Friday, April 1, 2016

Five on Friday #84


From my phone this week:

Watched some pretty epic fights at the Stingrays game on Tuesday, which also happened to be Ladies night. 
Yay, free admission!

Teh Megan, Teh German, Teh German Girl
Not pictured: Coworker and her husband.

I stopped to get a car wash after work when I saw some kids out holding signs.
They didn't even wash half my windshield or the top of my car and so many other places.
#worstideaoftheweek #worstcarwashever #whatissoap #teachkidstowashcars

I was showing Teh German something on my phone and dropped it and busted my lip.
I was crying and Teh German was laughing.

Laughs after tears.

Uhhh, was ist dass hinter da?

Slow close cabinets with tray pull outs, WOOOOOOT

Teh German's replacement (dishwasher)

Quality Managers never stop working....

We have a doorbell!

2nd year in a row.
Packet pick up for the Bridge Run.

Get a locking trashcan, they said.
It will work, they said.
It's worth the expense, they said.
THEY obviously never had to deal with #goatdogs

New shirt that I was unable to resist:
Will run for sweet tea.

Packets included a weird baklava thing this year.
The paper tells you all the different ways you can wear the cloth tube.

April Fools!
Nurpe.  Headed to the Genius Bar this afternoon.  Le siiigh.


Tomorrow is the Bridge Run and I'm hoping it goes well.  It's just a 10k (I know, I know.. "'Just a 10k.' Shut up, Megan.") but my feet haven't stopped hurting since I went to the doc in Jan when I was diagnosed with plantar fascia.  Running actually helps, oddly enough, but that first mile is generally pretty rough. 

Also, for the first time since before I became a Princess, I'll be running on my own.  No dogs, none of my people.  Part of me is looking forward to this, but part of me isn't.  Teh German had said he was going to run it with me, up until today when he found out he needs to work tomorrow.  Le sigh.  I won't even have a cheerleader and this extended period of PMS makes me want to cry about it, actually.

I had planned for after run activities, but now, they probably won't happen.  IDK.  We'll see. 

Oh yeah, and it's rain or shine.  It's supposed to rain.

When I was at the expo yesterday, getting buzzed enjoying free samples of Tito's vodka and Firefly moonshine and buying awesome shirts I don't really need, I signed Teh German and I up for the Shrimp and Grits 5k in Jan 2017.  Really, I just want the medal that says shrimp and grits, otherwise we would have done the 1/2 marathon through Charleston.  While the 1/2 path was awesome, the 5k medal is what I wanted.  Silly, but I saved $50 and I didn't have to wait for Teh German's response to "Should I sign you up for the Charleston 1/2 marathon?" because it's just a 5k.  Again, I know, I know.. "'Just a 5k.' Shut up, Megan."  I've wanted to do the shrimp and grits run for 2 years in row now, so 3rd year's a charm.  Maybe after that I'll do the 1/2 for the path?  We'll see if I survive all this running through 2018.

I am planning to do the Bridge Run for the infinite future.  Teh MD-AR has already told me she wants to do the Bridge Run in 2017 since it's the 40th one.  It's a local race that attracts over 25k people each year.  Why wouldn't I run it is the real question.  Even if I'm no longer a runner, I could still walk it.


I was going to list this with all the links, but this one is important to me in many ways.

The author of Luckiest Girl Alive talks about the story behind the book.  And I cried.. sitting at my desk at work.

1.  It's about a book that I questioned putting on my TBR list because it's a flashing neon trigger for me.  So it relevant to me because: reading.
2.  It could be a personal trigger because: rape.

The story behind the book shouldn't make or break me wanting to read this book, but it does.  I definitely want to read it now.  Soooo many reviews on GoodReads say this book is pretty much garbage, but I also think a lot of people went into the book expecting Gone Girl and being extremely disappointed.  Side note: I hate when people compare books to other books.  No book is the same.  Why would you even want to read the same book?

My only fear is that I'm going to struggle with the materialistic-ness of this book.  I mean, the main characters name is TifAni someThing.  With weird caps.  In fact, I thought it was like one of those AlTeRnAtInG cApS things/typos for some reason.  Nope, apparently that's the name of the character.

That said, even if you weren't a fan of the book, that link makes me glad that it's 2016 and not 1990 anymore.  I'm glad that we aren't AS afraid to discuss topics like rape and homosexuality.
BTW, I wish people were as vocal about being anti-rape as they are about being anti-homosexual.  Or better yet, if all the anti-homosexual people could just start being anti-rape, that'd be a great outlet for your hate trains.


What every woman/girl/female/person ever needs to read.

My first thought was "JELLO SHOTS!"  Obviously, I should have unleashed College Megan a little more...

When the Internet names things...  This is not about the Boaty McBoaterson.

GTMO review.  Again, why the Internet is mostly fantastic.

I think I need some of these things in my life.

How Disney Villains would act in real life.

OMG all the lolz from these Youtube comments.

Divergent puns.. all the joy was given to me.


10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. Creating a blog post that wasn't a weekend review, confessions, or 5 on Friday for the very near future.
  2. Dog sitting the other neighborhood greyhound on Mon/Tues.
  3. Sunshine and walks outside with the pups after a rainy weekend.
  4. Not feeling any guilt about what I shoved down my throat for a solid 10 hours on Thursday.
  5. SC Greyhound Neighbor asking if Phil and Meri could come stay with her today since she was teleworking.
  6. An epic week of quotes on my page-a-day calendar.  See the last photo of my desk under Eins to see some of them.
  7. My new "Will run for sweet tea" shirt
  8. Overdraft protection for when I don't time my payments correctly because #Meganfail
  9. Coming home yesterday night from shopping with Twin Mom and the laundry had been taken care of for me!  #mineminemine #bestboyfriendever
  10. Giggles with Teh German despite another stressful week.


  1. i'm sorry, but like Teh German I laughed at your busted lip. I, too, have dropped my phone on my face before (SIGH) but it never resulted in Kylie Jenner-esque lips. Congrats!

  2. I just tried Titos vodka last night and had about 6 shots in three gimlets. Holy shit man hahaa! I'm fuzzy around the edges today that iS for sure.
    Love that your neighbors loves your dogs like her own. That's awesome when you find dog people you trust implicitly.

  3. Yay, appliances! So exciting!

    Yay, sweet tea and runs! You're making me want to do all the races! Maybe next year, lol. There have been like 4 5ks here in the past month and it's killing me.

    Hope the book is good- knowing the story behind it totally makes a difference sometimes. And take your time getting through it if you need to. I started one early in my pregnancy that included a miscarriage and had to put it down for a while (and that wasn't even a main storyline).


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