Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Review {4/4}

After a moderately shitty weekend (last weekend), and a super shitty week, I was super ready for the weekend. 


Friday morning, the rook piercing fell out.  We couldn't find the barbell, which meant that hoarding all those barbells from my eyebrow piercing was actually useful!  Teh German slid the barbell in for me and I headed to the piercer for the 2nd time this week after I was done with work on Friday.  I got rainbow balls, but the lady who was putting the jewelry in for me said that she thought I could use a longer bar while it's still healing so the swelling isn't so painful.  I said whatever works for her.  She ended up having to rethread the needle through rather than hurting me to get it in.  Way nicer than the guy on Wednesday who screwed the ball back on my daith piercing, who almost made me vomit. 

I headed home and tried to pick up Phil and Meri from Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor's house, but when I didn't get an answer, I just headed home.  I laid on the couch reading for a while.  I had just fallen asleep when Teh German texted that he had a few more things to do, which I thought meant he'd be home in 15-20 minutes.  Almost 45 minutes later, he came home.  Le sigh.

I was in a pretty nasty funk for most of last week, and Friday was no exception.  Teh German not getting home till almost 6pm didn't help.  Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor delivered Meri and Phil home a bit later and soon after that, we decided to go drop Yurtle off downtown so I'd have a way to get home without having to deal with the bus situation after the Bridge Run.  Teh German Girls came with us since we were also planning on getting dinner.

I tried to pull myself out of my funk throughout the week and was unsuccessful.  I'm pretty good at putting on my Happy Megan self when I'm around other people, but when I'm alone or when Teh German isn't interacting with me, I'm mostly just wallowing in misery about things that don't really require wallowing or being miserable about and/or making issues out of things that are only issues in my head.  For example: I was pouty because when Teh German came home and realized that I was in a "mood", instead of laying on the couch to snuggle away my funk, he went and sat on the other couch and started scrolling through social media.  Granted, he doesn't get to sit on social media all day like I do, so I get it, but at the same time, I definitely needed some assistance getting out of my funk.

So anyways, I picked up Teh German Girls on my way downtown and Teh German was meeting us downtown.  After getting moderately lost in Charleston and dealing with a mabillionty tourists AND BUCKETS of rain and full parking garages, I just headed to the aquarium parking garage, since I knew that they would have available spots.  On the night before the race, several garages offer overnight parking is $5 if you're out by 11.  Having finally got Yurtle parked, we headed to Hannibal Soul Food, a place I'd found on Yelp.  What I didn't check: the address.  Oops.  When we pulled up, Teh German actually said, "Are we sure we want to eat here?  This place looks shady."  I said that we could go somewhere else, but I really wanted to eat downtown since we rarely go downtown for anything ever for all the problems that we encountered.  We were in the hood, Gentle Readers, THE HOOD.  Not only were we like day-walkers, I was with 3 Germans who talked funny. 

For the record: I didn't think we'd be the only white people in the restaurant.  But we were.  Having been in this situation before (thank you, Teh WJL), I acted normal.  Teh German did NOT act normal.  He acted pissed off and was mostly a dick about everything.  There was some speaking in German until I said, "Not here."  Ordering was laborious (kinda like everyone was in shock at the white people standing at the register/we came in around the dinner rush?) and then we waited forever while we witnessed all the other patrons of the restaurant greeting each other and try not to stare when they realized there were 4 white people in a booth.  Eventually, Teh German lightened up and became friendly again.  When food was delivered, he became even more friendly because the food was delicious.  A lot salty, but delicious. 

When we left, I asked Teh German if he'd go back and he said, Yes.  I then said, "Would you do takeaway?"  He didn't answer and I admitted, "I'd do takeaway."  Everyone got a laugh out of that.

I had suggested ice cream for dessert, but since it was raining and downtown was an absolute nightmare, I suggested we either skip the place I wanted to go or go somewhere else.  I suggested Sesame for an adult milkshake.  As we drove by Ye Olde Fashioned, Teh German suggested stopping there for ice cream, but I told him that Sesame had beer and that was enough to sway him.  I told him I'd sacrifice for him so he could have a beer since I just put him through a very stressful time.

After Sesame, we took Teh German Girls home and we headed home and crashed since we had an early start on Saturday morning.


Since Teh German was dropping me off at the coliseum so I could catch a bus to Mount Pleasant, he went into work early.  We got up at 0530ish and got ready to head out.  The forecast was looking pretty ominous and suggested that it would probably rain for the entire race.  It was also kind of chilly, so for the first time ever, I brought donate clothes.  In fact, I even pulled my long sleeve shirt from the donate basket, sorry Teh Sister.  I also grabbed a trash bag to put over my upper body, which also helped me keep warm.  I questioned why I had tossed those Disney keflar blankets that they gave us post race and told myself I'd have another opportunity to pick some up for future races in September, hopefully.

Running through the start line!

I was a little sad that I "couldn't" stop at my favorite coffee place.  I mean, I could have, but I was trying to semi-run-for-time, so I didn't.  I did, on the other hand, stop a few times to take some photos.  I forgot to get going down the bridge photos... oops.  There's always next year (AND Teh MD-AR will be with me)!

Very rarely are you able to get perfect alignment on Bridge photos.  Also rare: NO traffic to/from the Bridge.

Heading into the downtown portion of the run.

I ran the Navy-Air Force Half with this lady who recognized me at the start line.

All done!  I had a stranger take a photo of me, but that ended poorly..
It's 2016, I feel like everyone should know how to use a camera by now. 

After I had eaten something and had some water, I headed towards Yurtle and managed to get lost and go through the ghetto for the 2nd time in less than 15 hours.  But this time I was walking...  I eventually found Yurtle.

Unless we are friends on FB, up to this moment, you're thinking, it looks like you had so much fun!  Well, I didn't really.  I cried until I was almost home.  I cried while writing my FB post, which took me 30 minutes to craft.  I even cried in the shower.  Here is my post-race FB post so you maybe understand a little better. 

So yeah, the struggle was real.  Teh German came home right after I made my post.  I showered and we decided to grab lunch at Mex 1 then ride up to House.  I okayed Mex 1 because Teh German was starving and I knew they'd have chips and salsa.

The coolest thing about running is AFTER the run when you get to hang out with stranger who also suffered with you.  In fact, that's the cool thing about the Bridge Run.  Many locals participate, which means that days and even weeks after, you may or may not have something to talk about with a stranger.

Mex 1 didn't disappoint and we happened to see someone from Crossfit there making a work delivery.  I was wearing my race shirt since I had washed it (it's unusual for me to do laundry that quick after receiving new clothes, which MUST be washed before I wear them) and we chatted with several people who had also done the race.  After we were finished, we headed up to the Crick to check on House.

It was the first time Teh German got to park in the driveway and the outside of the house is complete with the exception of the gutters and landscaping.  We also had lights inside and the kitchen island was turned the correct direction, although it was still crooked (which I texted the builder about on Sunday evening just in case).

Ding dong!

We had planned on scoping out some furniture after visiting House, but my head was hurting and I was exhausted and overwhelmed at life, so we headed home for much needed naptime.  As we were headed home, Teh SC Teacher texted, asked if we wanted to come over and grill out for dinner.  We agreed and said we'd be there around 6.  After our nap, we got up slowly and got ready.  We fed the beasts and headed out to pick up supplies from the grocery store, then went to their house.

Teh German Girls were there, as well as Teh SC German, and we all snacked on chips and chatted for a while then decided to get on the dinner agenda.  Sausages were on the menu and grilled veggies and some super food salad we had picked up at Bilo since they were completely out of potato salad (wtf?).  Everything was delicious.  After, Teh SC German started a fire in the fire pit after being peer pressured by me.  Sadly, it was pretty windy, so the smoke was making us miserable and the ladies headed inside to play The Game of Things for a while.  We definitely had some giggles.  We eventually got the guys to come in and play the game with us.  It was way more difficult with more people.  We ended up only doing 1 round because Teh German and I were tired and ready to go home.  We're old people.  Whatevs.

We got home around 10:30 and pretty much went straight to bed.  Lesson of the day: getting up at 0530 is hard.


We started off Sunday morning with a Skype date with Teh German's Mom.  I was pleased that I was able to know what they were talking about in German, even if I couldn't understand each sentence.  After skype-time, it was breakfast time.

Teh German was on bacon duty and I had egg duty.

"Bacon is art." - Teh German
I didn't even make that up.

"Oh look, TWINS!" - Teh Megan
I promptly sent this photo to Twin Mom.

There was some debate about what I'd be doing on Sunday because I had wanted to go to the Bee and Honey Festival, but I didn't really want to go alone and Teh German was going on a ride with Teh SC German.  Teh SC Neighbor said she'd go with me, but then I changed my mind and decided to go on a ride too.  I had been worried about it being too windy, but it turned out to be just right.

We headed up to Teh SC German/Teh SC Teacher's house first.  We offered to take them by House to check it out.  Oh yeah, we also had floors on Saturday, which was SUPER exciting.

I noticed that the cabinets over the stove have the wrong doors AND that the island is definitely glued down crooked. 
Le siiiigh.

Laminate hardwood.  Iz so preetaaayy.

We had picked Edisto Beach as our destination after checking out House.  I was leery of this because 1 week short of a year ago, I crashed Mike there.  I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious, lol.  We made it with zero incident.  When we went through the corner where I went down, I had a little bit of tingly feeling, but I was going a speed I was comfortable with and I was just fine.  Experience really does make a difference.

Group shot!

Pretty sure this is the first shot of me on the bike with just me.

We arrived to Edisto and parked at the gas station and then decided to check out what the coffee shop on the pier had.  They had nothing... because they were closed.  Please see photo below.

Left to Right:
Teh German, Teh Megan, Teh SC Teacher, Teh SC German

Once we were all tired of the no-see-ems harassing us, we headed back to Charleston.  Teh German was recording, but we haven't figure out the editing process for the motovlogging stuffs yet, so maybe one day I'll be able to show you his footage..  One day.  At least he uses the camera I got him for Christmas.. that's all I care about, lol.

Bug aftermath, bleh.

Once we got home, we rested for a bit and I continued doing the laundry and made dinner.  After dinner, it was time for dishes and more laundry and getting ready for the work week.


I think that maybe I'm coming out of my funk.  I'd been calling it PMS for the last week thinking that's what it was, but I can't be sure.  It coincided with Teh German and those difficulties (which I don't handle well because you remember that one time when I was paranoid the bottom was going to fall out of the best relationship I've ever been in?  Yeah, that's sometimes still a thing) and usually PMS is tolerable, it doesn't includes days worth of mood swings and crying.  #beingagirlishard

What really helped kick me out of my funk was my newly discovered song and seeing flooring in House.  It's coming along nicely and I'm super excited to move in ....NEXT MONTH #omgwtf


  1. oh my goodness, what a race. that's so cool that woman recognised you, and i agree with you about people using a camera in 2016. like how hard is it. but anyway. it sounds like you got some positives out of a crappy race, and good for you for doing it completely on your own. it doesn't sound like a big deal but i have never done a race completely on my own and i don't think i could! you're awesome, seriously. and i know what you mean about seeing locals after the race, that's so cool.
    and yay next month moving in! that is so fabulous. the flooring and cabinets look great! are they gonna fix the wrong cabinet door above the stove and the kitchen island?!

  2. I feel you on the funk. I can't even write lately and basically feel miserable all the time.

    But the house is looking amazing and I am super jealous! Such pretty floors! one month to go!!!!!

  3. You are the best looking trash bag wearing woman I've ever seen! Hahaha.

    See if that was me, the weather alone would've made me want to burst into tears and just stay home. But alas, you are a hardcore runner. How long you been running anyways?


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