Friday, April 29, 2016

Sh*t Teh German Said... #1

I've seen many bloggers around the "'sphere" do "shit my significant other said" posts and I've been encouraged to do my own.. Don't expect these often as I'm horrible about remembering what we've said because I'm usually laughing so hard.

At the Bridge Run expo, Teh German proved that he knows me well...

Me: Oh my that scared me!  All I saw was stick.
tG: I'll protect you.
Me: That was totally an opportunity for a dirty joke and you went sweet.  Awwwwwww.

tG: Oh, that's a nice [Chrysler] 300.  It even has a spoiler.
Me: Maybe they want to go fast.
tG: Once.

Teh German's texts with Teh Dad always end like this:

Me: Sorry I'm a bad girlfran.
tG: Don't worry, everyone has room for improvement.

Teh German walks into the kitchen and see Phil in his crate cleaning out the empty yogurt container.
tG: Good thing Phil has a long nose.

At a hockey game, All the Single Ladies starts playing and I start dancing without really recognizing the song (which isn't unusual for me).
Teh German: Hey!  Put your hands down!
Me (with the song): If you like then be sure to put a ring on it.
Teh German smiled and looked away.

Teh German to another driver washing his windshield: Dude, you should just stop.  You've been trying to clean your windshield for over a minute!
Me: You can't even judge!  You did the same thing earlier.
tG: I did.  I did and I won't even take it back!

Teh German starts making crazy gun noises.
Me: What are you doing?
tG: There's a bug.
Me: Did that help?
tG: Yes
We watch the bug fly towards the fan blades.
Me: So go kill it!
tG: I don't want to get close to the rotors.
Me: Don't be a chicken.
tG: I don't want to be nuggets.

Teh German: Bacon is art.

I was cooking butternut squash in the crockpot because I'm lazy.  While Teh German was doing dishes, I get this text message while I'm laying in bed:

Me: Haha, it's a comic about hell and the caption is, "Oh man, the coffee is cold!  They thought of everything!"
Teh German: Yeah, that is the worst.
Me: Babe, anything being cold is the worst for you.
tG: Yeah, that's why I have such a hot girlfriend.

tG: I ripped my shirt.
Me: How did you rip your shirt?
tG: I flexed.

Promotional message about Teh German: check him out on instagram.
PS.  He didn't tell me to tell you this.


  1. Love some good banter - i feel like i need to start doing more posts like this with my mother, who says such gems like "I need this is a dumb question but what does it mean when someone pokes you on Facebook?" Oye.

  2. These are adorable and hilarious! I love seeing what other people significant other say. Is it wrong I am excited about the Single Ladies moment? Because I am excited.

  3. Hahahaahahaha "Don't worry, everyone has room for improvement." I cant stop laughing.

  4. "everyone has room for improvement" = my fave!


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