Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Confessions {5/11}

-Teh Sister got a 130/160 on her paper that "she" wrote.  Good job, Teh Sister!  #patselfonback

-It annoys me to no end that I can have a tab open on my browser with Gmail, yet my phone gets a notification before the email appears in my browser.  #somuchnerdrage

-I want to rewatch Grey's Anatomy from the beginning (ya know, when it was good).  I also want to catch up on the season that is currently in progress.  This is because Grey's gifs bring me such great joy.  #anythingtoavoidunpacking

-Teh WJL, Teh Kenyan, and Teh MD-AR were here this past weekend and I miss my people.

-Teh German was paranoid about messing up the floors/walls when we were moving stuff in and it extra stressed me out.  It was so bad I finally flipped out and then had to apologize later for being such a whiny ass.. in my defense, a mattress had just landed on my FACE when I flipped out.  It's a house, it's going to get dinged up.  We can fix it (I included this in my flipout-rage-rant).  #movingwoes

-Teh German and I are a really good team.. but when we are trying to do things together and both being individuals at the same time, it's disastrous.  It's actually almost comical.  #butnotreallyfunny

-Teh WJL helped me survive the move.  From helping pack stuff up in the Shitty House to caring for my mental stability.  #besties

-Teh MD-AR organized most of my house except the kitchen, bathroom, and our closet.  She also kept me motivated and did so much laundry and didn't even bat an eye when I sat down in the middle of an aisle at Target to take care of some possible identity theft issues.  #Ihavethebestfriends

-I told myself I was only going to vacuum the bedroom last night at 1030 when we got home from the Stingrays game...  Instead I vacuumed almost all of the upstairs except First Child's Room/Closet.  #overachiever

-I had to vacuum because I've woken up with a headache for the past few days and I suspected it was from all the dry wall dust.  I was right.  This morning, I didn't have a headache.  That said, I'm not actually sure House got cleaned.  Maybe it was more like "cleaned."  #noonecleansaswellasIdo (<< except Teh MD-AR)

-All the rooms in the house have names.  Master bedroom/our room, Guest Room, First Child Room (not to imply there is a child coming, but for eventually, possibly), Loft, Dining Room, Living Room, Office, Garage.  I mean, most of these are pretty standard, but First Child Room vs Guest Room will definitely help us determine which room is which until we get something to differentiate between them.. Paint or a blanket or something.  #Inameinanimateobjects

-Yesterday, I spent over an hour organizing our bathroom and putting stuff away.  I think I'm a bathroom hoarder.  So much stuff tossed.  #whydoIhave3tubesoftoothpaste

-My jacuzzi tub was gross in the jets so I ran water in it and poured in some bleach.  Then I learned that bleach bubbles when vigorously shaken.. say by water jets.  My goal was to clear out the jets though, so I did it in... waves.  hahaha, see what I did there?  #punsfordays

-We've been so tired lately that we barely even say I love yous before falling asleep.  I'd like to sleep for days, but things keeps making me have to get out of bed.. namely work.  #worksucksIknow

-Seriously, I'd take a nap right now at my desk if that was acceptable.  #whyelsewouldIkeepadogbedatmydesk

-I haven't been to the Chiro in about a month.  Everything about me hurts.  I think I'll remedy that right now.  #popsmakemefeelbetter

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  1. Excellent paper writing skills! I wish I could have seen these violent bubbles of bleach lol.

  2. Ha, my phone does the same thing with Gmail! Annoying. I CANNOT believe Grey's is still on and have ZERO interest in watching say, the past 5 years - but I DID love it when it came out. So exciting about the house stuff - CONGRATS!

  3. I get annoyed when the email hits my phone first too! And I love Grey's!!! I didn't start watching it until the season finale of the first season but have been hooked ever since! We are completely caught up in this season too. EEEEEE!

    The jets in the tubs always freak me out because they are hard to keep clean after awhile. Our tub now doesn't have any and I am fine with that.

  4. Correction #noihavethebestfriends. And we could both use a mental stability vacay. Miss you most!!


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