Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Confessions {5/25}

-At some point over the last 5 years, I've lost my complete heartlessness and I've turned into a regular old sap.  I was reading about a dog being transported through Meri's rescue and I was fine until the line, "Tomorrow we will tell you about the other dogs and be excited about the start of their new lives. But today is just for Tonka."  #dustyinhere

-Seriously, there are approximately 2-4 people's opinions on Meri's hair that I care about.  If you aren't one of those people (who know who they are), then I don't care what you think about my decision to shave my dog or what you would do if you were her owner.  #notsorry

Gratuitous photo of Phil

-Add this to my list of Bands I'm Missing While We're In Germany: Eve 6.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  Is the music world conspiring against me for some reason?  What have I done to it?  So far the list includes: Death Cab for Cutie, CHVRCHES, Ellie Goulding, The 1975, Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, and now Eve 6.  Other acts/things coming to CHS while we're away: Jerry Seinfeld, Blue Man Group, Ben Folds w/ Charleston Orchestra (which sounds weird, but I bet would be super cool), Kelly Cup Playoffs (possibly).  I know, I know.. "But you'll be in Germany, Megan.."  Yeah well. I'd like to still enjoy local concerts AND be able to go to Germany.

Please let me explain something, Gentle Readers.. this trip to Germany is about meeting the family and Teh German seeing all the friends he's missed since the last time he went home.  It's not about being a tourist (although he did mention something about the Lichtenstein castle to me last week).  It'd be like me saying to him, "Lets go on a 3 week vacation to North Carolina so I can visit all my friends."  Sure, it'd be fun for him to go somewhere he's not been before, except that there's probably other things higher on his list than just visiting NC.

Don't get me wrong, I AM excited to go to Germany.  Yes, I'd rather go to Germany than be here for a few concerts that I might be able to see again another time.  But I'd also prefer that I get to go to Germany AND see all these awesome concerts in CHS.  If I was planning a 3 week European excursion that I've always dreamed about, going to all the touristy places, then I know I wouldn't be lamenting missing these concerts.  But I'm not.  So I'm allowing myself to whine a little.  Most people I've talked to are pretty much all, STFU you're going to Germany, don't want to hear it.  But I AM moderately frustrated about the entire situation (I'm using 3 weeks of vacation and only seeing 1 European country) and I'm trying not to be unappreciative but apparently my fear of missing out (FOMO) is on high right now, but I really think it's misplaced agitation cause by other things (lack of touristing).  #FOMOisreal

-When I think of my leave balance after I get back from Germany, I get sad.  Mostly knowing that the next time I'll be able to do another big vacation like this will be over a year from now if I take zero vacation days between now and the next one.  #needmorevacation

-I am so relieved the Stingrays lost last night.  This means that I don't have to stress out about selling our playoff tickets before we leave (in 2 days) AND I don't lose out/have to spend money.  It was a good run, but damn I'm going to enjoy all my free time on school nights.  Also, I will NEVER do pay as we play tickets again.  #lessonlearned #wavebyetothedollas

-My office apparently thinks that since I'm going on vacation in a few days that NOW is the time to come to me with tasking.  Uhh no.  #vacationbrainstartsearly

-I may be disappointed if I come back to work after being gone for 3 weeks and they haven't pulled some type of prank on me.  Most people are probably too scared to do anything, but the Tasty Tuesday crowd knows me well enough to prank me.  #imscary

-I often give myself a lot of mental shit for rarely cleaning up my digital life.  Well it has come in handy since Teh Sister had her computer worked on and they replaced her hard drive after they cracked it.  It wasn't expected so she lost all the wedding photos.  Fortunately for her, I haven't done much photo organizing in the past 6 months so I still had all the raw files.  #bestsisterever

-Today we are supposed to be getting fence posts and tomorrow the fence.  I forgot to leave the check under the doormat.  #notsorry  I talked about the "good old boy" last week, but he almost got violenced this week.  He insisted on coming on Monday to "check" and see if the tree line had been cleared for the fence.  INSISTED.  As in, I spoke to him on Friday and told him he didn't have to check because I was telling him it would be done.  Yeah well, he still wanted to check, just in case.  There are few things that make me as angry as when I say I will do something and someone insists that it won't happen.  ADD to that, I knew exactly why he needed to come check and make sure it was done... I don't have a penis.  I am 95% certain that if he had been dealing with Teh German or Teh Dad or any other male, he wouldn't have "wanted" to come and check.  THEN Teh Dad kept trying to tell me on Sunday that I should call and remind the fence guy to come and check.  No, no, I will not.  It's not MY job to tell this asshat to do what he said he was going to do.  That was a debacle and then Teh Dad switched sides (maybe a reverse psychology thing?  IDK) and ended up saying I didn't need to call him and I'm like EXACTLY!  It was very confusing. 

So on Monday as I'm geared up to go run errands on Mike, the fence guy pulls up to check on things and make his marks on the grass.  I was wearing my helmet and jacket and the guy acted like he didn't know who I was.  Seriously?  Who else would have approached you in my driveway you fucking moron?  He, of course, is surprised I ride.  I refused to take my helmet and jacket off to make him hurry up.  He then goes to the back yard and says, "Well, Megan.. I am surprised.  I didn't think you'd get it done."  Stop.  Stop talking to me, stop looking at me, break eye contact because I'm going to do 1 of 3 things: punch you in the dick (which you obviously only think with), run into your face at full speed with my helmet on, or walk away.  I went with walk away, but only because my dogs really need a fence but I did respond with, "I'm not sure why you're so surprised.  I've been telling you for a month it was going to be done."  I don't deal well with people second-guessing me.. and when it's coupled with sexism?  Get out of my face.  I do not have time for you.

About 10 minutes of his presence had went by and finally he was done muttering to himself and me telling him how to do his job (I wish I was kidding, but I had to point out to him that our property line was the grass line that he was using since he was trying to figure out how a 10 foot gate was going to fit in a 9 foot space).  He said, "Well, Megan, this is the last time you'll be seeing me, Clyde will take over from here and he will be out on Wednesday to put the poles in and Thursday to put up the fence slats."  Then he proceeded to repeat "put a check under the doormat" in about 6 different ways.  It's really good my helmet squishes my cheeks so that way he couldn't see me actually smiling when he said I wouldn't have to see him again.  #getoutofmyyardyousexistpig #justbecauseyouactnicedoesntmeanyouarentsexist #veiledsexism

-I hated cleaning shitty house.  I love cleaning House.  I swept and vacuumed the entire house yesterday and it was delightful.  It helps that you can actually SEE how clean it is.  #seeingisbelieving

-FB profile photos are such a big deal for me.  I have to find THE perfect photo.  It could take forever.  Or 20 minutes.. just to select a photo.  I really wanted the want with the Hitler 'stache, but thought that just in case people in Germany wanted to friend request me, I'd hold out on that one.  #blastfromthepast

-We're going downtown to the market today to pick up souvenirs for Teh German's people.  This could either be really good or really bad since we are going downtown after we get off work around 4:30.  Hopefully traffic won't be too bad and all the merchants will still be there.  The best part is that this just makes room for stuff when we return!  #wishusluck 

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  1. I completely understand your FOMO. Of course you'll be in Germany which IS awesome. And yes you'll be away from work for 3 weeks which is equally awesome. However, you aren't really getting to see the sites so I can see where you're at. I've been to the castle in Lichtenstein. It was pretty cool as far as castles go lol.

    Isn't it so nice to be at a place you love?! I don't love cleaning at Mr. Midwest's but it doesn't bother me & I LOVE cooking there. I hated doing all that shit at my most recent apartment.

  2. um that totally doesn't make you a sap, lol. anything to do with animals makes me cry! but okay i actually am a total sap. lol.
    also totally understand about going to germany. when we went back to australia, so many people asked me and KC about touristy stuff and it really was more about seeing my home and family vs being a touristy holiday. we still got a few touristy things in, but for the most part, it was not what everyone envisioned when they thought about going to australia themselves. like even though you've said that about your trip, i still see the trip i'd want to take to germany in my head haha

  3. I cry at a lot of random things, especially when it has to do with animals. Eve 6?!?!?! AHhhhhhh!!!! But I understand his need to want to see family and friends. Hopefully you will get to check out some cool things while you are there :) Or at least eat some deliciousness. Ummmm my facebook profile picture is from 2012 currently. I rarely every change it and last November when our anniversary rolled around, I put my wedding picture up and haven't changed it since lol.

  4. Three weeks is a really long time to only see one country. We did four countries in 10 days when I went in high school and that felt about right though it times kind of short. I totally get your frustration there because no one says anything when it is some European country but if you were like hey come spend three weeks in Missouri we will hang out in Kansas City the whole time people get a little bummed out.

    I hate sexist people who think that you can get something done simply because you have boobs and lack a penis. I am perfectly capable of delegating and getting shit done even though I am a woman. Seriously what is wrong with men?

    If it makes you feel better I am also missing all those concerts and I am really sad about it because no one comes to Kansas city anymore and if they do a cost $1 billion to go see.

  5. Meri's haircut is darling. Your fb profile is wonderful.
    Let's talk leave time.......the USA needs to follow Australia on this one. Most full-time workers get 4 weeks annual leave (vacation days) plus 1 week sick leave. Sometimes there are a few added "personal days" as well. That is awesome. Also, they have much better "leave" packages for maternity as well as care-givers (for instance, a customer of mine was able to take 2 weeks off after moving her elderly mother in with her when her mother broke her hip; these two weeks did not take away from her vacation days or personal sick days.)

  6. Why are you paying that dirtbag before the fence is completed to your satisfaction? Dollas after decent work?!

    I guess I am strange but I like seeing how people live in other countries. We spent like 10 days in Germany and went to different cities to look at the platz ( plaza) I think it's called. We shopped a little and tried local food ( Trip advisor helped.) Just tell everyone you want to meet up at restaurants or pubs or cafes out in town so you can see things and people watch instead of being stuck at someone's home. Luxembourg was the only other country we visited this last time. Plus we looked for mid century items and fat lava pottery from West Germany; which no longer exists. But I was born there, so think it's a thing. LOL I just loved driving on the autobahn and even trying fast food there since it's better than here. I have learned to just relax and let stuff happen organically when we travel. You can't really plan, so I have learned to give up the need to control things by planning them out- and just live and enjoy. It was a big lesson for me to learn. Just breathe and be happy to exist. It's really beautiful there. :-)

  7. Awe, the dogs look great. F what anyone else says! :-)

    Safe travels to Germany homie! Xo


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