Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Confessions {4/6}

-I was feeling super self-conscious about my flab in the dress I wore to work last week.  Then when I went up to grab my morning tea, the building manager (who also happens to be my clothing kindred spirit) said, "This. (motions to my outfit)  Va-va-voom!  You better stay at your desk all day other wise the guys won't be able to work!"  It definitely gave me the confidence boost I needed.  #fatweekisforever

-I hadn't ever heard of Amazon Dash until last week.  I'd seen them on the Amazon page, but didn't really know what they were.  Now I do.  WTF are people so lazy that they can't be bothered to make a list and go to the store anymore?  I get it, convenience, busy people, blah blah blah.. but it's kinda creepy to push a button for a specific product and it arrives at your door 2 days later.  Note: You can also have a dash button for condoms.  #convenienceisnotthesameaslaziness #butIcanseewhyyoumightbeconfused

-I/We've spent close to a mabillionty dollhairs over the last few week.  Things purchased:
  • A receiver for House
  • A subwoofer for House
  • A new shirt at the race expo (after being talked out of buying the Woot shirt that morning)
  • Shrimp and Grits 5k registration for Teh German and I for Jan 2017.
  • Plane tickets for 2 to DL in Sept.
  • Random eating outs (#Ihaveaweaknessfornoms)
  • Supplements for Phil/Meri/Me
  • new shampoo and conditioner (sulfate free)
  • KT tape (tattoo, tiger, and cow print, #tyvm)
  • More race registrations
  • At least 3 pounds of protein powder of various types (thank you HomeGoods)
  • A professional photo from the Bridge Run (1st solo run = deserved it)
  • Booze for my builder (ok and us too)
  • Hotel for our Moscow layover
  • Hotel for Disneyland (which will be split with Teh MD-AR)
  • Couches for House
Things I/we need/want to buy:
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Paint (eventually)
  • Fans
  • Home decor
  • "Sofa table" (aka a bookshelf or something to go behind the couch)
  • Shelf/table for the toilet closet
  • Outside patio furniture
  • Adirondack rocking chair with a cup holder (Teh German (at least he knows what he wants))
-When Teh German fixes his lunch and doesn't bother to fix mine then huffs at me when I ask if he's going to fix my lunch too, I get slightly ragey.  I make your breakfast every morning without complaint and you huff at me because you have to put food that you already have out in additional bowls to save me some work?  I'll remember that next time I prepare leftovers for lunch and make just mine instead of his and hers..  #lesssighingmoredoing #solvedthisproblemviacommunication

-Me after signing up for several local races through the end of 2016:

-Reaction I get when I say to people, "It's only a 5/10k."

-I don't feel bad for the dude I almost smacked in the face when I went to high five someone during the Bridge Run.  He shouldn't have been trying to pass me on the right when there was no one on my left side.  #runningrules

-Teh German was super excited about this meat thing he purchased at the German meat market/butcher place and I finally cooked it last week.  He was super pumped and excited and I was leery.  Yeah, it tasted like Spam and bologna.  Also, I was told it was super fatty.  #moreoptionsinGermany

-I have a pair of croc style shoes but they are made by Airwalk and I LURVES THEM and I have ZERO shame wearing these bad boys...  #notsorry

-I have definitely requested a lot of things from my builder, to include moving the speakers in the ceiling back after the drywall was completed.  As a gift of gratitude for his patience of me, I gave him a handle of rum after stalking his FB for his phone number and discovering a post of a handle of Captain Morgan.  #Liquoristhebestpresent

-I have been told we should make a house warming registry, except that everything we want we see at different places and it's just so hard.  I don't want spatulas.  I want expensive stuff like patio furniture and fans and Lowes gift certificates.  Ok, and I want shirts still, but that's not the point here. #WHOHAVEIBECOME

-I skipped my period in March and after several people suggested I might be pregnant, I couldn't handle it anymore and pulled out the pregnancy test that expired in Oct 2015 (that I've been carrying around for years, not sure why, whatever, moving on) and did the test.  #NOTPREGNANT #goodjobIUD #Itrustyou

-It took a lot of #nofucksgiven and faked confidence to post the pic of me in the new bathing suit on Monday.  There was much debate in my head about it, but at the end I told myself that I'd be wearing it in front of strangers in public, so why wouldn't I post it here?  #ThanksSociety #selfconscious #bodiesaredifferent #acceptance

-Status of my life: I failed at linking up/doing a Show Us Your Books post yesterday.  That's pretty much how my entire life is going right now.  So if you're reading this and haven't received any comments from me in a while on your blog, know that I'm thinking of you and I'm sorry and I swear that one day I will catch up on my online life and until then, I'll be here for you via email.  #WhenLifeTakesOver

-After a rough night last night where Teh German was acting like a brat (sorry, it's true), he apologized this morning and I drove all the way to his work just to tell him thank you and give him kisses.  I made it back just in time for my 9am meeting. #likeaboss #bestteam4ever

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  1. Dont you just love getting a compliment on something you are wearing?!?! Especially when you are feeling unsure in it. You guys did buy a lot of stuff!!!! The pains that come with getting a new house is you have to furnish it and want all the pretty things! I feel like blog land has been quiet lately, so you aren't the only one.

  2. Hellooo, it's me. I'm sorry I haven't commented, but I read everything! Life is just bananas. Wanted to tell you I give you crazy PROPS for posting that bathing suit pic - not for any reason other than people are such dicks about women who take/post photos of themselves. i had a friend recently tell me i was a 'selfie queen' and even though i *have* taken them, I CERTAINLY AM NO QUEEN - nor do I need to feel like someone is gonna make me feel dumb for posting a selfie occasionally. You are fabulous and your fabulousness needs to be shown.

  3. Unsolicited comments are wonderful gifts.
    People say to you it is "only" a 5k or 10k? I want to bitch slap those people. I'm not even sure that I could run 200 yards right now.

  4. that is awesome that you got a compliment that made you feel better! and that is so true about the bathing suit pics, i wear them in front of strangers so what is the difference when posting online? who knows. it looks fabulous on you! i think it's hilarious when people say it's only a 5k or 10k.. i think it's even funnier when people (like my mum) say 'my daughter runs marathons!' when i'm running a 5k, like mum calm down don't tell people that lol

  5. Houses are expensive!
    Races are expensive!

    Boys are beats about helping it seems. My husband is always huffing about and I do literally EVERYTHING here!

    Yay IUD! You go IUD!


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