Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday #85


House update (since it's been a hot minute):

Plumbing and fixtures and yard and shower doors and dishwashers, oh my!

Bathroom selfie!
"Get in the shower with me so I can take a photo!"

This is private business!

Laundry room sink!

Garage sink and Hurricane panels for the windows (SC requirement).

"Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"
Also, why we can't just share a mailbox stand with the neighbor is beyond me, poor mail person..

The rear speakers were moved back so Teh German and I wouldn't have to have a couch placement debacle (again).


He was so excited to play with the fridge.
Why Megan can't have nice things: The first thing I did was test to see if the water dispenser worked.. It does.

My tub is complete!!!


Blind slats selfie!

Is it crazy to anyone else that we will be in House within the month a few weeks?  I keep telling myself we'll close on the 10th instead of the 3rd, just in case there is any delay (there are a few issues that are still outstanding), so I won't be disappointed because my disappointment runs deep and wide.  Granted, I have been saying "6 more months" since November, so maybe that is part of the time lapse.  I keep telling myself 1 month and we're already at the end of April.. so maybe more like 2 weeks.  WTF?  YAYYYYY!!!

Oh yeah, it's official... We'll be closing MAY 3rd!!!!


If you've been a Gentle Reader for a while, you might remember that I often don't acknowledge the month of May.  IDK why, it's a me thing, but it's real.  Teh Bear sent me this powerpoint once and it still applies.

I don't think I'll have that option next month since so many big things are happening.  Mostly House and moving related things, but also I need to start prepping for Germany.  I needed to finish out my Duolingo tree (I'm so close it hurts and I haven't had extra time to work on it to finish it out).  I need to pack, unpack, and then pack for 3 weeks of vacation (DC/Germany/DC).  I need to order dog food and have it sent to Teh MD-AR so Phil and Meri can eat while we're away.

I also need to wash every.single.item in our closet to get rid of any lingering mold issues, as well as wipe down ALL my shoes which is infuriating.  All of Teh German's clothes that never got unpacked after he moved out of The Closet also should probably be checked/washed before we leave, uuuuggghhhhh.  Did I mention that the washer at Shitty House bangs really badly on the spin cycle because the owner didn't want to get it fixed when I moved in after I reported it as having an error?  Yeah, well, it's off balance even worse now that it was before.  BTW.  I'm NOT the one who washed a dog bed in it.  Just sayin'... my dogs don't have long black hair.

Oh yeah, and Shitty House Owner wants to come and "make a new list of repairs to be made" (which sounds a lot to me like "find issues to blame on the tenant to keep her security deposit") the 2nd weekend of May.  Mmmkay.  Whatevs.  I'm hoping to have the house completely empty by then and he can take his Shitty House and shove it.  He agreed to let us us terminate the lease a month early, but only one month, not May and June, which is slightly irritating, but whatever.  That just means that I can use the house as a hotel if enough people come to help us move.  I'm assuming he needs the money for the repairs?  IDK.  I'm just over the entire situation and house.

Is it May yet?


Iz funnies for jou:

My entire day at work ^^


Well that escalated quickly...

I think I'll just start calling myself part of the Oregon Trail Generation...

It is still a shame that Harry Potter isn't real.

Turk and JD made bromance acceptable.

Funnies found here, here, and here.

Depression is hard.  #whatyoudontsee


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Giving my builder a handle of rum for dealing with us me.  I owe him so much more.
  2. Being reunited with Meri and Phil after a weekend of being away.  Being away from them for almost 3 weeks while we're in Germany may kill me.
  3. Snuggles with my Meri-Meri
  4. Receiving an appraisal value for more than we are paying for the house.
  5. Texting with Teh German in German and only having to look up a few words.
  6. Stingrays playoff tickets... even with dog teeth marks.
  7. Homemade meatballs, homemade spaghetti sauce, and meeting new people.
  8. Technology offering previous versions of that stupid shared document that magically lost MANY changes after I stopped working on it on Wednesday.
  9. The ability to draft this post at work.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay for an official closing date! I love your tub & the kitchen. #Heaven

  2. The house looks like it is coming together so great!!

  3. The house look great and that kitchen!!! Im glad its all coming together for yall!

  4. omg your tub! and omg your laundry sink! is it weird that i am super jealous of that sink? sigh.

  5. I still can't get over how quickly your house is coming together. Insanity, lady.
    Throw a party when you move out of the hellhole mold trap. I feel so bad for you guys, especially when you say your clothing is getting damaged. What a Fkn douchebag for not being a better landlord. Thankfully that will be a thing of the past reallllll soon.

    Have a fab weekend hun. xo

  6. The Goddamn it Mr Noodle cracks me up literally every time. I have a kid, have seen the show, have yelled at Mr Noodle.

    I am so jealous of the kitchen and the bath. Seriously I groaned I jealousy and my husband was alarmed.

  7. yay for the house!!!! Seriously though, that kitchen!!! And that tub!!! And laundry room!!!! We have a closet in our current house but the next hour so needs to be a laundry room!!!! I thought it wasn't a deal breaker but it SO IS!!!!


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