Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Confessions {4/27}

-When I called customer service to return a bag of dog food that gave Meri some of the worst runny butt I've ever experienced, they told me to donate it to a local rescue or a neighbor and they refunded my money.  Also, on the 3rd ring, A PERSON answered the phone.  Then, after 3 minutes on the phone, she was apologizing for taking so long.  #tooimpressedtocare #awesomecustomerservice

-The Marshmallow (Android) system update included the ability to add more to a screenshot, to eliminate the need to stitch photos together after the fact.  #PraiseAllah

-Last week, when the Prince announcement went live, my FB feed went from nothing to BOOM ALL THINGS PRINCE.. and I x-ed out that bitch like a boss.  #donotcurr

-When I got the email about our closing date for sure being 5/3, I forwarded it to Teh German and texted him to check his email NOW.  He was excited then immediately asked me about the screened in porch and I almost lost my fucking mind.

Back story: I discovered there may be an issue with putting a screened in porch over the patio slab on the back of the house because of easements or some ridiculous bullshitary.  I told Teh German about this.  Big mistake, HUGE (you're welcome for that Pretty Woman reference). since then he's brought up the damn screened in porch.  In fact, we actually had a fight after he said he would refuse to move in House if the screened in porch was not an option.  I have already signed a contract with someone to build the screened in patio, so now we have to wait to close, so the paperwork can be submitted to the HOA, at which point we will find something out one way or another.  Guess what.. I told him in early April.. that's like almost a month of hearing about this screened in porch and him saying how House would be completely perfect with the screened in porch, blah blah blah.  It will still be good without, but with would be unbelievable..  The fact that I didn't lose it on him before this point should be impressive.

This conversation ended up happening and then I felt guilty because maybe I was "too mean" and then my OMG YAY CLOSING DATE high was gone and I was pissed again.  This is not the first time that Teh German has killed my "buzz."  That shit is getting old.  Can I just have my fucking moment please?  #dontruinthisforme  #thetruthhurts 

-More about the shared document drama.  The last week of the project, the govt rep was on vacation Tues-Thurs, then our engineer went on leave on Friday, the last day of the project.  They finally handed over the documentation for me to fix on Thursday afternoon.  About 2 hours into it, I discovered that some significant changes had be lost and I was pretty much on my own to find them.  The best thing about saving things to the cloud?  Version review.  #letscomparethesesidebyside #wastinghoursofmylife #techwriterproblems

Turns out, the tech had made those changes and failed to communicate that until the following Monday.. when I was going through and remaking those changes that he had changed back to his changes on Sunday night.  WTF?  USE YOUR WORDS.  Actually, I knew he'd been messing with the document because my mother-fucking headers were messed up again.  #icantevenwithyou

-I found #techwriterproblems on Twitter and it's like there are people that understand me and my problems.  It's CRAZY AND WONDERFUL and no one else cares about margins and styles and paragraph spacing.

-Yesterday was our final walk through inspection.  I was seriously all crazy lady up in there.  Turning on all the faucets and appliances and flushing toilets and inspecting corners and walls and doors, oh my.  I know I will forever praise my builder, but #worthit to go through the entire thing like the OCD lady that I really am.  #LetYourOCDShine

-I counted 45 light bulbs currently in House.  That's not including lights for fans that will be installed.  All those lights will be LED.  #savingmoney  #LetThereBeLight

-I've ran 2 days of the past 4.  That's progress by my book.  #runnerlife #itsformedals

-I think I'm going to be the new leader of our daily morning meeting.  Those poor unfortunate souls.  #AgileSucks #DSUarestupid

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  1. I need to get on the Chewy train apparently! That is some awesome customer service!

    Yay closing date! Celebrate and rejoice! Don't let anyone take a piece of your happiness!

  2. Yay Chewy!!! I love good customer service stories. And ummm Price was great and all but I find it hard to believe that people are "devastated" over the loss. People die. You didn't actually know him, know know? Sheesh. And how many of those 45 are hues? lol

  3. yay customer service! that is awesome. and love the pretty woman reference! omg the screened in porch debacle... KC is the same with not listening or bringing things up multiple times especially when i am happy or excited about something. it is SO annoying so i feel your pain.


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