Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Confessions {3/30}

-96 hour pay periods are good and bad.  Yay for extra days to work extra long hours for half days on Friday.  Boo for averaging the pay during those periods.  #salarylife #Ilovemyjob

-FB creating their own map site is stupid.  It's called Here, which is stupid.  Why can't they just pay Google a little bit so I wouldn't have to do it on my own?  #integrate

-Willie Jewells (aka my favorite bbq place) shows up under the education section of my USAA budgeting thing because the full name is Willie Jewel's Old School BBQ.  Good job USAA and technology on accuracy.  #justkidding  #allinaname

-Websites should be available 24/7.  That's the thing about the internet, it's always available.  So for your site to not be accessible certain times is fucking stupid.  No I don't care if I'm trying to access your site on a Sunday morning at 3am.  Get your fucking shit together and learn to do business in 2016.  #WTF

^^This shit is unacceptable.
Also unacceptable: These hours are NOT posted anywhere on the sign in screen or anywhere in big fat red letters during those outage times.  The worst part?  This is a website used by my mortgage company for me to view/sign documents.. Wait, the absolute worst part?  Resetting my password no less than 10 different times, probably using all my good password combinations and rendering useless for the next 2 months when I can't remember my password and have to do password resets... again.

-Regarding all those password resets: I actually had my password correct the very first time I reset it, but since I didn't realize the fucking site was down, I figured I'd forgotten my password so I reset it.  #TOOMUCHRAGE #PMSisfanningtheflames

-I felt like an absolute heathen for not even considering going to church on Easter.

-I am 95% certain that PMS amplified all my problems with everything ever this weekend.  That said, maybe bitches shouldn't piss me off.

-It's not insomnia when someone comes home at 0230 (after leaving at 9pm for a beer or two) and rouses the dogs then makes it quietly into bed, only to wake you up again with their twitching.  #Ishouldhavemedicated #earplugswerenotenough

-I was going to write another review for the book challenge, but I'm halfway through my last book and I figured it wasn't necessary.  Then I reconsidered so I could do a bonus round listing.  #wellseewhathappens  #Iwontfinishthebonusround

-I checked the time in Sydney before messaging Erin to update her on my challenge.  #timezonewoes

-I am generally a messy eater.  I had chicken salad on pumpernickel bread for lunch 2 days this week and it was like bathing in it.  #slob

-I taught Teh German that when he is dropping of a lady somewhere, to wait on them to get in their building/start their car before pulling away.  #strengthinnumbers #ladycode

-I kinda felt like I was at Pax Romana cheering for the hockey players fighting at the Stingrays game on Tuesday night.  #keepinitclassy

-All week I've struggled with what day it is, which is why these are being posted late and with minimal no gifs.

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  1. what. that is unacceptable. like, i understand when websites go down and shit, but to have 'hours'? no. that's ridiculous.

  2. Ummm what do you mean a website isn't available at certain times? What in the actual shit is that???? And ummmm I find it hilarious that you had to teach the German to wait until his lady enters a building before pealing off. I even do that when I drop my friends off at the cars or what not. Its common courtesy. The world can be scary, gosh!

  3. You checked the time before messaging me?!? Hell, that's more consideration than most of my family gives me.

    That website and password woes you speak of. I get it. I have that with the immigration website. Don't ask me to send more documents when I've already reached "maximum attachments allowed", and you don't allow me to send documents via email or snail mail...and the system is shut down for maintenance for me to put in a formal request to up my amount of allowed documents. (breathe, Erin, breathe)


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