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runDisney Princess Weekend 2016: Thursday

Teh MD-AR arrived in Charleston on Wednesday night and super early on Thursday morning, we were up and out the door headed to hang out with Mickey Mouse.

Phil and Meri supervised as we got ready.

I almost forgot my ears.  As in, had to run back in the house and grab them at the last second.

6 hours of driving later, our lives were infused with some extra magic...

Our first stop was the Expo since we had heard tales of it being an absolute nightmare and we wanted to power through that.  Also, we couldn't check into our hotel until 3.  We had planned to right a little after lunch time and we were right on time.  This worked out nicely because all the crowds that had been there for the opening had dissipated and we had zero issues at packet pick up.

There was a row of stands for each race that was occurring that weekend.
All the volunteers were super helpful and friendly!



After picking up our bibs, we noticed that Jasmine was hanging out in the corner and there was barely a line so we definitely got some photos with her AND she even autographed our bibs!

Maureen was very awesome and took our photo with Jasmine.. AFTER taking an accidental selfie.


After packet pickup, we headed toward the building the Expo was taking place at.  On the way we passed through a hall with character quotes.  I'm not one to miss a photo opportunity at Disney.

Some people are worth melting for.
-Olaf, Frozen

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
-The Emperor, Mulan

I can go the distance.  I don't know how far.  Somehow I'll be strong.  I know every mile will be worth my while.
-Hercules, Hercules

My first Pocahontas sighting

Outside the Expo, the Footmen autographed our bibs and we got to walk down the red carpet.

Princess treatment!

And then we decended into the madness that was the Expo.  Truthfully, it wasn't really that bad.  About halfway through our shopping, Teh MD-AR realized she had lost her ID.  We agreed to get through the Expo then check lost and found to see if anyone had turned it in.

We met Miss Chiquita Banana

The strangest thing of the entire weekend was the long lines of people standing in line waiting to take a photo with various signs.  Whatever, it's Disney, I don't judge people.. but only because if they are in line for a sign, they aren't in my line for a character.

We still got a photo with a sign.

Right before we left the ESPN center, we checked lost and found and someone had turned in Teh MD-AR's ID, much to both of our relief.  From there we headed to Disney All-Star Movie Resort to check in.  There was a bit of confusion at first because the guy said our rate had went up $26 when we tried to check in and it was due before he could assign our room and we were quite confused until he realized he was wrong, I'd made a purchase at the Expo with my magicband which was the charge.  Satisfied with that answer, I paid and we checked in.  Before heading up to our room, we had to check out the store where I found my twin for Saturday.


Race Turvis, bibs, and pins for all the races.

Teh MD-AR and Teh Soccer Mom were geniuses and planned for us to decorate our window.  I have to say, of the few windows we saw that were decorated, ours was definitely the best.

After we had a few minutes to settle in and arrange our stuff, we headed to Universal Studios since we'd decided on having dinner at City Walk since Teh MD-AR hadn't been there before.  I had narrowed our choices down to the NBC Grill or Cowfish (which I went to last October when I came down for the Fright Nights thing with Teh German).

We settled on Cowfish (because sushi AND burgers = options AND they have a peanut butter and jelly milkshake).  We agreed to split everything, which meant that we were able to try all the best things.

There were heaters outside, so we chose to sit on the balcony outside.

The Prime Time Filet and Lobster Roll

I forgot to take a photo until this far into my half of the burger.
The Rise and Swine Burger

Not photographed: Peanut butter and jelly milkshake.

After dinner, we were stuffed and we decided to walk it off by going through the shops at City Walk.

Definitely had to send this to Teh Sister.

Yes, I miss my blue hair.

Bird brains..

Left Shark and Right Shark

This... thing.. was $398.  No, I am not kidding.  None of the shirts from this line were less than $200, to include the shirts that were on the clearance rack.  This just makes me question WHO THE FUCK BUYS THIS SHIT?!

Then we went into this weird Japanese themed store where we found some more weird shit.. including:

cow-rabbit with a mustache?

Everything unicorn you could possibly want.

Our last stop was the Fossil store.  I knew better, I really did.  One of the first things I did the very first time I was at Universal as a teenager was go into Fossil and buy a shirt because I knew that Fossil was a "good" brand.  This time, I didn't care that they were a "good" brand.. This time I cared about the fact that the Fossil wallet I bought in college lasted for over 4 years and the only reason I swapped it out with the 31 wallet was because the 31 wallet had a pocket to hold stuff since I'd stopped carrying a purse.  I'd been carrying my 31 wallet for several years and I have been in the market for a new wallet for a while to be honest.

I wasn't sold on the wallet until they told me they'd honor a coupon I'd found online.  Then I felt like it was meant to be.  As I was checking out, I smelled their perfumes and ended up buying myself the full size version of their women's perfume and Teh German the travel size.  1.  I've also been looking for a new perfume.  I'm over Vera Wang Princess and I'll always wear Clinique Happy, but I like having an alternative.  2.  Penney and I were pretty sure that if a reasonably attractive dude walked by wearing the men's cologne, we might start humping him it smelled so good.  3.  I had a coupon.

I ended up getting this wallet:

YOU GUYS.. IT'S REVERSIBLE, I SHIT YOU NOT.  So I can have a white OR black wallet.  Ok, it's really more like a clutch, but whatevs.  Technicality.  It fits my phone and my key fob and my cards and I even have pockets for stuff I don't even have yet.  I lurvs it.

After I spent way too much money at Fossil, we were out of shops to walk through, so we decided to head back to the hotel.  I had requested the 101 Dalmatians section of the hotel (other secions: Toy Story, Love Bug, Mighty Ducks, and Fantasia 2000).  It brought me great joy seeing Pongo and Perdita and Lucky and the Kanine Krunchies bones on the sidewalk each time we went to our room.

Before bed, I got to chat with Teh German a few minutes on Skype and then it was bedtime since we had to be up at 0345 Friday morning to catch the bus for the 5k.

Disney Princess Weekend 2016!!!

Thursday - Arrival, Expo, City Walk
Friday - 5k, shopping, Pasta in the Park @ Epcot
Saturday - 10k, Disney Springs, Disney All-Star Movie Resort
Sunday - Half Marathon, 52 Seasons
RunDisney Princess Weekend Summary - opinions, cost

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  1. ahhhh i love this! this makes me sad i didn't get to do it, and probably never will :( but i can live vicariously through you. cowfish looks good, we almost ate there when we went but had really crappy service and ended up leaving.. and we are super easy to please so for us to think people were rude they must have been really rude.. in my opinion anyway haha. that wallet is so pretty, how cool that they honoured the online coupon.


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