Teh Stepmom could have creamer for her coffee.  Teh German and I had a tiff over when we are leaving MD after we get back from Germany which wasn't pretty at all AND Teh Stepmom got to witness it.  Good times.  It ended with us giving each other the silent treatment for the rest of the night after I got in my last comment about it not just being HIS vacation.

When we got home, it was awkward turtles bedtime for everyone.


Sunday morning, I was still pissed.  I was feeling better about the whole vacation situation after Erin told me that I should appreciate that Teh German wants to share his German life with me while we're there and then he tried to shut me down on doing some DC touring when we gets back.  Yeah, I'm back at square one and each time I think about it, there's another facet that comes into play about why I'm so irritated at the entire vacation situation, which is equally obnoxious.

Instead of going back to bed after feeding the dogs, I stayed up and did House things.  I put the word poetry magnets on the fridge in the garage (a happy medium for me and Teh German since he wanted no magnets on the kitchen fridge so I only put a limited amount on it and put the rest outside in the garage), after a more decent hour, I rolled out the rug that had been in the bedroom at Shitty House that a critter had peed on (not sure who).  I vacuumed the rug and cleaned it with the carpet cleaner to try and get the pee spots out.  Of course, that got everyone out of bed.  Teh German and Teh Dad went to work outside on "extending" the backyard.  Of course, the property line is still the same, but clearing out several feet of trees to prepare for the fence looks like it doubled the size of the backyard.

Teh Stepmom and I had planned to meet Twin Mom to get our nails did at 11.  I made us late because I was trying to finish up a project before we left.  At 1115, we arrived and we had to wait a bit for chairs to open.  Finally, we got to sit.  I got my toes did for Germany and I think they are rather cute.  I even did an accent toe, which is a first for me.

While Teh Stepmom was getting finished up, Twin Mom and I headed to Harris Teeter to pick up some items off my list.  I had wanted to go to brunch originally, but Teh Dad and Teh German hadn't eaten lunch yet so I knew we'd have to go and feed them first before we did anything else.  We stopped at Raisin' Canes for lunch.  I had never been there before so I didn't realize the only things on the menu were chicken tenders, slaw, fries, their special sauce, and fountain drinks.  I had anticipated something more like KFC.  Lesson learned.  The food was bearable, unlike the 30 minute drive home smelling fried chicken with a super hangry Megan who was driving through very congested parts of North Charleston....

When we got home, we called the guys inside and we had lunch.  They returned to their deforestation of the backyard, Teh Stepmom took a nap, and I headed back out to Walmart to pick up the rest of the items on my list.  I went to Walmart on a Sunday during the middle of the day.  It was like I was really testing myself.  I picked up a bunch of stuff that we needed, in addition to the rest of the grocery list I didn't get at Harris Teeter (because those mofos are expensive.  $4.50 for a box of ritz crackers (or I could buy 2 and get a free JIF peanut butter..)  Or I just go to the Walmarts (lol) and pay $3.75 for a family pack).  I was backing into the garage when I got a text message from Teh German asking me to buy a shovel.  Fortunately for him, I had a shovel and a rake and a trash can for recycle in tow.

After getting Yurtle unloaded, I figured it would be a good time to start utilizing my under-stairs-storage area.  I grabbed the hand truck and started bringing boxes from the office to the garage and putting them away.  Now we have another exposed corner in the office!  The boxes that are left are boxes that need to be gone through and the stuff needs to be put away like bookshelf contents and Teh German's box of stuff that got moved from the Closet.  There's also more of the same stuff upstairs in first child closet and the loft, but it will also be there after Germany.

Teh Stepmom got up and started working on the windows downstairs and we discussed a dinner plan.  I hadn't laid anything out to thaw (oops) so I suggested I'd pick something up that I could bring home since I knew Teh Dad and Teh German were not going to want to leave the house after laboring all weekend.  We all agreed on Chinese and I also put on my #bestgirlfriendever hat and picked up some beer for Teh German.

When I got home, the guys were finishing up and eventually came inside to eat.  After dinner, showers were had and we chilled for an hour on the couch until it was finally bedtime.

New backyard:


New garage:
I call it my hobbit hole.

Meri photobomb

It was a crazy productive weekend.  I'm sure that Teh German would like to go to bed early tonight, except that we have a Stingrays game to attend.  If we win, we won't have to play tomorrow (which means I save $45!!).  I'm hoping this is the case.  I still need to sell our playoff tickets, uuugghhh.

YAY House...

Next weekend = MD/GERMANY BOUND!!!  Soooooo excited!

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  1. The backyard looks great! Moving, much like hanger, brings out the sassy in people. Hooray for almost vacation!!

  2. Why are boys like that? All weekend I had to keep reminding my husband that this wasn't just HIS Comicon weekend.... Still I had a blast and he bought me pretty things.

    The backyard looks amazing and I am listing after your extra storage hobbit hole!!


  3. I want to go back to Germany! (Again!) I was born there! ;-) Will we see you at all here in MD? Wednesday is burger night at The Front Porch... You can come back another time to do DC. It might be too much excitement for one trip?!?!

  4. I want to go back to Germany! (Again!) I was born there! ;-) Will we see you at all here in MD? Wednesday is burger night at The Front Porch... You can come back another time to do DC. It might be too much excitement for one trip?!?!

    1. And jealous of closet space! LOL THAT is amazing!

    2. And jealous of closet space! LOL THAT is amazing!

  5. You used a caption inspired by Step Brothers. That is wonderful stuff.

    So....I want to give some advice. Make sure you have a chat about the trip BEFORE leaving...that you appreciate him and love him for wanting to share his home/family/friends with you...but that if you have some requests along the way for your vacation experience that he should hear you out. I want everything in Germany to be wonderful for the both of you!!

  6. Boys, ugh! That is all I have to say about that lol. They can be a bit ridic, right? I want to grow some herbs in my kitchen. My sister told me I would be better to do them out on my front porch though and I have three extra bags of soil from the gardening I did last weekend so I totally need to make it happen! So much room for activities!!!!


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