Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Review {4/25}


We pregamed the weekend a little bit with the first at home playoff game the Stingrays were in.  I bought the "pay as we play" tickets for the playoff series thinking it was only 4 home games.. Turns out, I was wrong and that I might be charged a mabillionty dollhairs over the next few weeks, but at least we'll get to watch hockey.

We invited over Teh German Girl 1 and her parents since they are visiting from Germany.

YOU GUYSSSS... at some point during the haze that was my migraine last Tuesday, I decided I wanted to cook, which is super annoying to me.  Not just cook, but I specifically wanted to make spaghetti and meatballs.  Yes, I could have went the easy route and just bought sauce and noodles and frozen meatballs, but who does that?  Food terrorizers, that's who.  I made meatballs from scratch on Weds night, then Thurs morning I put all the meatballs into the crockpot with the spaghetti sauce that I also made from scratch (aka combining certain cans/spices/etc).  There are no pictures of the final product because it was so delicious no one even cared to take a photograph.  Teh German was so happy with it that he kept telling me how excited he was to bring leftovers for lunch on Friday.

We'll be sitting in these same seats for the rest of the playoffs and I am pleased with my life choice.

As for the game, we won.


No one was more ready for Friday than me.  The worst part was that I didn't really get to leave early because I actually had work to do.  For the life of me, I couldn't remember why I was dreading work so much, but then I opened up the shared document that the tech and I had been working on and remembered that many changes had been lost so I had to go through the previous versions to find the changes and put them back in (good times were not had).. AND I remembered that tech had been trying to go with my emphasis convention except he didn't really help much, in fact, he pretty much butchered my convention and I had to comb through the entire document fixing things.  I didn't really get to do much finalizing of the document like I had planned.

Seriously, why aren't all pants made with an elastic waist?
Finally at 3, I gave up on the document.  I was just so over it and my brain was melting and we had decided to go to House.  Originally, I had planned on doing a picnic style dinner, complete with camping chairs and a cheesy candle, but then Teh German Girl 1 invited us over for a cookout.  When Teh German got off work, we headed up to the house with Teh German Girl 1 and her mom so they could see House.

The first thing we moved in: a roll of toilet paper.
Thanks to Teh MD-AR for that suggestion!

Woot, top rack rinse!!

Really?  Just 2 baby shelves?  WTF am I supposed to do with that?  Ughh.

My fixtures are so prettttay

Giving it a test drive.

Our house is definitely huge and different than German standards, so German Girl's Mom was in awe of it.  Everyone loves our dark flooring and is definitely excited for us, which makes us even more excited.  After we had toured House, we all left.  Teh German and I went to pick up Phil and Meri at Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor's house, where I had dropped them off that morning before work for "doggy daycare".  It is really awesome that Edie just loves having Phil and Meri to hang out with!

After picking up the beasts, we headed home to feed them and then we headed to Teh German Girl's apartment for the cookout.  The food was delicious and I was able to understand some of the conversations that were happening, 95% of which were in German if they weren't directly to me.  I felt mostly lost, but sometimes you can pick up on the topic without understanding.  Some of it I actually understood, but it was rare.  I did try to communicate some in German, but it was difficult for me.  I definitely did a lot of Germglish.  I would know a few words in German but would have to supplement with English.  Obviously, this is more than I would have been able to do last September, but I still feel like Germany might be a struggle.  I know it will be fine, but in unrealistic-Megan-expectation-land, I wanted to be fluent enough to understand most of the time and communicate with moderate ease.

That said, Teh German Girl's Mom did say she was impressed with some of my vocabulary and she pointed out how I knew words she wouldn't have expected a beginning German speaker to know.  Seriously though, if I had unlimited free time, I'd finish up my Duolingo trees and conquer that German text book so I can learn how to properly use past/future tenses.

It did start to rain right as the grilling was completed, but it was ok because we'd relocated to the apartment's screened in porch since it was too breezy at the pool/common area.  We hung out and drank beers (bitch beers for me, tyvm) and chatted for several hours.  I had brought a few games that maybe we could play, but we didn't end up playing, booooo.

Finally around 1030, Teh German agreed that it was time to go home.. after I'd been yawning incessantly for the prior hour.  I'm old, I can't help it that I have an old lady bedtime.


Originally on Saturday, I had planned to go to boozy yoga, but really needed some downtime and it cost money, so yeah I save money!  With pressure from Teh German, I opted to stay home in bed after he got up and left for work.  I slept in as long as I could.  I had so much guilt, it was obnoxious.  Guilt about all the things I should have been doing, picking out fans, lights, trees, cleaning, doing laundry, walking the dogs, doing a puzzle, doing my German lessons, sleeping more, relaxing, considering starting to pack, and a million other things that weren't absolutely necessary at that exact moment.. Thanks Brain!

Oh and, I was getting a headache.  So, I did what any reasonable person would do.  I got out of bed about 30 minutes before Teh German was supposed to come home, took care of some stuff around the house, then threw on some running gear and went running.. THEN I had guilt that I didn't bring the dogs with me and that I didn't call Teh MD-AR while I was out.  I had to talk myself down.  I needed some ME time.  NEEDED.  I needed to just put some music on and pound it out on the pavement.  I needed to NOT have my arm jerked out of socket and be tripped up by Phil and Meri.  I needed to just be with my thoughts, despite how much I wanted to call Teh MD-AR and tell her about stuff and things.  When I came home, huffing and puffing and mostly out of breath, Teh German was making leftovers for lunch and was slightly concerned at my state.  Then I explained that I maintained a 9:30/mile pace, and he got it.  Also, did you know that you can run so many apps without mobile data?  That's what I learned on Saturday.  Sadly, I had used a lack of mobile data as an excuse not to run on Friday morning #dontjudgeme.

My headache wasn't gone when I got home, but it wasn't worse, which was important.  In my persistent guilty state, I drove the dogs around the neighborhood to at least get them out of the house for a few minutes.  When I got back, lunch was ready.  We quickly ate and showered and headed towards downtown for our 2nd brews cruise.  I brought along a bottle of adult juice for myself since I wasn't drinking beer and I was planning on driving us back since I knew Teh German would be pretty schlotzed.  We were right on time.  I thought we might be late since I didn't realize we were picking someone up on our way.  Oops.  The bus was actually a few minutes late, so it didn't really matter.

Our first stop was Coast Brewing, which is right beside Company.  He even went the same way I go to work, which was kinda trippy for a Saturday.  Right as we were finishing up at Coast, a school bus unloaded way too many people for us to stay there much longer.  We high-tailed it out of there since we knew it was going to start getting even more crowded at one of the smallest breweries in town.  Our next stop was Holy City, which I was pumped about because they served food and I didn't really have much for lunch because I wasn't really hungry yet from my run and it meant that Germans could assess the pretzels.  I was able to get a sweet tea and ordered some food for everyone to share.  I did fail at closing out my tab, but I saw the sign that said they'd add 20% gratuity to tabs that weren't closed out, which is what I would have left anyways, so it was fine.  We were at Holy City for about an hour, then we headed downtown to Palmetto Brewery.  I instantly got distracted by the book houses set up to be painted right at the entrance.  I pretty much deserted our group to paint a book house.

PS. A bookhouse is essentially one of those bird house looking things but instead of being for birds, it's got books in it!  It's like a magic little library.  I love them.  There is actually one near shitty house, I've checked it out once or twice, sadly didn't find anything, but I guess I could have donated book to that box instead of anywhere else.  *I'll remember that for next time.*

unintentional matching.

Teh German was pretty drunk by this point because he kept coming over for kisses.  The group went inside the brewery for a tour so I gave up on my painting and went and joined them for our last little bit at the brewery.  Our guide realized that several in our group were getting pretty drunk, so it was time to call it quits.  It was around this point, I started forcing water on Teh German, who was actually drinking it, much to my happiness.

We made it back to the Visitor's Center and the rest of the group decided to go drinking somewhere else, at which point, Teh German and I parted ways with them and went home.  We still had a hockey game later to attend and Teh German was on the brink of being too drunk to endure.  When we got home, I made dinner and Teh German struggled through washing the dishes (his choice).  He had lots more water and noms and then I talked him into laying down for a quick nap.

Around 6:45, I went to wake him up and he was groaning at me and generally not acting like he was going to get up for the game, despite my best attempts.  At which point, I started surveying a few friends to see if they wanted to go with me since the ticket was already paid for.  No takers so I headed out on my own.  I'm a big freakin' girl, I can do it myself.  About 10 minutes after the game started, Teh German called me asking me where I was.  Grrrreeeaaattt.. He told me to come pick him up and I was like, NOPE.  I ended up getting an Uber for him (since he didn't have an account (fixed that shit with a quickness)) and he met me at the game.  He was still drunk, but significantly better than the state I had left him in.

The game was most excellent.  Stingrays won 5-1.  Which saved me money since that means they advance to the next round and we don't have to have 2 more games.  As someone who may have at least $200-300 worth of potential hockey game tickets on my counter, I am appreciative to have saved $80 by advancing to the next round.  #priorities

After we got home from the game, we crashed hard.


Despite Sunday morning being a slow start, I was awake at 06 and unable to go back to sleep, which was completely annoying to me.  I got up and started drafting this post and messing around on the internets.  We had committed to going to a pool gathering/cookout at Teh German coworker's apartment complex for brunch at 11.  We had said we'd pick up pretzels from Holy City for brunch (because ya know, Germans), but turns out, they don't serve pretzels on Sunday.. only their brunch menu.  Yeah, wouldn't have guessed that ever.  Thwarted, we went to the party empty handed.  It wasn't that big of a deal, but I was disappointed.

I was amused that the brewery had Jesus TV on.

After trying out some white german sausage (not a dirty euphemism), I threw on my suit and the ladies decided to lay out by the pool.  The water was pretty chilly, so the only time I got in was when I was overheating.  Apparently, sunscreen is cool now, so I reapplied several hours into my laying out.  The ONE place I didn't apply sunscreen?  Under my boobs.  Guess who has an underboob sunburn.  This girl.  Only me.

Also, yay for finally getting to wear my new swim suit.. although it's really less of a SWIM suit and more a be cute suit.  It's made for laying and standing completely still.  No activities at all really.  The real problem is that my boobs fall out the bottom when I move around, but I love the suit so I don't want to return it (and I'm not sure I still can).  Also, this would be how I achieved getting an underboob sunburn.

Around 3 we finally left the pool gathering and we headed up to House to count light bulbs.  I want to install all LED bulbs.  I counted 43 light bulbs and that's not including lights in the fans that have yet to be purchased/installed.  I also really want the Phillips Hue system and I'm not going to waste money on LED bulbs for those sockets, knowing that we're going to replace them in the very near future.  The real push for this is that Shitty House's power company offers discounted LED bulbs and I want to use that before it's no longer an option.

Enjoying the soft carpet.

After House, we went by the Commissary where I finally picked up some veggies and more meat for the freezer.  YAY for not needing to go to the grocery store other than for fresh items for another month.  By the time we got home, I had to keep myself going otherwise, I would have fallen asleep.  I put away the groceries and made dinner and prepped dog dinner/breakfast.  After dinner, I sat down on the couch and was falling asleep doing a puzzle.  Eventually, I got up and got ready for bed.  Teh German gave me a quick back rub before we fell asleep.

Overall it was a good weekend, but really, I'd like a nap and a coworker already pointed out how much I've been cursing already this morning.  In my defense, the headers in my document disappeared for the mabillionty-ith time and I'm just so over this overdue project.

That's ONE WEEK, Gentle Readers.  I can handle life for the next month.. I can do it, I can do it.  The next month because Closing = Moving.  Then guests are coming, then packing, then drive to MD, then Germany.  Stuff and things.. I got this.  More backrubs would probably help.

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  1. I've never been to a hockey game! I really want to try to make it sometime.

  2. oh those book houses are so cool! i have looked into those, the free little libraries or whatever they are called, and there are like 2 in our city but i've never been to one. and um, i'm sorry and i am ashamed to admit this, but i buy frozen meatballs. i have tried making meatballs once or twice or 7 times and they were horrible because i suck at cooking. sigh.

  3. The bird/book houses are pretty cool! Also, you're a lefty eh? Lefties are a dying breed! Random, useless fact for you. LOL!

    Love the German's face at the brewery. He looks hammered! Hahaha! And same with at the hockey game, he looks a bit fuzzy around the edges even after his nap.

    SIX DAYS GIRL!!!! :)

  4. Busy busy weekend! I was mostly planning our mini holiday and cleaning my house...not exciting.

    I've never been to a hockey game but it sounds like fun!!!!


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