Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Confessions {3/2}

-Today is Teh Ginger's birfday.  While we only talk a few times a year, I still remember his birthday because it's mine reversed.  I'm not even sure if he reads/still reads Teh Blog.  #itsyerbirfday #Iremembered

-I went to the kitchen at work to retrieve an ice cream the other day and ended up washing the entire sink full of dishes, peeing, THEN finally getting my ice cream.  #whatthefuckjusthappened

-There was a never a day before February 2016 that I thought I'd actually sing happy birthday in German to someone right after waking up.  Well, it happened last Friday.  #bestgirlfriendever #Germglish

-I haven't blogged in 2ish weeks, as that one post about my book challenges was already drafted and actually was late to publish because #meganfail, and it's hard to want to make time to blog.  I don't have time at work anymore (yay/boo) and when I go home, the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer.  I always think that I'll do it while Teh German is out and I always come up with other fun things to do like sleep in, or run, or take the beasts on a walk, or do laundry, or puzzles and audiobook.  I want to do posts about the Disney runs and they are drafted, but not composed (as in, most of the photos are there, but there are no words).  #unmotivated #bloggerwoes

-Teh MD-AR decided she wants to do the Dumbo Dare at Disney Land in September (which I tried to talk her into before we registered for the Princess runs and she SWORE she was NOT running at Disney Land this year).  This is problematic for me (now) because House monies means the budget is limited and Teh German isn't really in support of my good idea of he and I joining Teh MD-AR in CA to run the races to get the extra challenge medal(s) (Plural because if you run a Disney World and Disney Land race in the same calendar year, you get the Coast-to-Coast medal + the Dumbo Dare (which is the same as the Glass Slipper challenge)).  #runnerproblems #disneyaddict #Idoitforthemedals #lookingfordonations #helpmeImpoor

These were from 2013, but MEDALS!  And the Coast to Coast is the same.

-I haven't shown you anything about House in a hot minute, but know that it's coming along nicely!

-I purposely talk with a southern drawl/accent under 2 circumstances: I'm talking to my Granny or with other Southerners who have a heavy Southern accent.  There are multiple reasons for this.  1. Southerners don't trust people who "talk funny" aka, don't speak like them.  People aren't generally nice to people they are suspicious of.  Generally, this means that people are nicer to me when I do this.  2. It's easier for them to understand me WITH an accent than WITHOUT.  #yesItalkfunny

-For those of you who were concerned (like 0 of you, I know), I finally started girl week 3 days after being home for Disney.  I'm not sure I've ever been more excited to have a period.  #Ilikemyeggsunfertalized

-The aftermath of said period is that the PMS was strong with this one and when Teh German insisted I was being grouchy, I said I wasn't, he said I was, I said I wasn't, he said I was, I said I gave up and started crying.  In, yet another, #bestboyfriendever move, instead of just getting frustrated with me and walking away, he came over to me and held me and we chatted about stuff that was stressing us out.  I'm still not sure how I got this lucky.  #PMSandpeopledontmix #keepinghimforever

-We still haven't gotten a dehumidifer from the landlord or house owner for the mold situation at Shitty House.  I'm so, so, soooo over this Shitty House.  #worstlandlordever #howmuchlonger

-I enjoyed how tired Meri and Phil were after their run on Sunday.  Does that make me a horrible Dog Mom? #dontcurr

-The Chiro was surprised at how out of alignment my neck was on Friday when I went to visit.  It popped WAY louder than normal.  #oldandcreaky

-I gave Teh German Fall Out Boy tickets for his birthday and the concert was last night.  I'm too old to be up that late.  We wore earplugs so we could hear today.  #notsorry #oldfogies #WHATDIDYOUSAY #HUHICANTHEARYOU

-I'm still infuriated that Runkeeper fucked up my Disney runs on Saturday and Sunday and didn't actually record the actual distance we ran.  I don't know how to leave feedback that will actually get a response, so I'm frustrated at being frustrated.  I'm probably going to end up switching running apps (again, ugh), but I'm so over Runkeeper.  #its2016 #technologyshouldjustwork

-I can't comprehend why when I go to Progressive and do a new insurance quote (vehicle or motorcycle), it's always cheaper than my renewal rate.  WTF, Flo?  #nomegusta

-I'm 45% fluent in (written) German.  Now if I could just remember what words mean, I'd be set.  #Germglish

-Monday when I did my first (of amabillionty) FB check, the "trending" feed showed me: 1- that Mad Max won best picture. 2- Some female celebrity wore a Brand Name dress.  3- Other female celebrity wore a Color Brand Name dress.  I'm not even sure why FB's algorithms would even think that I'd give 2 fucks about what celebrities wore to an awards show.  Will I ever be able to afford any of those dresses?  Nope.  Will they ever look that good on me?  Nurpeee.  #donotcurr #stalkmebetterFacebook

-I was aware of Til It Happens to You by Lady Gaga prior to the Oscars.  I think I first saw it right before the Super Bowl (because I was excited to see Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem).  I fucking love that song.  The video had me crying at my desk the first time I watched it.  Anyone who is one of the "1 in 4 women" or knows a "1 of 4 woman" will understand what she's singing about.  I watched a video of her performance for the Oscars and I almost cried at my desk, again.  I was super thrilled to see that there weren't just women on the stage at the end of the Oscar performance.

Coworker had seen the Joe Biden clip prior to the performance (which I didn't see) and it skewed his opinion of the song.  He felt that it was about drunk girls saying yes then saying no after the fact and calling it rape.  Then I dropped my bomb.  He said he didn't know.  I told him I was aware he didn't know.  I wasn't upset with him, but hopefully I did help him see that it's not all black and white and the song is about more than drunk college girls getting raped at parties and/or Ke$ha. 

I never thought I'd be a 1 in 4.  I'm a badass bitch and most people are intimidated by me.
I'm a 1 in 4 and when I tell people they are shocked.  "YOU?" they'll exclaim.  Yep, me.  #neverdonetalkingaboutit #sexualassault #1in4

-Related to the above point, Teh German and I have been listening to After You on audiobook and one of the most difficult things for me in Me Before You was Louisa's story about the maze.  There are some references to the assault in the 2nd book and I wonder if there will ever be a day when gearing about sexual assault doesn't affect me in such a strong way.  #oneday

-I do not find it odd, ironic, or coincidental when people say they were thinking about me right before I show up or contacted them. Teh German and I often message each other at the same time, with no prompting, at various times.  The Chiro told me on Friday he was thinking about me on his way to work that day and I then showed up at the office the same day.  I emailed the landlord and he told me he had just been thinking about me that day.  #notapsychic #ESPisrealthough

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  1. I totally have done the kitchen thing. I just get wrapped up in cleaning.

    I didn't see the Oscars or Lagy GaGa's performance. I may have to watch it now though. Then again I may not be emotionally prepared yet.

    The house is looking awesome!

  2. Hey, the house looks like a house! Woo hoo :)

    Being drunk does not mean it's not comprende.

  3. Welcome back! I've been looking for you :)

    Ah, that Gaga performance. I had seen the video and heard the song a while back since it was created for a documentary on CNN, but that performance was powerful as HELL. It's such an important message and I'm glad it's at the forefront of television/media and being discussed. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

  4. LOL the period arguments. my husband has learned to just stop talking and give me a hug. much easier (and safer) for him.

  5. you are definitely the best girlfriend ever. how do you even say happy birthday in german? i suppose i could google it, but this is more fun.
    the house looks great!
    i am the same, i don't want to look at a computer when i get home. sometimes i might waste time on pinterest etc but i can't be bothered blogging. when work is super busy and i can't blog, i don't blog haha.
    i laughed so hard at #Ilikemyeggsunfertalized
    preach to 1 in 4. that lady gaga performance was amazing. love that song.

  6. Look at you being an awesome girlfriend!!! Yay for the house!!! it looks like it is coming along quite awesome!!! And I just finished You before Me last week and omg!!!! I cant wait to start After You!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I admire your openness. That Lady Gaga performance was the best performance I've ever seen of hers. I cried. I appreciated the fact that there were males as well as females.
    Your house is lookin' good!
    I like the Dumbo medal the best.
    People here will sometimes say "oh, you don't sound Texan" and Neil replies "wait until she gets on the phone with her mother."

  8. I started using the Nike running app. So sad that the Google My Tracks is going away 😢

  9. I started using the Nike running app. So sad that the Google My Tracks is going away 😢

  10. You just have to go into the settings and turn off the auto pause crap. Then the Nike app is useable


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