Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Confessions {4/20}

-Things I don't care about today: anything related to smoking pot and the date.  #notsorry

-I sat in a meeting on Monday for about 4 hours while 2 techs went over a document I've been working on.  I didn't really do anything the entire time because they were making notes on the print outs and not handing them to me.  I assumed I'd get to make the changes after, but they took the notes with them.  No work for me!  #bummer #jk

-PS.  Monday's post was brought to you by that 4 hour meeting.  #kthx

-I'm struggling to decide if I should reperm my hair within the next week (so it doesn't look super frizzy and will have loosened up by Germany) or just let the curls grow out.  #fakecurlsproblems

-I burnt popcorn at work on Monday and felt semi-bad about.  I was sitting in a conference room since I was in a meeting and couldn't smell it.  #onlyalittlesorry #donotremicrowavepopcorn #lessonlearned

-I went through all my draft posts and finally deleted all those good ideas that will never come to fruition.  #springcleaning

-Yesterday, after heading home from work at 1030 and scarfing down lunch, I spend the remainder of the work day laying in bed, which happens to be the darkest area in the house with a migraine.  I was 100% certain that if I stayed at work for the whole day, I wouldn't have been able to drive myself home.  Also, #BarometerHead is 85% certain it will rain by tonight.

-I don't understand why my Macbook brightness goes from 50% to 0%.  I don't want to have to wear sunglasses to look at my computer.  Get with it, Apple. #migrainewoes #ITBURNSMYEYES

-Things I have fallen out of the habit of doing:
working out (training plan is coming, we must be ready for Dumbo Dare...)
moderating my gluten intake
posting an adorable dog photo on Instagram each day (blame the lack of meetings on this one)
clearing out my Feedly in a reasonable amount of time
going grocery shopping each weekend
doing laundry on a schedule
not eating a dessert with every meal

-I factory reset my phone last Friday morning to see if it helped the battery life.  Turns out, the system upgrade helped the battery life.  #timewasted #WHEREDIDALLMYTEXTSGO #Dorothywastired #goldengirlsclub (PS. I had to go back through some Dec blogs to find the correct hashtag that Erin and I came up with for our gold phones)

-I want to tell you all about House, but I need things to talk about in Friday's post.  I will tell you we're almost at 100% complete.  #delivercontent #bloggerproblems

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  1. I'm hoping that a lot of my kids are gone today because they're all about 4/20...Does that make me a bad teacher? I have 4 gone in my 1st period already.

    When I came back to set up a blog post for Monday I went through & deleted all of my drafts that I would never actually write as well.

  2. yay almost 100%! i don't care about pot either. also, a few months ago i went through and deleted a lot of my drafts as well. it was out of control, and some of them i couldn't even remember where i was even going with the idea lol

  3. I didn't even think about it being 4/20 today until you said that. So that shows you how much I care. If you burnt popcorn in my office, you'd be dead to me. LOL. JK but omg that is the worst smell ever and it sticks to you and your hair. Eeeee cant wait to hear house details!

  4. Ugh, 4/20. Stupid day.

    I microwaved popcorn IN MY HOME like a month ago, and now every time I nuke something (coffee, leftovers) it reeks of Pop Secret/butter/burnt kernels. GROSS.

    Booo to deleting drafts but I kinda feel the same - I have a whole gmail draft of 'ideas' but they've been there for like, years and I don't know WTF I plan to do with them. I won't delete though. #OCD

  5. Literally forgot today was 4/ that's why there was pot all over Facebook.....

    I have failed miserably at blogging lately. Mostly because I feel like I am boring AF right now.

    It just keeps raining here and I keep popping migraine pills like candy.

  6. Your recent slackness makes me feel better about myself. Your general over-being is occasionally overwhelming to me. Steve kicked me out of the room and I slept in your bed last night. I like it best. 2 more loads and all laundries and linens will be unstoppabled.


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